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Sri Lanka Malay Family Genealogy

Musafer - Family # 152

1 Musafer

    2  Z. Musafer

    2  Z. D.M. Musafer + Noor Mubarak Thaha (40)

        3  Feizal Musafer + Nina Esmerelda Mihilar (div) (40)

            4  Fathima Nirosa Musafer

        3  2nd spouse of Feisal Musafer + Ms Booso, m:1982

        3  Hanoon Musafer + Kuthdoos Doray

        3  Rasheeda Musafer + Hanoon Salay

        3  Sharil Musafer


    2  Tom Musafer + GNEI DANINA BARRIS, d:Feb-21-2002

        3  Budrin Musafer (Re-Union) + Martine

        3  Fathima Musafer (Hong Kong) + Fahmy Jawharsha

        3  Lathifa Musafer + Sunil Guneratne (Majestic Electric Co.)

        3  Hassan Musafer (Hong Kong)


    2  A.A. Musafer


    2  A.W. Musafer (ex Fire Chief) + Sundari Mantara

        3  (daughter) Musafer + Name Not Known (UK)

        3  Kerima Musafer + Zahir Muhammad d:Sep 2008 (155)

            4  Aasha Muhammad + Name Not Known

            4  Anusha Muhammad (First Female Pilot at Sri Lankan Airlines, Captain, 2008) + Name Not known

            4  (son) Muhammad (First Officer SriLankan Airlines, 2008)

        3  Rumi Musafer (RCN) + Sabrina Shanaz Sallay (div)

        3  2nd spouse of Rumi Musafer: + Name not known

        3  Sandy Musafer, Dr. + Wiranthi Mohamed (249)

           4  Rukshana Musafer + Zulkernain Hamid

           4  Rizwan Musafer

           4  Sylvana Musafer + Reza Marjan

               5  Neha Marjan

               5  Zhana Marjan
                                         Wedding of Rukshana and Zulki


Sylvana Marjan, Dr. Sandy Musafer, Neha Marjan, Rukshana Musafer (Hamid), Zulker, Rizwan Musafer, Wiranti Musafer, Reza Marjan

        3  Nazeer Musafer + Name Not Known


    2  Bashurdeen (Battu) Musafer (Retd Inspector of Police) + Narome

MUSAFER ­ BASHURDEEN (Battu)   Retired Inspector of Police, beloved husband of Narome, loving father of Bashur (Tutu), Rohini (Titi), late Soehita, Ghazi, Emir, Yasmin, Iqbal (Iqqo), Amiranthi and Neluni, brother of the late Z, A.R, Z.D., A.A, A.W and Rehan “O” Deen, father­in­law of Maltisia, Randolph, Ayesha, Seenar, late Nizam, Stuart and Nishantha, much loved grandpa of Anumi, Kesumi, Ranmali, Shermila, Saliya, Tissa, Seema, Dinesh, Arshad, Madeliene, Elizabeth, Shenelle and Stephanie. Janaza took place on 31st July 2003 at Jawatte Burial Ground. The family members wish to thank all friends and relatives who attended and helped in the funeral arrangements in numerous ways, especially the Sri Lanka Police and the Sri Lanka Army. Regret unable to acknowledge individually.  [SO Aug 3 2003]

        3  Bashur (Tutu) Musafer + Maltisia Amit (160)

           4  Anumi Musafer (daughter) (Australia)       

           4  Kesumi Musafer (daughter) married Rowland Gorsek (Australia)

        3  Rohini Musafer (Titi) + Randolph

        3  Soehita Musafer

        3  Ghazi Musafer

        3  Emir Musafer

        3  Yasmin Musafer

        3  Iqbal (Iqqo) Musafer

        3  Amiranthi Musafer

        3  Neluni Musafer


    2  Rehan O'Deane


MUSAFER - AL-HAJ TUAN NIHAR.  Beloved husband of Hajiani Fareena (nee Cassiere), loving father of Rohan (Classic Travels), Dinara, Shehani, Rishardh, Varinia and Ayesha, father-in-law of Sheikhul, Rushani, Shamil, Bremani, Nadeen and Firoz, loving papa of Sylmia, Naufel, Malaika, Melissa, Sadiq, Malik, Imran, Javed, Bianca, Rochelle, Rashid, Nadia, Nadim, Nael and Amira, great grandfather of Shayaan. Janaza leaving residence 80A, 4th Lane, Nawala on Wednesday 9th June at 10.30 a.m. to Jawatte Muslim Burial Ground.  DN Wed Jun 9 2004


MUSAFER - The death occurred of MOHAMED WAZIR MUSAFER (formerly of Union Assurance), dearly beloved husband of Zulfika (retired Central Bank) and loving father of Tareeq, brother of Ralina Ahamat, Maju, Tito and the late Nihar Musafer, and was laid to rest at the Jawatta Muslim Burial Ground on February 22nd. SO Feb 25 2007