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Sri Lanka Malay Family Genealogy

MISKIN T.J. - Family #229

1  T.J. Miskin + Sarima  Ummu


    2  Mohammed Jaylan Thassim Miskin - (Inspector of Police) (Born 1910- died 1971- Horetuduwa  Moratuwa, Sri Lanka) + Sareena Baharan d: 24-Mar 2006 (230)

        3  Fareena Miskin + Tuan Muhara Hannan - (Journalist/Hotel Manager - Died  1994) (232)

            4  Rohan  Kuraish Hannan (Data Technologies) + Maureen Cooray

                5  Rishan Hannan

                5  Menusha Hannan

            4  [1] Shammi Fazal Hannan ACIOB, MSc (Project Management) + [2] Rozaine Baharan (230)

                5  [3] Jehan Hannan

                5  [4] Yohanne Hannan

            5  [5] Ashan Hannan


        3  Razeena Miskin (CTO – Colombo) + Tuan.Thamim.Sudar (RMV- Deceased) (234)

            4  Shereen Sudar + Mohammed S (Dorai)  Faleel (Manager FA Recruiting Agency)

                5  Sharwiz Faleel

                5  Shazrana Faleel

               5  Shazwin Faleel

            4  Shiraz Sudar (Golden Chimes) + Ruklanthi  Nanayakkara

                5  Kevin Sudar

                5  Keshia Sudar


        3  Zareena Miskin + Tuan Rahim Miskin (former Director/ Bang Bang)

            4  Shyamala Miskin + Rashid Hameen (Gen Manager/ Thermo Plastics)

                5  Tariq Hameen

                5  Amrita Hameen


        3  Tony Preena Miskin (Uni lecturer/ Company Director) + Jacqueline Fathima Lye (died in Brisbane- 1996) (227) (Australia)


           4  Imran Miskin (IT Consultant - Qld. Australia), Post Grad  Dip (Commerce/ Accountancy)                     


        3  Roy Hassen Miskin (Ex. Municipality) + Deena Baharan (Hong Kong)-(230)

            4  Shehan Miskin, Asst: Manager Hyatt Regency - Singapore


        3  Mareena Miskin + Harris Baharan (Gen. Manager Travels)  (230)

            4  [2] Rozaine Baharan + [1] Shammi Fazal Hannan, ACIOB, MSc (Project Management)

                5  [3] Jehan Hannan

                5  [4] Yohanne Hannan.

                5  [5] Ashan  Hannan

            4  Romaine Baharan (ANZ Bank) + Irfan Hashim  (IBM- New Zealand)


        3  Ramina Miskin (formerly- Peoples Bank) + M Lahireen Rajudin  (Art Director- deceased) (233)

            4  Nilesh Rajudin, A.C.M.A  - Accountant


        3  Rex Hussain Miskin (Partner/ Mainline Builders) + Irene Bahardeen

            4  Romesh Miskin, Banker, Islamic Bank- UAE.

            4  Rajeev Miskin

            4  Soraya Miskin, Banker  HSBC  Colombo


        3  Leona (Patsy) Miskin (formerly Bank of Ceylon) + Branudeen (Branu) Rahim MIM SL (Company Director) (159)

            4  Dr Mohamed Reza Rahim, MD (NHS UK) + Nataliya (Natasha) Ananchenka, m:Dec 2006

                5  Alexander Deen Rahim, b: Wed Nov 14, 2007 in Australia

            4  Dinesh Rezwan Rahim, BSc Econ & Management, Investment Advisor

            4  Rozanna Shemara Rahim, Banker


        3  Terry Moozan Miskin (Asst  Bank  Manager), A.I.C.M , Export Manager- Sydney + Diana  Maimoon Lye  (Air lanka) (227)

            4  Tazneen Miskin (Company executive), BSc ( Hons) (UK)  + Riad Jaffer, Dip.M:- C.I.M ( UK) National Sales Manager

            4  Heshan Miskin, Sydney


        3  Ramona Miskin + Ronnie Rajudin (General  Manager - Garment industry)

            4  Rochelle Rajudin

            4  Michelle Rajudin, Banker- HSBC, Colombo


    2  M. Amjadeen T. Miskin + ? Mohammed (both deceased)


    2  T.A.T. Miskin + name unkown (both deceased)


    2  T Hashim T Miskin + Kitchil Miskin (both deceased)

        3  Nazeer Miskin (Banker/deceased) + Ruweena Casseer

            4  Tony Miskin

            4  Sheryll Miskin

            4  Raju Miskin

            4  Lucky Miskin

            4  Deena Miskin

            4  Merlyn Miskin

            4  Suresh Miskin

            4  Shammi Miskin


        3  Tuan Rahim Miskin (Former Director/ bang bang) + Zareena Miskin

            4  Shyamala Miskin +  Rashid Hameen (Gen Manager/ Thermo Plastics)

                5  Tariq  Hameen

                5  Amrita Hameen


        3  Nizam Miskin (School Principal) + Fareeda Mohammed Ali (School Teacher)

            4  Rozan Mskin

            4  Girly Miskin


        3  Harris Miskin + Ayesha

            4  Asha Miskin


        3  Fareen Miskin (Police)+ Rashida Buhary

            4  Rukshana Miskin

            4  Razoon Miskin


        3  Tony Miskin + Sulaiha

            4  Shahika Miskin


        3  Jeeran Miskin + Jareen Muthalip

            4  Shaliha Miksin


        3  Sabry Miskin +  Inaya

            4  Suhida Miskin    


    2  Rayhana  Miskin + T.Bagoos. Samath (deceased)


    2  Minnie Miskin + T Samath (both deceased)


Tony Preena Miskin   - FAIQS, FIQS (SL), ARMIT.


Tony  Preena  Miskin is the eldest son of the late Mohammed Jaylan Thassim Miskin  and Mrs Sareena Miskin of Horetuduwa Moratuwa


Tony’s father MJT  Miskin, was  an Inspector of Police who retired as a lecturer of the Police Training School-  Kalutara in 1966.  He was born in 1910 and died in 1971.


Tony’s mother Sareena is the eldest daughter of Ahamadon Saed Baharan – Police Bandsman and  Sithy Kathija.


Tony married Jacqueline Fathima Lye ( ANZ Bank - Brisbane ), daughter of Al Haj BMR Lye (Manager Habib Bank Zurich) and Mrs Daneen Lye (nee Jumat) of Nawala in 1975.


Jacqueline died in 1996 in Brisbane, in Queenslandd, Australia  when she was just 41 years, and was buried at the Mt Gravatt Cemetery. Tony’s only son Imran is an Information Technology graduate of Griffith University in Qld. He is studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Commerce, specializing in Professional Accounting at the University of Queensland.


Tony is a Cambrian and a product of Prince of Wales College – Moratuwa and the University of Moratuwa (formerly Inst: of  Practical Technology) He is also a Colombo Plan scholar. He proceeded on a 6 year scholarship to Melbourne Australia, where he successfully qualified as a Quantity Surveyor at the RMIT  University in Melbourne in 5 years. In his final year he undertook further studies in Project Management & Building Economics at the  University of Melbourne, Australia.


He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, a Fellow of the Sri Lanka Institute of Quantity Surveyors, and an Associate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is also a former Associate of the Australian Institute of Arbitrators and the Institute of Construction Surveyors London


In Sri Lanka, Tony worked at the Buildings Department Colombo (former PWD) and later joined Design Consortium Ltd a leading firm of Architects as a Director. He was also Managing Director of Miskin & Partners -a firm of Arbitrators & Quantity Surveyors and also Director of Project Management Services Ltd, before migrating to Australia in 1991 with his family. He is the only Sri Lankan to be an  active Director of Architectural, Project Management & Quantity Surveying Companies, in Colombo.


One of his biggest achievements in the construction industry was the Contract administration & Cost Management of the 5 star Trans Asia Hotel – Colombo which cost Rs 1.5 Billion in 1984. In the final year of this prestigous project, he took over the Project Managers role to finalize the accounts of the 81 separate contracts and resolve major  disputes between the Client and contractors. He delivered the goods to the clients satisfaction.


Tony was also a practising Arbitrator, and was also involved in joint Arbitrations with Supreme court Judges,  Justice AC Alles  and Justice J Seneviratne.


Tony was a prominent member in Sri Lanka’s construction industry from 1973 to 1991.


He is also a former Senior Lecturer of the University of Moratuwa where he lectured Architectural, Quantity Surveying & Engineering students for 14 years.


Tony was also a visiting lecturer at the Open University, Institute of Architects, Institute of Administrative studies Colombo 7, Technical Training Institute Ratmalana and at ICTAD- (Institute for construction, training & development) - Colombo 7.


He is also the author of several Technical papers published in Australia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.  Four of these papers were lectures delivered to Professional bodies One in an International Seminar organised by CASLE of London.and held at the BMICH.


One paper titled - “ A glimpse into the History of Sri Lanka “, edited by Professor  Nandasena Mudiyanse of the Kelaniya  University and published in the Malay Journal- Terang, is perhaps the only attempt by a Malay to tackle such a subject.


Tony is a pioneer in Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka and was the General Secretary and President of the Sri Lankan Institute of Quantity Surveyors for several years


Tony  played a major role in the establishment of the QS course at the University of Moratuwa and developed the curricula for the course jointly with Professor Siri Caldera, Mr. HD Chandrasena.- Chief QS  of the S.E.C. and  two  English/U.N consultants.


He also took an active part in Malay Community matters and is the author of  the  Malay Directory published by the Sri Lanka Malay Association in 1990. He was also the General Secretary of the SLMA and the Vice President of the Malay Club – Padang, Colombo 2.

He is a life member of both the SLMA  Colombo, and the Sri Lankan Malay Association of Sydney.- Australia.


Amidst the heavy workload, Tony surprisingly found time to be a social worker too, and was a Mental Health social worker at the Mental hospital Angoda, and a member  of the Sarvodaya movement  for  a brief  period.  In Australia he is an Honorary Life Governor of the Royal childrens hospital Melbourne and presently the Overseas Director for the Samanala Childrens Home Balapitiya- Sri Lanka. (a home for orphans)


A fact not known to many is that Tony was also a good all-round sportsman . He captained Tennis, Badminton, & Soccer teams in the PWD/Buildings Dept during his younger days and was also Vice captain of the Cricket team in the various Government Services tournaments. He was a member of Queens club ( Tennis ) and is a Life member of Otters Aquatic club- Colombo 7.

He was also a semi finalist in the All Island Badminton tourney  for Novices held at the YMCA.-Colombo  as a young sportsman.  In Australia, he represented  the Sri Lanka Club of Victoria  in Cricket, and was the  Club’s Badminton champion for 5  consecutive years..


In Brisbane,  Tony is the Managing Director of the property development company; Peak Property Group Pty Ltd. and Managing Partner of Miskin & Henny Partnership – a building firm.  Miskin & Henny has Quality Assurance certification AS/NZS ISO- 9002:1994.


Peak Property Group is involved in joint venture construction projects with a Brisbane based property development company, in Australia. Having given up Quantity Surveying since migration to Brisbane, he is now involved in the more challenging professions of Project Management  and Property Development.. His son Imran is also a Director of Peak Property Group.


Tony is contemplating semi-retirement, to embark on another favourite subject close to his heart- to write a Book on  “ The history of   the  Miskin Family”  to some extent a sequel to the international  Book titled- “ The World book of  Miskins


6th Jan 2003-   Brisbane, Qld. Australia.


Abdul Hamid Miskin

A.H Miskin was the principal Agent for the Province of UVA for Delmege Forsyth & Co. Ltd: Colombo, who were the sole Agents in Ceylon for distribution of Rice, Sugar, Salt, kerosene & Petroleum products. He also started a transport business by bullock cart for transport of goods from Bandarawela Railway Station to the surrounding estates, gradually plying this system to even Batticaloa through jungle roads. By the time the railways were extended to Badulla he had about 30 double and 16 single bullock carts. As business improved the transporting was done by lorries. He carried on business under the the name styled A.H Miskin &Co;- Forwarding Agents, Contractors and Commision Agents-Badulla/Colombo/&Batticaloa areas (stockist of Coral, Lime, Timber etc;

When his father-in-law Marhoom Mudaliyar A.I Jainu-Deen (J.P. UPM) went to London, Mr Miskin who was the constant advisor was entrusted with supervising and management of his liquid assets and was also appointed as Trustee of the Badulla Jumma Mosque. He was also the only nominated member of the Badulla Urban Council, the chairman being the G.A; Mr R.A.G Festing.

He was the agent for M/s Walker and Greig.

Agent for Delmege and Forsythe - 1930s

Bus and Lorry Transport - 1920-1930s

Lorry Transport 1940's -

D.O.B not known. Died 11.12.1965.

Golden Wedding 22.10.1960. 40th day katham 19.01.1966

Information given by Lani Dain nee Miskin, and Tarik Miskin.

Added by N. Nooranie Juwitha Miskin

Joe Miskin

"Joe" Miskin received his primary education at Uva College, Badulla. He joined Wesley College, Colombo in 1919 and left 11 years later from the London Matriculation form.

Holder of the A.H de Silva Mathematics prize and a senior prefect in 1930, he was also the captain of the college soccer team 1929-30, the boxing team from 1927-1930 and Ceylon Cadet Battalion.

He joined Shell Co; Ceylon in February 1931 and took early retirement in September 1963. At Shell Co; he was the Accountant in Charge, Cash and Cash Accountancy, Credit Control and Trust Funds. He played soccer and hockey for Shell "A" teams and cricket for the "C"team. He was the President of the Shell Sports Club 1961-62.

For 13 years he was the Hon. Recorder of the Ceylon Amateur Athletic Association and was awarded colours for his service.

1963 he joined the Ceylon Turf Club and left in 1965. .

At Deensland (Uva) Tea Co; Ltd. (Joe's grandfather's estate), he was the Secretary from 1942. Assistant Manager and Director 1965-1967

Sigma (Engineering & Manufacturers Ltd; - Accountant. Date not known.

1982-1983 L'Arc Colombo -Accountant and L'Arc Colombo (Pvt) Ltd - Accountant 1983-

He played soccer and hockey for the Malay Cricket Club.

In 1924 he was the Pin Weight medal holder of the United Services Boxing Association of Ceylon.

Other positions held:

Vice Patron - Ceylon Malay Youth League

President- Malay Progressive Union

President- Kotte Muslim Welfare Association

President- Masjidul Jamiah Java Lane 1972-74

Vice President- Pesetuan Melayu Lankapuri


1—Tunku Miskin Ruboo + Putrie Noorani Ousmand b: circa 1854

     2—Abdul Hamid Miskin + Jubaida Jainudeen

          3—Tuan Haji Muhammad Johore Miskin 1910-1988 + Nghai Rathna (Rathon) Abbas, d/o Babanoor Abbas and Nona Diwan

               4—Tuan Farook Miskin

          3—Tuan  Ariff (Rumjan) Miskin, JP, b:1913

          3—Jappo Miskin

          3—Kitchil Mawol, b:1922

          3—Juwitha Miskin

          3—Tharik Miskin, b:1934

          3—Lani Miskin

          3—Kassier Miskin

     2—Nona Nooraishi Miskin

     2—Nona Laila Miskin