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DHARMARATNE - Family #3099

1  Hilden Dharmaratne + Violet

    2  Fritsz Mark Dharmaratne,  (Sri Lanka Navy - Retired) + June

DHARMARATNE - FRITSZ MARK (Sri Lanka Navy - Retired). Dearly beloved husband of the late June, devoted and loving father of Garwin (Dimo Tyre Dept), Susan (Australia), Kevin (England) and Sheena (Wales), father-in-law of Carol (Daylan), Darryl (Australia), Mandy (England) and Nigel (Wales), beloved son of the late Hilden and Violet Dharmaratne, loved brother of Bryan, Cecil and Mike (Australia), ever loving grandfather of Graham (HSBC) and Gyles (Wycherley), Suewaine, the late Suelle and of Dwan (Australia), Danielle, Kirsty, Shannon and Lacey (England), Siobhan, Stacey, Rebecca, Kimberley and Jacqueline (Wales). Remains will lie at   A.F. Raymond's Funeral Parlour from 1.00 p.m. on Monday 1st November 2004, a religious service will be held at 3.30 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd, followed by Cremation with Naval Honours at General Cemetery Borella at 5.00 p.m. 43/4A, Isipathana Mawatha, off Anderson Road, Dehiwala. (England, Australia & Wales papers, please copy). DN Mon Nov 1 2004

        3  Garwin Dharmaratne (Dimo Tyre Dept) + Carol (Daylan)

            4  Graham Dharmaratne (HSBC)

            4  Gyles Dharmaratne (Wycherley)


        3  Susan Dharmaratne (Australia) + Darryl (Australia)

            4  Suewaine

            4  Suelle (d)

            4  Dwan


        3  Kevin Dharmaratne (England) + Mandy (England)

            4  Danielle Dharmaratne

            4  Kirsty Dharmaratne

            4  Shannon Dharmaratne

            4  Lacey Dharmaratne


        3  Sheena Dharmaratne (Wales) + Nigel (Wales)

            4  Siobhan

            4  Stacey

            4  Rebecca

            4  Kimberley

            4  Jacqueline

    2  Bryan Dharmaratne

    2  Cecil Dharmaratne

    2  Mike Dharmaratne (Australia)