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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1826 and December 31, 1850.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Mary Coats
1840; Smith Co., TN
Carol McClinton
Richard Cobb
b.1829-1833-d.9-6-1911; Giles Co., Tn
Stephanie Shurley
Stephen Cochran
Jan 1845; 1910 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Michael Coggins
(Mary Ann)
1826 and 1875; michigan
Mary Ann
Andrew Jackson Colburn
b. abt. 1850 Perry Co. AL; d. abt. 1900 Calhoun Co. MS; Perry Co. AL->Calhoun Co. MS
J. David Colburn
James Monroe Cole
(Mary Jane Vaughn)
b 9/12/1844, d 1/2/1934; born in Va, Petersburg area? - > Alabama
Martin Cole
William Coleman
(Sarah Blyther)
1834; Maine/New Brunswick
Pleasant Sameul Robert Coles
(Ellen Harkum)
1847 Kentucky
Pat Arrien
Hudson Collier
1830 Virginia; United States
Chris Stuber
Julia Collins
1831; Hawley, Penn
G Cooke
Mary Collins
(William Bertram)
1850 VA; MN
Margaret Dodge
Cormick Conahan
(Ann Boyle)
1843 Ireland; Hazelton PA
P McArthur
George W. Conklin
(Sarah E. Cronk)
Abt. 1833; Westchester Co, NY
Donna Vaughn
Anna Conner
(David Reece)
b.7 June, 1828 Salem, NJ; d.15 January, 1914 Spring Grove twp, Linn Co, Iowa
Renee Reece
C.W. Conolly
1837 NY; d1895? Punta Gorda FL
Molly Hyde
Sarah Conover
(Cornelius Huffman)
1830 Hunterdon Co. NJ; >1852 IL>1856 md. Marshall Co. IL>1918 d. Stark Co. IL
Gary Barton
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Phillip Conrad
1831; Wis
Hallie Wutzke
John Conran
(Margaret Flynn)
1840 to 1878; Ireland/ Scipio, Cayuga Co., New York
Allen Cook
(Minerva and Elizabeth)
1828 KY; died in MO
Bob Cook
Armilla Cook
(Francis J. McConnell)
1830, NY; Webster City, IA, 1860.
Judy Corey
Edgar P Cook
1844; Bradford County PA
Bernie Beers
John Wanton IV Cook
(Annie Martyn)
4 Oct. 1849 - NYC,NY
Don Cooke
Herbert Coons
1836-1846; New York
Edward Cooper
(Nancy Covey)
born 1830; New York
Kathy Cooper Roberts
George Washington Cooper
(Margaret Ann)
1847; TX
Mary Cooper
(William H. Brown)
1827 Bracken co, Ky; 1830 Bracken co, Ky
Price Cooper
(Mary Antonio )
@1840; 1870 Texas Ranger, El Paso Texas
Max Gutierrez
Thaddeus Cooper
(Mary Covell)
11 Mar 1834-Cayuga Co. NY; LaSalle Co. IL
Bonnie Templeton
Robert Wilson Cope
(Mary Elizabeth Spears)
31 March 1839; Cabarrus CO, NC
James Wilson Cope
James Copeland
(Margaret Blackwood)
1826; Jackson Co.,Ala.
Betty Albright
Thomas F Corder
(Joice A Ferguson)
1832 Tenn
Estelle (Corder) Calloway
Henry Clay Cordle
(Martha Thomas)
1846 Georgia; Macon, GA
Reuben Cornelius
(Pauline Caroline Wheadon)
1830 abt MO ?; 1850-1863 Kansas
Sabrina Barton
Reuben Cornelius
(Pauline Caroline Wheadon)
1829/1830 Missouri; 1855/1862 Douglas Co. KS
Willard Stickley Gladden Corrigan
(Charlotte Randall)
1836; Vermont USA
Bernie Bradner
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Samuel M. Costiloe
(Bell Nason)
b. 1849/d. 1904; b. MS/ d. OK
Barbara Craddock Pike
Vincent Cottam
(Martha Marquis)
1837 Geauga Co, OH
Kaye Coller
Samuel Cotterill
Abt: 1826; EC>WV?>OH
Connie Schumaker
Samuel Cottrell
Abt: 1826; EC>WV?>OH
Connie Schumaker
Samuel Milton Courtright
(Mary A Calvert)
1832, Ohio; died 10 Dec, 1862, College Hill, Mississippi.
Steve Courtright
William, H Covell
(Phebe, Etta)
28 Nov 1849; Yarmouth, Ma
Bill Covell
Lewis Coward
1845-1850; MS
Tom Coward, Jr
Andrew Jefferson Cowart
(Mary F Dean)
14 Nov 1849 GA
Jessie Crowell
Andrew Cowen
B:1838 D: 1863; Osage Co., Mo
Leone Cowen Santala
David Cowen
1845; Maries co
Jim Heady
James Cox
1829; SC
Kaye Dennis Eden
John Cox
(Mary Antoinette Mims)
1850-1900; Natchitoches, LA
Annette Holmes
Caleb Craddock
b.1829-d.1906; b.MO>d.CA
Barbara Craddock Pike
Asbury Allen Craig
1850; Fredonia, Kansas
Bruce Craig
Harriet Craig
b. Jan 5, 1826; Wisconsin
John Russel
Thomas Craughwell
(Mary Lane)
1828; Ire,Il,Ct
Ambrose Craughwell
Edward Craven
(Asenetie Craven)
Abt. 1831 England; Img. 1879/80 to Penn.
Carol Chidlow
Abraham Cregar
27 Jul1829; Hunterdon Co.,NJ
Chuck Lippincott
John Crispin
(Mary Newman)
1848 Ia; 1899 Mo
Linda Senear
Sarah E. Cronk
(George W. Conklin)
1834; NY
Donna Vaughn
William Alexander Cronk
(Malissa Roberts)
b 1826 Tennessee; d Oct 1863 Tenn
Jim Joseph
Lethis Crooch
(William McCurry)
1845 Louisiana; 1869 Sunflower MS
Audrey McGrier
John Crosby
(Mary Richardson)
Julia Cote
Andrew Jackson Cross
(Mary Lindsey)
b. 1826/d.1879; b.TN/m.MS/d.AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Adam Crossmyer
(Mary Ann Lucas)
1840; Curtin, PA
Barb Crossmyer Reis
Luther Crounse
(Rachel Emily Haight)
b. March 8, 1848, d. May 13, 1904; Oswego & Albany, NY
Merritt Woznick
Pulaski Crow
1847-1927; AR
J. Payne
Susanah Crow
Nov 1836: AL; d. 1897
Carole Cooper
Stephen Crowder
(Malinda Crowder)
South Carolina; DOB: 1835 DOD: 2-1870 Caddo Parish Louisiana
Bernadine Hill-Smith
John Fletcher Crowson
(Mary Jane Costiloe)
b. 1848/d. 1925; Winston Co., MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Rufus Cruller
(Rachel Bowyer)
1837; Whitehall NY
Sandy Feringa
John Crume
(Sarah Mayhorter)
4-25-1848, Ohio USA; 1850 Indiana
Athena Beaudoin
Peter Crutchfield
1842 TN; 1867 Falls Co. TX
Doreen Dullea
Ellen Culhane
(Richard Collins)
1836ish, Ireland; >Detroit, MI by 1850
Liz McGough
Dominick Cullen
1830; New Jersey
Tania Cullen
Gerald Cullen
(Mariah Dacey)
1850-1870; Savannah and Macon Georgia
Cecilia sullivan greenstein
Mary Culton
(Allen S Trotter)
1828; IN > MO
W. Paul Manly
Benjamin Cumley
1847/48 Green Co., PA; served Civil War from WI
John Kohl
Benjamin Cummings
(Mary Ann Shaw)
1850; Alamana
Joann Burdett
Joshua W Cummings
(Amy Ann Pierce)
1833, Delaware Co OH; 1880 Burt County NE
Sandi Barber
Hugh Cummins
1830, Texas (possibly)
Janice Woda
Joshua W Cummins
(Amy Ann Pierce)
1833, Delaware Co OH; 1880 Burt County NE
Sandi Barber
Burlington Cunningham
(Eliz. Starr Matts
Vira E. Whites
Ella T. Weber)
1841; Va./Ind/Neb.
Deborah J. Brinker
John Cunningham
(Phoebe Jones)
1850; Nashville, TN
Jane Smythe Parks
Sara Fine "Serephene" Cunnius
(William Preston Foster)
1832; Wise co. TX
Pauline Bryan Davis
Susan Currin
(Artemus Watson)
abt. 1841 NC; m. 1860 Anson Co, NC
Jerry Curtis
b> 1828; Pulaski Co. IL
Deb Davis


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