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Sri Lanka Genealogy

Genealogical Data Format of Sri Lankan Families

Hierarchical (top-down) family tree format

All person names, within a given family, are prefixed by a number which identifies his/her position (level) in the family. Number 1 is the Head of the family while numbers 2, 3 ,4 are their descendants, one level being the direct descendant of the other.

Names are indented to the right to depict the family heirarchy in descending order.

Spouse names are always preceded by a "+" sign. Initials are used where necessary only.

Cross-referencing of persons is achieved by an unique number enclosed within square brackets before the name; eg; [45], to enable the reader to identify relationships by marriage within a single family. ie when the same name appears more than once within the same family. Cross referencing between families is given in paranthesis after the corresponding name.

Where names are not known they are identified by (son), (daughter) or (name not known) as the case may be. The contents are classified both in alphabetic and in family number order. Unique Family Numbers have no special significance whatsoever, and have been randomly assigned.

All information contained within these web pages are validated to the best knowledge of the various contributors together with the compilers. Data gathered from archived manuscripts belonging to various contributors have been accepted as correct in their original available formats.

Some families also have additional tree data that have been sent in by other genealogy database and hence will conform to their own tree formats in addition to the website format. This has been maintained on the request of family members.

There are also Database Formats which have been downloaded from specific family tree databases in html format.

The overall objective of the website management has been to try and provide the maximum amount of data on a single, easy to comprehend, page.

None of the data on the website is copyrighted unless specifically stated so.