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A Celebration of a life - Julia Aluwihare (Jayasundera)


It is with a sense of admiration and sadness that I received the news of the death of Julie De Silva Jayasundera, nee Aluwihare.


Julie was the seventh daughter of the late Loku Bandara Maralande Aluwihare and of the late Mrs. Julia Nuwerawewa Paranagama Aluwihare Kumarihamy of Matale. Her Paternal Grand father was the Disawa for the matale district during the British occupation of Sri Lanka.


Julie received her education at Hill Wood College Kandy., and has had the honor of being the first Kandyan Girl in the whole of Sri Lanka to be awarded a fully funded scholarship to the London Schools of Music, unfortunately at that time her very conservative parents did not permit her to take up this Scholarship. However Julie learnt the Piano under Mrs. Marion Stanton in Kandy. She married Rudolph De Silva Jayasundera, who hailed from Denagomuwa Polghawela in the Kurunegala district. Rudy and Julie settled in their cozy home at Woodlands Ranawana Kurunegala, Julie raised a family of two sons, gave music lessons, and played at concerts, and was the organist at the Kurunegala cathedral. When Rudolph died she moved out of Woodlands and settled in Kurunegala town, but later moved to her elder son’s home, in Talangama. Julie wished to live with her second son in Canberra and in 1997 at the age of eighty years she moved to Canberra, Australia, the ever so independent Julie moved into her flat in Canberra and with her piano playing, Bach Beethoven Chopin Schubert, Mortzart she made a very wide circle of friends. Her impeccable English had the admiration of many an Australian.


I think Julie was a remarkable person, who had a great sense of humor, loved people was totally unselfish, never went for cheap fame even though she was connected to the late Srimavo Bandaranayake, and knew the Late Mr Dudley Senanayake,she never asked for favors. Julie would entertain both the rich and poor with the same generosity, and kindness. Her giving sprit had no limits


Julie was converted to Christianity at Hill wood college, one wonders to this day if it was by faith or fear, however when her nephew came to the Buddhist Vihare in Canberra as its chief priest, she asked him over and had long discussions about her faith and beliefs in the Teachings of the Buddhist Philosophies.


Truly she was a wonderful woman, whose forgiving sprit made her a loving kind generous person who truly had a great circle of both Australian and Sri Lankan friends. This was evident at her cremation.


She died peacefully on the 26thof October, and the Buddhist rites were performed by the ven Saranakaraa Aluwihre maha thera, and on the 28th of October the Rev Ian Wright and the Rev Ian Hopkins conducted the Anglican service.


Julie had planned all the hymns for her funeral, and they were all the Hymns sung at her wedding, she wanted people to celebrate her life, the casket was white with gold trimmings, in laid in south sea mother of pearls, and it had 50 red roses displayed over the lid, in a lateral arrangement. As the Casket was lowered to the crematorium, her favorite piece of music by Chopin was played; it was Fantasy Impromptu in c major The Organ was played by one of Canberra’s famous Organists Mrs. Susan Reed, and Mr. Ronald Hoskin sang amazing grace.

In their eulogy her grand daughters spoke of the loving grand mother they had, who was unselfish, loving, and humorous, had the ability to laugh at her self, and had a giving sprit, she readily forgave anyone who might have wronged her, and this is the loving kindness that is taught in all faiths, Julie had a full measure of this.


 It was a celebration of a life.


I assure to all who read this that this was Julie for I should know her well, as I am her son.


Rohan de Silva Jayasundera

Training Centre Manager / Directeur

Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Training Centre

Centre de Formation en Hôtellerie, Tourisme et Loisirs

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Julia Aluwihare (Jayasundera)

Julia was born to  LB Aluwihare and Julia Nuwera Wewa Paranagama Kumarihamy, on the 5th of December 1915, at Pahala Walauwa, Aluwihare, MataleThis aristocratic Family was connected to all the aritocratic Kandyans such as the Ratwatte's, Halangoda's, Nugewela's, & Madawela's, to name a few She is a cousin to the late Mrs Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranayake

Julia was named after her mother, who incidentally was one of the first girls to attend the Hillwood Mission School Julie too  attended Hillwood College in Kandy She was known as Julie at School, and is the name by which she is known to this date 

One of Julies great achievemts was to win the Royal Schools of Music London Scholarship This was in the early nineteen thirties Julie, coming, from a very conservertive Kandyan Family was not permitted to go to London, but she did excel in her music, and taught many a Sri Lankan to play and appreciate classical music Later she married the very handsome Rudolph De Silva Jayasundera, the son of Jonathan and Maud De Silva Jayasundera of Kurunegala Jonathan was one of the early Lawyers of the N>W>P> and his grand mother was known as the Denagomuwe Kumarihamy, whose ancestors were involved in accompanying the sacred Bo Sapling from India, Ref 20th Century Impressions of Ceylon

Rudolph was the opening batsman at St Thomas's College in the nineteen twenties and was on the Cricket Team with Mr Dudley Senanayake Rudolph and Julie settled in their cosy home at Ranawana, in Kurunegala, and on Rudolph's death , Julie  left Kurunegala to live with one of her sons in Colombo, and after some years she migrated to Canberra Australia to live with her second son

Now (2005), Julie is 90 years old, and she enjoys good health and has her piano with her and still plays Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin She has a large circle of friends and talks with pride on the achievement of winning the Scholarship to London for music Her secret to a healthy life is to have happy thoughts and drink a glass of sherry before lunch and a Cognac during winter  

Rohan De Silva Jayaseundera


l to r: Julia Aluwihare & great g-daughter, Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa, next, Julia with son Rohan, daughter-in-law Indira and daughters, Zonelle & Shahiliya with baby Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa, next, Rohan, Indira and their proud little grand-daughter, Chenaiyah Tyrah D'Costa


Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Training Centre


Centre de Formation en Hôtellerie, Tourisme et Loisirs

Vanuatu Institute of Technology



  Uncle Deryck


It is with sadness I received the news of the death of uncle Deryck. I have known him all my life and to me he was, Uncle, Friend, Mentor and Hero. His values in life and his impeccable honesty is something that most people today sadly lack.


He was born at Pahala Waluwa Matale to Mr L. B Aluwiahre and Mrs Julia Nuwerawewa Parangama Aluwhare Kumarihamy. Deryck was their youngest Son


 His Grand Father was the Disawa for the Matale district during the British occupation of our Island.


 Deryck was educated at Trinity College where he excelled in his studies and later graduated with Honors from the University of Colombo.


He Joined the Ceylon civil service and he held very high offices, in the public service of Sri Lanka.


Aunty Rani his wife was kindness in its self, and during the time I was attached to the Ceylon Hotel School, I was with them and it was home away from home. The values and principles that Uncle Deryck has instilled in me, has enabled me to face life, with a philosophy that is practiced in both Buddhism and Christianity.

 To have courage Love and compassion on all things

.To be honorable in ones dealings, have a practical approach to life, are some of the many traits that I have tried to emulate from him.


Uncle Dep was not a good driving instructor, I remember the time he decided to check my driving skills, and he was so nervous at my driving that I too forgot all what I had to do on the what at that time was busy Galle Road.


 Uncle Deryck held many very high positions in the Civil Service, but never a political cringer, and as such enjoyed the respect of all ruling parties of the time, but not their favored Son status.


One of the greatest acts of bravery displayed by this Son of the Soil was in Anuradhapura. It was 1958 and he was the government agent of the Anuradhapura district, there was rioting, to maintain law and order that night he walked the main street of this ancient city holding only a stick for protection.

 Many a Tamil family owed their lives to this man who had no racial preferences, all he had was what was right and what was wrong.


 I have seen this stick which has a silver plaque and the words to a brave person who saved many lives, presented by the Ceylon Army. He is mentioned in the book emergency 58 by Tarzie Vittachie.


Uncle Deryck was never popular with people who bent the laws of the land to line their pockets.


I remember many a time Uncle Deryck relating his early childhood in Aluwihare, Today these stories would have made the charts in a movie or a novel .He was a great story teller, and loved to relate war stories. 


He knew so many branches of this very old Kandyan family. My Mother Julie is the only surviving member of his family of three boys and seven girls. Uncle Deryck retired and followed his daughter Neila to settle down in Auckland New Zealand, where he spent a useful retired life, delivering talks to social groups on Sri Lanka.\


Having been born to a very staunch Buddhist Family, but having been converted to Christianity at Trinity he had a unique blend of two religions and he lived by their teachings.


I used to visit him in Auckland, and their home was warm, filled with goodness and Love.


To Aunty Ri, Neila, Lucky, Chantal and Arjan, I mourn with you the loss,

I celebrate with you his life, and I strive to live by his principles.


It’s Hard to break the chords of Love that bind our hearts.




Rohan de Silva Jayasundera

Port Vila


1  Paranagama

    2  Paranagama Loku Mudiyanse + Punchi Menika Ratwatte (3060)

        3  Julia Nuwera Wewa Paranagama Kumarihamy + L B Aluwihare (son of ULB Aluwihare Dissawe & Ms Maralande, and brother of Sir Richard Aluwihare) (3047)

             4  Sudharma Aluwihare + HC Guneratne Mudaliyar of Matara
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                 5  Meryl Aluwihare

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                 5  Ingrid Aluwihare

                 5  Chryshanthie Aluwihare


             4  Gladys Aluwihare + Richard Dunuwila (3102)

                 5  Damayanthi Dunuwila (Musician, who sailed on a yacht from Colombo to Lisbon, the famous baila "Kandy Lamissi" was composed based on her many antics during her early years at kandy) + Sven (Sweden)

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                 5  Iris Dunuwila (decd) + Lloyd Gooneratne

                     6 Charitha Gooneratne

                 5  Manel Dunuwila + Shelton Weerasinghe (ex Principal Wesley College)

                 5  Shanthie Dunuwila (decd) + Charles Pathirane

                 5  Charitha Dunuwila


            4  Olive Aluwihare + Frank De Alwis

                5  Alan De Alwis

                5  Micheal De Alwis

                5  Leonard De Alwis


            4  Evelyn Aluwihare + Aelien Gunewardene 

                5  Indrani Gunewardene

                5  Amara Gunewardene

             4  Jullia Aluwihare, presently resident in Canberra, Australia, b:Dec-5-1915 at Pahala Walauwa Aluwihare, Matale, d:26 Oct 2008 in Canberra, Australia + Rudolph De Silva Jayasundera, b: 2nd of September 1910, m: 10th of April 1944 (s/o Jonathan, lawyer of the NWP, & Maud De Silva Jayasundera of Kurunegala, Jonathans grandmother was known as Denagomuwe Kumarihamy, whose ancestors were Guptas, who accompanied the Bo sapling from IndiaTheir waluwa still exist in Denagomuwa Polghawella, and her temple in Denagomuwa still stands,Ref 20th Century impressions of Ceylon) (3101)

                     5  Nihal De Silva Jayasundera, b:24-Dec-1945 + Nelum Welikella

                         6  Radhika Nelufer De Silva Jayasundera
              5  Rohan De Silva Jayasundera, b:20-Oct-1947 + Indhira Samarasinghe

                         6  Zonelle Avanthie De Silva Jayasundera + L:eonard D'Costa
                             7  Chanaiya Tyra D'Costa

                         6  Shahiliya De Silva Jayasundera  


                4  Iranganie Aluwihare + Dr Wilfred Wickremasinghe

                    5  Gamani Wickremasinghe

                    5  Asoka Wickremasinghe

                    5  Malika Wickremasinghe

               5  Sunethra Wickremasinghe

               5  Chitra Wickremasinghe + Sanjeeva Wijesinghe

               5  Chulani Wickremasinghe

               5  Krishnie Wickremasinghe

               4  Derrick Aluwihare d:12 Oct 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand + Ranee Perera (d/o Dr & Mrs JP Perera of Gampaha)

                    5  Neila Aluwihare + Lakshman Abeynaike (s/o Rev Cyril Abeynaike, Bishop, & Mrs Abeynaike)

                        6  Chantal Abeynaike

                        6  Arjan Abeynaike


       3  A E Paranagama + Kumarihamy from the Suriya Kumara Clan of Nuwarawewa in Anuradhapura


        3  J R Paranagama, Interpreter Mudaliyar of Kandy Gravets + Katugaha Punchi Kumarihamy (only daughter of Katugaha Basnayake Nilame) (3115)

                5  Esmond Paranagama

                5  Robert Paranagama

        3  2nd marriage of J R Paranagama, Interpreter Mudaliyar of Kandy Gravets + Dodanwela Tikiri Kumarihamy, d/o Dodanwela Maha Waluwa Banda

            4  Charles Paranagama +Nanda Katugaha Kumarihamy (3115)

                5  son

                5  A Reggie Paranagama +Bandaranaike Herath Mudiyanselage Prabhawathie Manel Katugaha Paranagama Kumarihamy, b:17-May-1930 at Giriyagama Walauwa at Yatinuwara, residence of her maternal uncle Tikiri Bandara Mampitiya Disava, d:5-Sep-1957 died of childbirth at the age of 26. Kindergarten education at St Ursula's Convent Badulla up to 1938, the Covent of Child Jesus Ratnapura up to 1942, and then schooled at Visakha Vidyalaya Bandarawela up to Junior School Certificate Class, and then joined  St Bridgets College, Colombo toi complete her SSC in 1950. Lived on Brandenburgh Estate, Bandarawela (3115)

                                    10  Rohan Salinda Paranagama

                                    10  Thissila Jayaliya Paranagama


        3  Abeyratne Banda Ratwatte Basnayake of Mahaiyyawatta Walauwa, Kandy  (3060) + Thalgahagoda Lewke Loku Kumarihamy**

              4 WA Ratwatte + Panabokke Tikiri Kumarihamy     

                    5 Wilfred A Ratwatte + Hema Samarakoon     

                        6 [1] Chulanee Nelunkanthi Ratwatte, b:1949 + [2] Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte III, b:1948

                            7 [3] Prashanthi Tehanee Ratwatte          

                            7 [4] Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte IV      


        3  2nd spouse of Abeyratne Banda Ratwatte Basnayake + Thalgahagoda Lewke Punchi Kumarihamy**

               4  Adigar Sir J Cuda Ratwatte+ Chitravo Katugaha Kumarihamy     

                    5  Lennie Ratwatte         

                    5  Stanley Ratwatte         

                    5  J C Ratwatte II + Phyllis Sita Aluvihare
                        6  Rajitha Ratwatte, b:1936 + Krishanti
Chanidu Ratwatte
Nandika Ratwatte
Nulara Ratwatte 
                        6  Suren Ratwatte + Dharini
                  7  Rahul Ratwatte

                        6  [2] Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte III, b:1948 + [1] Chulanee Nelunkanthi Ratwatte, b:1949

                            7  [3] Prashanthi Tehanee Ratwatte          

                            7  [4] Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte IV      

                    5  Kenneth Ratwatte 

                    5  Pearlie Ratwatte

                    5  Anton Ratwatte

                    5  Brindley Ratwatte

                    5  Amara Ratwatte   

                    5  Dolly Ratwatte  

                    5  Inda Ratwatte 


              4  Bandura (Loku Nanda) Ratwatte Kumarihamy + Henry Robert Dullewa (Rate Mahattaya) of  Lewke Walauwa, Mawanella

                    5  Sujatha Dullewa (Mrs Keppetipola Dullewa)    

                    5  Tinnie Dullewe  +  Mallika Tennekoon   of   Meeduma  Walauwa,  Rambukkana  - Nita (only child)

                        6  Nita Dullewe  +   Dr. Nissanka Wijeyeratne  (3147)  Ex  Diyawadana  Nilame  of  Sri  Dalada  Maligawa, Kandy.

                             7  Neranjan Wijeyeratne  +  Devika Mediwake  (3004)

                                     8  Mokshana Wijeyeratne

                                     8  Navindra Wijeyeratne

                             7  Mano Wijeyeratne +  Dushyanthi Wegodapola (first marriage) of  Ratwatte Walauwa, Ukuwela

                                     8  Subodhana Wijeyeratne

                                     8  Varnusha Wijeyeratne

                                     8   Hasitha Wijeyeratne

                            7  2nd spouse of Mano  Wijeyeratne + Barathi Wijeratne (Present  wife  of  Mano)

                            7  Anuradha Dullewe Wijeyeratne  +  Dayanganie  Gunasekara

                                      8  Dr. Yanushi Dullewe Wijeyeratne 

                            7  Lankesh Wijeyeratne  +  Shivanthi Nugawala  

                                     8  Shalindrika Wijeyeratne

                                     8  Bodhakshi Wijeyeratne

                                     8  Chirani Wijeyeratne  

                              7  Nishangani Wijeyeratne  +  Bandula Hulangamuwa

                                     8  Nirvan Hulangamuwa    

                    5  Dudley Dullewa

                    5  Dharmakerthi (Seema) Dullewa   

                    5  Azlyn Dullewa, d:Dec 2007

DULLEWA - AZLYN  Beloved daughter of late Henry Robert Dullewa (Rate Mahattaya) and Bandura Ratwatte Kumarihamy, sister of late Sujatha, late Tiny, late Dudly, late Seema, late Sunny and late Joyce. Cortege leaves residence at No. 52, Damunupola Mw, Bahirawakanda,  Kandy for Cremation at 6.45 p.m. Mahaiyawa Cemetery 12.12.2007. DN Wed Dec 12 2007

                    5  Joyce Dullewa  

                    5  Sunny Dullewa + Sylvia, d:Dec 20 2007

                        6  Dennis Dullewe + Anoma (Australia)

                        6  Henry Dullewe + Rajini (Canada)

                        6  Daphne Dullewe + Robert (Sweden)

                        6  Shane Dullewe + Ashanee

DULLEWE - SYLVIA It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Sylvia on the 20th December 2007. Beloved wife of the late Sunny Dullewe, loving and devoted mother of Dennis (Australia), Henry (Canada), Daphne (Sweden) and Shane (Sri Lanka), mother-in-law of Anoma, Rajini, Robert and Ashanee, adored grandmother of Shehan, Shehara, Shane, Shalin,  Shamara, Shenali, Henry, Caroline, Ashanga, Shishanee and Shashinee. Cremation on December 22nd 2007. 8, Lachal Drive, Ajax Ontario L1T 1P1, Canada. 189, Kalapaluwawa, Koswatta, Battaramulla. DN Mon Dec 24 2007


               4  Barnes Ratwatte Dissawe, b:1883, d:20-Sep-1957 + Rosalind Mahawelatenne Kumarihamy (3061)

                    5  Sirimavo Ratwatte + 17-Apr-1916, d:2000, (First woman Prime Minister in the World, Prime Minister, 1974, 1998) + Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike  (Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1958, Assassinated by a Buddhist Monk in 1958  (1001) m:2-Oct-1940  

                      6  Chandrika Bandaranaike (President of Sri Lanka 1998) + Vijaya Kumaratunga       

                      6  Sunethra Bandaranaike + Kumar Rupasinghe

                      Anura Bandaranaike b: 1949 (Member of Parliament 1998, Speaker of the House 2000)
                  5  Patsy Ratwatte d:2001, + Col EJ Divitotawela
                      6  Hiran Divitotawela
                      6  Name Not Known
                    6  Ravi Divitotawela d:Jun-2003 under tragic circumstances + Nandani Paranagama
                 5  Barnes Ratwatte + Iranganie Dunuwille
Anil Ratwatte + Tamara
                     6  Sarath Ratwatte + Sharmini
                     6  Anoma Ratwatte

         	5  Dr Seevali Ratwatte
                5  Dr Mackie Ratwatte
                5  Clifford Ratwatte
RATWATTE - BARNES SC - Beloved husband of Iranganie Dunuwille, loving father of Anil, Sarath and Anoma, 
father-in-law of Tamara and Sharmini, much loved grandfather of Viren and Arjun, expired Cortege leaves residence 
at 215 pm for Cremation at General Cemetery Kanatte at 300 pm on 11th January 11, Malalasekera Pedesa, 
Colombo 7  Daily News Sat Jan 10 2004            4 Mallika Jubilee Ratwatte + Dunuvila             

                5 Kingsley Dunuvila           

                5 Padma Dunuvila

                5 Abey Dunuvila           

                5 Swarna Dunuvila  

                5 Leslie Dunuvila           

                5 Elanda Dunuvila

                5 Iris Dunuvila           

                5 Michael Dunuvila           

                5 Dulip Dunuvila           

                5 Thelma Dunuvila 

            4 Leela Ratwatte + Robert Divitotawela      

                5 Alec Divitotawela      

                5 Chandra Divitotawela      

                5 Hector Divitotawela      

                5 Lynn Divitotawela      

                5 Krishnie Divitotawela      

                5 Gamini Divitotawela       

            4 Clarence Ratwatte + Damayantha Panabokke       

                5 Beatrice Ratwatte

                5 Asanka Ratwatte

                5 Carl Ratwatte

                5 Sarojini Ratwatte  

                5 Gordon Ratwatte

                5 Eardley Ratwatte  

                5 Brian Ratwatte

                5 Iranganie Ratwatte

            4 Artie Ratwatte + Nugawela         

                5 Newel Ratwatte    

                5 Minnette Ratwatte

                5 Vernon Ratwatte    

                5 Katie Ratwatte   

                5 Olga Ratwatte    

                5 Ramsay Ratwatte

                5 Erwine Ratwatte   

                5 Thelma Ratwatte

            4 Harris Ratwatte+ Mallika Katugaha         

                5 Ryan Ratwatte

                5 Ivy Ratwatte

                5 Dennis Ratwatte

                5 Chintha Ratwatte

                5 Preeni Ratwatte    

                5 Anuruddha Ratwatte 

                5 Ranji Ratwatte  

                5 Samudhra Ratwatte

                5 Mangalika Ratwatte


            4 Sene Ratwatte + Chithra Weragama       

                5 Neeliya Ratwatte

                5 Doreen Ratwatte

                5 Priya Ratwatte   

                5 Ashmore Ratwatte

                5 Sunitha Ratwatte


            4 Victor Ratwatte+ Bulankulama    

                5 Claude Ratwatte

                5 Tissa Ratwatte

                5 Ruby Ratwatte

                5 Merle Ratwatte    

                5 Lakshman Ratwatte

            4 Ananda Ratwatte


Sunday Observer: Jan 11 2004: 

Justice Ratwatte dies

Justice Barnes SC Ratwatte (88) brother of late Prime Minister Ms Sirimavo Bandaranaike expired on Friday, January 9 after a brief illness

Justice Ratwatte was also the brother of Dr Seevali Ratwatte, late Dr Mackie Ratwatte and Clifford Ratwatte, was an old boy of Trinity College, Kandy and the Law College, Colombo

After passing out as an advocate he was appointed as a Magistrate in 1960 and was later appointed as the Pubic Trustee In 1974 he was appointed the President of the Appeal Court He was a distinguished judge who upheld the rule of law and a steward of the independence of judiciary

Justice Ratwatte retired in 1983 as a judge of the Supreme Court, which year there was a demonstration against judges after a court ruling which embarrassed the then ruling UNP Government


Daily News Obituary Monday Oct 18 - 2004

RATWATTE - SEEDEVI (nee MADUGALLE) Wife of the late Clement, precious mother of Indrani, Nalini, Jayantissa and Nihal, beloved mother-in-law of the late Mahinda Kehelpannala and of Manel and Mangalika, sister of the late Percy and of Enid, TB and Dharmasiri Cortege leaves residence, 18/29, Muhandiram E D Dabare Mawatha, Narahenpita at 230 pm on Wednesday, October 20th for Cremation at General Cemetery, Borella at 300 pm

** sisters