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Sri Lanka Memon Family Genealogy

GADIT (CHOMASA) - Family #300

The Gadit (Chomasa) Family are said to have been so called as they were a folk engaged in agriculturla pursuits and owned bullock carts which they used to transport goods and people for a fee.

It was in 1937, that Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghany Gadit alias Chomasa, arrived in Ceylon. His nickname Chomasa is said to have been passed down from his father Abdul Ghany Eshak Gadit, who used to work at Karim Dhedhi Seth's bungalow in KKutiyana, as a gardner. As an employee he was required to work under all weather conditions, be it sun or rain. On one occasion when he was on his way to work his friends remarked in jest, "Oh Chomasa, where art thou going?". The name stuck and from that day he and his descendants have been known as Chomasa. In Memani, Chomasa means "rainy season" just as "Siyaro" means winter and "Unaro" means summer.

Abdul Rahman had six sons from four marriages. Among his sons, Yoosuf, semi retired, had four sons. His oldest son Haroon deals in textiles and owns a shop on Main Street, Omar Tex, while Abdul Rasheed is at Haji Iqbal Brothers at Third Cross Street. Haroon, a very demure person, along with Hashim Buddhani, established a Madarasah called Sabeel-ur-Rashad Arabic College in 1992 housed within the Mohiyuddin Jummah Mosque at Mayura Place off Havelock Road. The Madarasah has, presently, six Ustads and eighty students.

1  Gadit

    2  Abdul Ghany Eshak Gadit

        3  Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghany Gadit (Chomasa)

            4  Sattar Abdul Rahman Gadit

            4  Yoosuf Abdul Rahman Gadit

                5  Haroon Yoosuf Gadit

                    6  Hamza Haroon Gadit

                    6  Hanzala Haroon Yoosuf

                    6  Omar Haroon Yoosuf

                5  Abdul Rasheed Yoosuf Gadit

                5  son

                5  son


            4  Abdul Ghafar Abdul Rahman Gadit

            4  Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Gadit

            4  Abdul Rasheed Abdul Rahman Gadit

            4  Yoonus Abdul Rahman Gadit


Compiled by the Webmaster of the Sri Lanka Genealogy Website from available data in Sri Lankan archives together with data extracted from "Memons of Sri Lanka" - Men Memoirs Milestones, by Asiff Hussein & Hameed Karim Bhoja, May 2006, iSBN 955-1408-00-4, Published by The Memon Association of Sri Lanka