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Sri Lanka Memon Family Genealogy

SANGANI - Family #276

The origins of the Sangani family could be traced to one Abdul Rahman Sangani who married Hoorbai, daughter of Osman Bhoja. Their son Mohammed was educated at Aligarh University in Ahmedabad in India and migrated to Sri Lanka and joined his maternal uncle Omar Bhoja to start Haji Omar & Company before setting about his own firm M Haroon & Sons in which he was very successful. Mohammed also served as Memon Quazi and involved himself in the activities of the Memon Association of Sri Lanka, serving in many capacities, before he passed away in 1984.

Mohammed's grandson, Shabbir, took keenly to sports and represented his school and winning colors in Rugby for which he was particularly fond of. Faced with a major decision in his life at the young age of 19 when he had to decide between a University education in the USA or starting a business in Sri Lanka. He made the right decision by choosing the latter and started his first business, named Quest Clothing (pvt) Ltd. in 1984 with 30 sewing machines and a workforce of 50, subcontracting work from exporters. In 1988, the Company, now under the new name of Lanka Garment Industries (pvt) Ltd., increased its capacity to 200 machines. In 1992, he set up PTK Enterprises, yet another garment manufacturing concern, and in 1995 launched Growth Lanka, as an apparel trading company.


In 1998, lingerie was added to the product range to the new Company, Comfort Wear (pvt) Ltd. The same year, a holding company under the name of Lanka Equities (pvt) Ltd., was constituted. The Group soon diversified into high-end jewelry cutting and polishing of diamonds and hydro power. Its total work force was composed of over 6,200 employees. Shabbir was ably helped in his business by his two brothers, Shahid and Riaz, who joined him in what was to soon be a family affair. An adventurer at heart, Shabbir took risks and plenty of it. It was his view that risks must be taken "Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing". Despite all this he never lost that human touch for which he was loved. He was compassionate, down to earth, open to criticism and readily accessible to his employees, for as he would say, "they want to see me because they have a problem". In fact he regarded his employees more as an extended family. This he demonstrated not only with words but also in deed such as when he founded a special "Athwela" Fund for his employees which enabled them to do many things they couldn't have even dreamt of before, such as sending their children for higher studies. Such was Shabbir who left this world at the young age of just 39. If the phrase, "the good die young" be true his untimely demise proves it beyond doubt. It was at this juncture that his wife, Roshini, who had simply been a caring housewife and the doring mother of his two kids, was thrust forward to take over Shabbir's place as Chairperson of the Group, which she has done with the skill and vigor he would have been extremely proud of. Roshini Fernando, who hails from a prominent Sinhalese family, has much to say of her Memon in Laws whom she regards as her own family and the community in general. In fact, she, who embraced Islam upon marrying Shabbir way back in 1988, regards herself as a Memon and finds time, despite her busy schedule, to socialize with the community wherever possible. Roshini is also an avid sportswoman and has excelled in Golf. She has been a member of the Royal Colombo Golf Club, ever since her teens and has won a few tournaments including the Ridgeway Cup, Hayleys Trophy and the Sandy Maisy, all of which are well known board events.


Shahid Sangani, Shabbirs brother, is an Attorney at Law, by profession, and a Director of the family owned network of Companies, including Lanka Equities (pvt) Ltd. He is also involved in the activities of the Memon Association of Sri Lanka and has served it as General Secretary.


Riaz, the youngest of the Sangani brothers, holds a BBA Degree in Business Administration from the University of Colombo and serves on the Board of several compoanies in the Lanka Equities Group. He is a Director of the holding company Lanka Equities (pvt) Ltd., Diamond Cutters Ltd., and Alankara (pvt) Ltd., as well as MD of Vidullanka Ltd.

1  Sangani

    2  Abdul Rahman Sangani + Hoorbhai Bhoja (274)

        3  Mohammed Sangani, d:1984, educated at Aligarh University, Ahmedabad, India.

            4  Nazeer Sangani, livewire of YMMA Maligawatte which has rendered immense help and assistance to the Muslim Community. + Quadrun Nissa, daughter of Haji Siddiq Sami, a one time Mutawalli of the Memon Hanafi Mosque. She is a well known social worker and a pioneer member of the Sri Lanka Muslim Social Leage who went on to become General Secretary and later President of the Organization, which office she holds to this day (2006).

        3  2nd spouse of Mohammed Sangani, d:1984, educated at Aligarh University, Ahmedabad, India. + Name Not Known

            4  Shabbir Sangani, b:1964, d:2003, enterprising businessman, passed away after a tragic diving accident in Batticaloa in 2003. He was only 39 years old. A very bright student of D S Senanayake College, Colombo who excelled in his studies. + Roshini Fernando, m:1988

                5  Suhaib Sangani

                5  Imaan Sangani

            4  Shahid Sangani

            4  Riaz Sangani



Compiled by the Webmaster of the Sri Lanka Genealogy Website from available data in Sri Lankan archives together with data extracted from "Memons of Sri Lanka" - Men Memoirs Milestones, by Asiff Hussein & Hameed Karim Bhoja, May 2006, iSBN 955-1408-00-4, Published by The Memon Association of Sri Lanka