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Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy


De Saram Family - #3121


see Family #3126

[Ancestors of Peter Thomas De Saram: see Family #3126

0000000  de Saram

    000000  Alexander Wijesekera de Saram, Muhandiram Salpiti Korale, b:circa 1658 + d/o Kotalawela Don Phillip Wijesiriwardena, Atapattu Mudaliyar, Colombo

        00000  Anthonan Wirasingha Siriwardhana de Saram, b:circa 1690 Mudaliyar of Salpita Korale and sometimes referred to as Mudaliyar of the Gate. d:1752 
+ Johanna Dias, (d/o Perera Ekanayake, Adigar of Panadura), married at Colombo on 20th Jan 1704, (Anthonan Mudaliyar and Manual de Andradi purchased 
Mahawellawatte with 16,000 coconut trees on 20/7/1730 for 1355 rix dollars)

            0000  Gankande Arachchige Louis de Saram Wirasinghe Siriwardena b:circa 1730, Mohandiram of Boralasgamuwa, Mudaliyar of the Gate.+ Dona Plantina, m:3rd August 1746

                000  Wirasinghe Siriwardena William de Saram b:circa 1760, Arachchi Mahatmaya

                    00  Cornelis de Saram Wirasinghe Siriwardena b:circa 1790 + Dandeniyage Madelina de Alwis

                        0  Solomon de Saram b:circa 1820 + Dandeniyage Seberthina de Alwis



Peter Thomas de Saram Wirasinghe Siriwardena, b 4/1853-d 25/9/1910 + Victoria Patronella Kuruppu (Udaha Walauwwa, Mt. Lavinia) Muhandiram Galkissa, Peace Officer (3151)

    Ceciliya de Saram + V S D S Wickremanayake, Proctor, Member of Legislative Council & State Counsel, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

        3  Palitha Wickremanayake + Irangani Panditharatne, d:2004

            4  Viraj Wickremanayake (USA)

            4  Krishni Wickremanayake + Ajith Gunerwardena (Deputy Chairman, Ceylinco Group)

            4 Shiro Wickremanayake

            4 Rohan Wickremanayake

            4 Ranil Wickremanayake


        3  Erin Wickremanayake

        3  Celia Wickremanayake.(d: 2003) + Lionel Dassanayake

            4  Indralal Dassanayake

            4  Damayanthi Dassanayake

            4  Mangalika Dassanayake

            4  Lilanie Dassanayake


        3  Earl Wickremanayake


        3  Una Wickremanayake + Hinton Seneviratne

            4  Dr Sarath Seneviratne, captained STC Mt Lavinia Cricket Team in 1965 + Rashintha Wickremasinghe.

                5  Sacha Seneviratne

            4  Asoka Seneviratne

            4  Srikanthi Seneviratne + Dr Tilak Siriwardena


       3  Leela Wickremanayake + Thomas C Deraniyagala Peiris (1005)

           4  Edward Deraniyagala Peiris, Presidents Counsel 1936-2004  (STC Mt Lavinia), Died in Tsunami on 26/12/2004 at Yala Safari Game Lodge + Gemini D Peiris, Died in Tsunami on 26/12/2004

               5  Rajiv P Deraniyagala (Nestle)

               5  Dr Sonali Deraniyagala Peiris*, b:1964, Economics Lecturer-UK, escaped the Tsunami in Sri Lanka after being carried several miles inlanda by the waves in 2004 + Dr Steve Lissenburgh, Researcher, 1964-2004, Died in the Tsunami on 26/12/2004 Near Yala Safari Game Lodge, Resident of UK, and was on holiday in SL when he met his tragic death

                   6  Vikram Lissenburgh, 1997-2004, died in Tsunami.on 26/12/2004 

                   6  Nikhil Lissenburgh, 1999-2004, died in Tsunami.on 26/12/2004


    2  Victoria de Saram + Samuel Wijesinghe, Rural Council President

        3  Sybil Wijesinghe + Hinton Abeyguneratne

             4  Abeyguneratne

             4  Abeyguneratne

        3  Dr Allan Wijesinghe (Holland)

        3  Victor Wijesinghe (Asst. Supdt Police 1962)

        3  Kingsly Wijesinghe (High Court Judge Canada)

        3  Dr Gilbert Wijesinghe (former Head of MRI) + Anula Attygalle (d/o Sir Dr Nicholas Attygalle (3057)

            4  Wijesinghe

            4  Wijesinghe

        3  Dr Clement Wijesinghe


    2  Eugine Caroline Gertrude de Saram (1896-1980) + Edwin Henry Seneviratne, (Coroner), 1886-1945 (3108)

        3  Conrad Seneviratne (Graduate), died unmarried, 1926-1959, STC Mt Lavinia)

        3  Gertrude Senevirane (b:1931) English Instructor, Kelaniya/Journalist + Louis Charles de Livera 1919-1969, (STC Mt Lavinia) Lawyer (3109)

            4  Sunil de Livera, 1956-2003, Musician, died unmarried, (STC Mt Lavinia)

            4  Manjula de Livera, b:1960, (Aus), STC Mt Lavinia, Accountant (UDA) SL/Aus + Lakshmi Vaishnavi Arulanandam, Lawyer, b:1965

                5  Rahul de Livera, b:1994

                5  Shruti de Livera, b:2001

            4  Lankika de Livera, b:1964, Journalist + Prasanna Panditharatne, (Businessman)

                5  Kusan Panditharatne, b:1995, (STC Kollupitiya)

            4  2nd spouse of Lankika de Livera + Sri Srikumar (STC Mt Lavinia), Accountant)

        3  Lionel Seneviratne, b:1937, (STC Mt Lavinia), Engineer + Dr. Premalatha Pagodaarachchi

            4  Yasoja Seneviratne, (USA)


    2  Christy de Saram, (Lawyer), d:1978 + Maggie Seneviratne, (Sister of Willie Seneviratne who married Dulcie Senanayake)

        3  Christable de Saram + Dr Kannangara (son of Dr CWW Kannangara, Minister of Education)

            4  Saroja Kannangara

            4  Sena Kannangara

            4  Jayanthi Kannangara

        3  Amy de Saram + Delgoda (Commissioner of Prisons)

            4  Delgoda

            4  Delgoda

        3  Lorna de Saram + Eddie Senewiratne, (Planter)

            4  Anoja Senewiratne, d:1997 + Dr Nalin Gunaratne

                5  Upendra Guneratne

                5  Harin Guneratne

            4  Anil Senewiratne, (Planter) + Rochelle


    Thomas de Saram + Agnes Kuruppu (3151)

       3  Rex de Saram Accountant.(UK) + Yvonne

           4  Bruce de Saram + Emma Tarling

               5  Lavinia de Saram

               5  Louis de Saram

      3  Dr Clarence de Saram (NZ) + Padmali

          4  Pemraj de Saram

          4  Dr. Ravi de Saram + Kirsten

      3  Shirly de Saram (Milk Board) married Vineetha Dunuwila of Kandy.

          4  Ranil de Saram (Accountant) + Indika Lokuge

              5  Randhika de Saram

              5  Mihini de Saram

          4  Mahen de Saram (Accountant) + Hiranthi Wickremasinghe

              5  Rehan de Saram

              5  Rianna de Saram

          4  Senaka de Saram (Accountant) + Shirangika Abeyratne

              5  Rose Mirani de Saram


Prepared by.


Manjula de Livera

June 1 2011



Evening Standard (London),  Jan 11, 2005  by LECH MINTOWT-CZYZ 

A LONDON academic lost her entire family to the Asian tsunami, it emerged today.

Dr Sonali Deraniyagala, 40, on holiday in Sri Lanka, saw the giant wave wash away the car her husband-and two sons were sitting in.

In an instant of appalling tragedy for the economics lecturer, both her parents were taken by the water at the same moment.

The bodies of Dr Deraniyagala's parents, Gemini and Edward Deraniyagala, and her elder son Vikram, seven, have been found but she does not know whether the remains of five-year-old Nikhil will ever be recovered.

The body of her 40-year-old husband, fellow academic Dr Steve Lissenburgh, has also still to be found. In desperation Dr Deraniyagala, a lecturer at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies placed an advertisement in a Sri Lankan newspaper appealing for information about her family but she has yet to receive any news.

The heartrending advertisement included a photograph of Nikhil and said: "Last seen at Yala Safari Hotel on 26 December 2004. Nikhil is five years old and three and a half feet tall with black hair and black eyes. He may be dazed and confused and unable to express himself. He cannot speak in Sinahala or Tamil. He can respond only in English." The family had been making their usual Christmas trip to visit Dr Deraniyagala's mother and father in Colombo when tragedy struck.

The family were staying at the Yala Safari Game Lodge, a coastal wildlife reserve, and had stopped off in their four-by-four. It is understood Dr Lissenburgh and the two children were still in the vehicle and were carried away.

Dr Deraniyagala, who is thought to have got out, was also swept up by the force of the water and survived-despite being carried several miles inland by the torrent. It is not known where her parents were at the time of the disaster.

Dr Deraniyagala's uncle Ken Balendra, who lives in Sri Lanka, said: "With the time that has now passed we do not think there is much more that can be done. We have given up hope of seeing them again.

"The tragedy is so heavy we can barely bring ourselves to speak about it. My niece cannot speak about it at all.

"She has not even been able to tell us exactly what happened. Really all we know is that they were all in the reserve and the water just took them all away with it. We do not know how, but she managed to escape without serious injury. But she is severely traumatised."

More than 30,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka by the Boxing Day tsunami.

Today friends and colleagues of Dr Lissenburgh, 40, a senior researcher at the Policy Studies Institute who focused on the social aspects of economics, paid tribute to a man who "inspired affection and admiration in all who knew him".

His colleague of 10 years, Dr Michael White, said he was driven by a desire to make a difference to the world's disadvantaged communities. "He did make that difference. With more time, he would have made a great difference," he said.

"He loved Sri Lanka and when he came back he loved to talk about the good times he had there. He had a big capacity for enjoyment.

Surely he was happy there in his last days and hours."

A colleague of Dr Deraniyagala at London University said: " Everyone who has learned of the dreadful tragedy is united in their grief and support for Sonali. She is a highly esteemed popular member of the department of economics."

. Donor countries are urged today to guarantee that money promised to tsunami victims would not be diverted from other world disaster funds.

Oxfam echoed pleas from United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan that the billions of dollars pledged to help the stricken region's recovery was "new money".


Death tolls by country:

Indonesia: 105,522

Sri Lanka: 30,721

India: 10,136

Thailand: 5,291

Somalia: 298

Myanmar: 90

Maldives: 82

Malaysia: 68

Tanzania: 10

Bangladesh: 2

Kenya: 1

MORE than 450 Britons are now believed to have died in the Asian tsunami.

Tony Blair told the Commons that 51 Britons had been confirmed dead, and the total confirmed or presumed to have died had risen to 453, up 10 from last week.

Mr Blair said the number of Britons unaccounted for but not presumed to have died was 871.

Some of those unaccounted for may have been trekking in remote regions in Asia and have simply not contacted relatives. But the Prime Minister said the figure "may never fall to zero".

At least 152,221 people have been reported dead around southern Asia and as far away as Somalia on Africa's eastern coast following the earthquake and tsunami on Boxing Day.