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Sri Lanka Malay Family Genealogy


RAHIM Family #159




1  Kamal Rahim

     2  Tuan Juhara Kamal Rahim ( Police) + Sithy Farida Baseron (342)

          3  Mohamed Branudeen (Branu) Rahim MIM SL, JP-All Island (Company Director) + Leona Miskin (Patsy) (ex Bank of Ceylon) m: 29 Dec 1974  (229)

               4  Dr Mohamed Reza Rahim, MD, Orthopaedics Registrar (Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania, Australia) + Nataliya (Natasha) Ananchenka,  Degree in Music/Performing Arts

m: Dec 24,  2006

                    5  Alexander Deen Rahim, b: Wed Nov 14, 2007 in Australia (see pics below)

                    5  Dominic Jaylan Rahim b: 5th Sep, 2013

               4  Dinesh Rezwan Rahim, BSc Econ & Management , Investment Advisor + Tracy Janice de Silva CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) m:6 Apr 2013

                   5  Liam Roger Rahim b: 8 Jun, 2014

               4  Rozanna Shemara Rahim, BCom Deakin University in Melbourne 2010 + Austin Shaminka Jayasuriya m: 11 Jan 2014

                   5  Javan Ivan Jayasuriya b: 22 Mar 2015

       3  Mohamed Hussain  Rahim (Garment Buying Office)  +  Mufliha Jaldin (254)

               4  Mohamed Miandad  Rahim, Dip- Computer Systems Design (Bahrain)

               4  Mumtaz Rahim, BIT


          3  Mohamed Munawwer (Munna) Rahim AIBSL (Bank Manager) + Nargis Baseron

               4  Natasha Rahim

               4  Mushtaq Rahim


          3  Mohamed Gamal Rahim  (Shipping Executive, Dubai) +  Shanaz  Baseron

               4  Ashmita Sarah Rahim*

               4  Aakesh Razwan Rahim*

               4  Sushmita Farah Rahim*    (*Triplets born 01.10.2001)


1  Thamim Rahim + Miss Chunchie

     2  Daughter + Kamoor Brantha, inspector of Police

          3  Birdie Brantha +Inspector Bangsajayah

          3  Booroong  Brantha, lived at Slave Island and  worked at Lipton Ltd. + Name Not Known (.sister of a lawyer from Kandy)

          3  Baru Brantha + Molly Ahamath, worked in the army


     2  Tuan Kitchill Rahim, Sanitary Inspector + Nona Davy Sinnen (324)

          3  Rinie (Nghai Beedora) Rahim + T.J. Ahamadeen, Bank of Ceylon and finally at their London Branch

               4  Rizmie Ahmadeen, UK

               4  Ifthy Ahmadeen, UK

               4  Rizwan Ahmadeen, UK

          3  Rincy (Nghai Boolang) Rahim + Dayyardeen Azoor, Shell and Ceylon Petroleum Corp. Now retired & living in Mattegoda (2010)

               4  Riza Azoor, Mackwoods, presently the  Colombo District Scout Commisioner)

               4  Riya Azoor, business

               4  Rima Azoor, Hatton National Bank and presently in the middle east

               4  Rehanie Azoor,  presently in Canada)

          3  Tuan Thajone Rahim (a.k.a. Roy), worked at Lipton Ceylon Oils & Fats Corp and British Ceylon Corporation before migrating to Malaysia in 1979. Accountant by profession + Gnei Qurais Dole (a.k.a Zeenia from Anula Road, Pamankade, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka)

               4  Tuan Rozan Rahim, pilot with Malaysian Airlines + Suraya Alkaaf,  from Malaysia)

               4  Gnei Rozana Rahim, a.k.a. Roshy, Chemical Engineer in Australia + Roshan Jurampathy from Sri Lanka/ UK / Singapore/ Aus. )

               4  Tuan Rizmal Rahim, Aeronautical engineer with Transmile Malaysia + Shabnam Sheriff from Sri Lanka / US)

          3  Nghai Farina Rahim,  a.k.a. Rita + Jyotish Ganguly from India/UK, Systems Analyst

               4  Ranjan Ganguly

               4  Romola Ganguly

          3  Tuan Muhammed Feroze Rahim, a.k.a . Ronnie. Engineer + Dina. Resident in Maharagama, Sri Lanka

               4  Rushna Rahim + Name Not Known, living in Canada

               4  Rizan Rahim, Pilot with Sri Lankan Airlines

     2  Tuan Nehar Rahim, a.k.a. Tony, Royal Ceylon Navy in Trincomalee + Kate Brantha (Inspector Brantha's sister)

          3  Reena (Haseena) Rahim + Donay Mohamed

          3  Raleena (Shereena) Rahim + Sarda Weerasinghe


     2  Ngaima Rahim + Tuan Buhari Sinnen (brother of Nona Davy Sinnen) and separated. No offspring


     2  Teddy Rahim, a.k.a Tek. (name in B.C, not known), worked in the Army for only a few years and retired on medical grounds. Passed way as a  bachelor


     2  Tuan Harris Rahim, (Dick), Inspector of Police + Wita  Suhood (finalist in the Miss Ceylon contest), Australia

          3  Sherwanie Rahim + Manin Seneviratne

             4  Cianta Seneviratne + Suwasti Lye
             4  Tiraan Seneviratne

          3  Sheahan Rahim + Taniya Hope (1st marriage)  + Susan Koch (2nd marriage)

             4  Tehan Rahim


     2  Tuan Mehar Rahim,  a.k.a. Tom. Police Sergeant/Sub Inspector + Tolly Jamel (niece of Kate Brantha)

          3  Rexy Rahim

          3  Romina Rahim

          3  Roniel Rahim


     2  Mayga (Kitchito) Rahim + Tuan Hajireen Dole, Sergeant/Chief Inspector of Police

          3  Marina (Dalo) Dole + Gamini Abeykoon

          3  Tuan  Farook Dole + Name Not Known

          3  Tuan Marzook Dole + Hajira  Abdeen

          3  Muzeena Dole + Wijewardena

          3  Roweena Dole + Name Not Kown

          3  Tuan Zarook Dole + Name Not Known

          3  Zareena Dole + Name Not Known


     2  Daisy Rahim, died from Tuberculosis  before marriage


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Reza Rahim & Nataliya Wedding Family Pic

Alex with proud Papa Reza Rahim


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Alex with Mama Nataliya Description: Description: Description:



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Dr. Reza Rahim


A Research Paper titled “Management of Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries: Experience at the Alfred Hospital” and co-authored by Dr. Reza Rahim, has been accepted for publication in the October 2009 issue of the internationally recognised European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery.

Dr. Rahim, is an Orthopaedic Registrar at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The research was undertaken by a team led by the Head of Alfred's Trauma Surgery Department at the time, two consultants and three registrars. It stemmed from the increased incidence observed at the hospital, of blunt bowel and mesenteric injury in blunt abdominal trauma, possibly due to an increasing number of high speed motor accidents and the use of seat belts.

Reza is the son of Patsy and Branu Rahim, the latter presently a Vice Patron and also former Vice President, past Club Captain and Hony. General Secretary of the Colombo Malay Cricket Club