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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

KOTALAWELA, Raiygama Koralage - Family #3058

1    Raiygama Koralage Kotalawela

    2  Dr. John Attygalle 1842 - ? + Charlotte Karunaratne

Born:13-Jan-1842 at Madapatha (Hanwella). Primary education at St. Thomas’ College, Royal College, Colombo. Higher education at Calcutta and England. 
Appointed Government Doctor. MRCS (Lond), MD (Aberdeen). Returned to Ceylon in 1866. Retired from Government Service in 1898. Works include Sinhalese Matria 
Medica (Sinhala Dravyaguna Niganduwa) 1917.
	3  Dr. John Wilhelmus Samuel Attygalle 1870 – 1956
Born:19-May-1870 at Tangalle. Educated at St. Thomas’ College, Medical College, Colombo 1888. MBMS University of Aberdeen. Diploma Psychological Medicine, 
Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Surgeon in Charge, Police Force. Member Royal Institute of Public Health. Medical Officer Gampola. Surgeon Kandy Hospital. 
Lecturer, Ceylon Medical College in Pathology and Radiography. Member KMC. Died:06-Jul-1956
	3  T. P. Attygalle 1876 – 1928 (Died:21-Mar-1928 on the eve of the marriage of his daughter Conyta to Sir Dr Nicholas Attygalle), Born:1876. First Ceylonese to act 
as Inspector General of Police. Father in Law of Sir Dr. Nicholas Attygalle
 	    4  Conyta Attygalle + Sir Dr. Nicholas Attygalle m:1928 (3057)

                        5  Anula Attygalle + Dr Gilbert Wijesinghe (former Head of MRI) (3121)

                            6  Wijesinghe

                            6  Wijesinghe

	    4  Doreen Mercedes Valerie Attygalle, b:11-Mar-1909, d:Jan-3-1988, educated at St Bridget’s Convent and Ladies College, Colombo 7 + 
* E C B Wijeyesinghe (Sonny), Staff Reporter and Journalist Lake House Colombo 1925-1950, Assistant Government Information Officer, Manager Reuters Colombo 
Office, b:11-Mar-1901, d:13-Dec-1981, m:1931
	        5  Gamini C B Wijeyesinghe
	        5  Dhilkie C B Wijeyesinghe + Peiris
	        5  Vikram C B Wijeyesinghe
	        5  Rohith C B Wijeyesinghe
	    4  Brenhilde Attygalle + Cyril Eugene Attygalle 1905–1980, MP Ratnapura, Deputy Minister of Health (s/o of T.P. Attygalle) m:1936 (3057)
Born:06-Feb-1905 at Weralupe, Ratnapura. Educated at St. Joseph’s and Ananda College, Colombo. Joined the Ceylon Police Force as a Sub Inspector in 1926. Resigned 
six months later and took up planting in Gilimale North. Lived in Colombo and engaged in business as a Produce Broker 1934-1940. Member YMBA Borella. Secretary, 
Board of Management and Sports. Member UC Ratnapura, Weralupe Ward in 1944. Member, Board of Governors and Treasurer, Sivali Vidyalaya, Ratnapura. Member 
Local Advisory Committee on Education. First elected MP Ratnapura 1947-1952. Deputy Minister Trade and Commerce and Health 1952-1956. 
Represented Ceylon at the WHO in 1952. Introduced the Hospital Lottery Sweep. Composed a famous love song titled “Girl of my Dreams”. Hobbies: Mineralogy, 
Ceylon Gems. Died:30-Apr-1980 
	        5  Tissa Attygalle
	        5  Asoka Attygalle
	        5  Nelum Attygalle
	    4  daughter + Attygalle

* ECB Wijeyesinghe, originally, intended to pursue the medical profession and was forced to change his vocation due to an illness. He became a staff reporter at Lake 
House, in 1925, where he worked for 25 years. He then went on to become the Assistant Government Information Officer and, later on, Manager of Reuters Colombo 
Office. He also made time for the theatre and was a very keen and enthusiastic amateur actor where his popularity was unrivalled. His nbame on the boards would draw 
crowds from all walks of life and communities in the multitudes. During retirement he wrote a series of articles titled “Lest we Forget”, for the Sunday Times of Ceylon.
Later on, he wrote another series titled, “Men and Memories” for the Sunday Observer. “Sonny”, as he was affectionately referred to stopped writing in 1980 when he 
became very ill. He was born on 11 Mar 1901 and passed away on 13 Dec 1981, having contributed a rich array of writing and drama to the public at large.