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Dr. Ajith Wijesundere



Email received from old Royalists who are known to Dr. Ajith


From: Professor Suri Ratnapala, LLB; LLM; PhD

Professor of Public Law and Director,

Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law

T C Beirne School of Law

University of Queensland

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Thu, Dec 18, 2008


Prasanna, -

Thank you very much for sending me this nice piece of info. I have known Ajith from the Royal Primary days. He was Daya Weerasekare's Cousin, and one batch our junior. The School Van which I travelled, also used to pick him up from his residence close to Borella to come to RPS for sometime. Ajith was a very pleasant, unassuming guy  with an innocent smile on his face. He is an extremely nice guy. I would endorse and appreciate all what has been mentioned about him and above all,  he is a very down to earth, humble guy. I am so happy to hear about his professional achievements.




Hi all


Got this about our Dr Ajitha Wijesundare. Congratulations and best wishes to Ajitha






A great inning studded with humane considerations….Congratulations..Ajitha..god bless..




Great performance, he is a regular at the SSC pool Dew Drop club !



I'm quite thrilled by the accolades Ajitha is receiving because I grew up with him at Gregory's Avenue between 1956 and 1962-3.  The two of us were the backbone of the local tennis ball cricket fraternity.  He accommodated my cricket craving. Those were the days when balls flew into hearses (six and out) and we waved at passing cars with school flags on their way to the oval during Royal Thomian time.  Other members were the Thambimuttus (St. Peters), Siva (STC) and SP Sellayah (Royal under XIV cricket captain).  Although Ajitha was a scholar he never turned down an offer of a game where my back garden (adjacent to Bullers Road) was the main venue.  The rest of the soft ball cricketers were too old for us and not as enthusiastic as us.  Besides, I didn't like the two bump cricket promoted by Dr. Laddie Fernando's sons.  Without Ajitha I would never been able to indulge in cricket prior to joining the ranks of house cricket in 1962.  Who knows, I may even have lost interest in playing the game.  About 1961-2 Ajitha made a poignant remark to me which I will never forget - "What man Eardley!  I have never come across a keener cricketer than you.  Yet, you haven't even made the house team.  What a shame!!".  I felt embarrassed at letting him down. Thanks to him mainly, I have fond memories of back yard cricket.  I recall a moment in 1961 when we were playing cricket at Ajitha's back yard. Siva came up to us and said that Australia had set England a target of 250 odd at Manchester. I was disappointed that the target wasn't higher when Siva added, if not for a 98 last wicket stand between Davidson and McKenzie the target would have been much smaller.  Ajitha was never a nerd: he liked his sport as much as his study.  And he nurtured an ambition in me


Eardley Lieversz


An epitome of a gentleman I knew during Hockey playing days at college

and at university. He has completed a long phase of great service to

the nation. I am sure he will be up there in the medical profession

for many more years.



Long and illustrious career in public service for the greater good of people and above all a great human being.

Congratulations Ajitha.