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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy   

KARUNARATNE - Family #3122 

Sri Rama Subasinghe alias Nissanka Mohandiram, came from Dambulla to reside at Nagoda, a village near Ragama, during the Portuguese Colonial era in 1539 AD. He was awarded the title of Mohandiram by King Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe.

    2  son

        3  son

            4  son, came to reside at Pohaddaramulla

                5  son

                    6  Nissanka Adrian Puloris Karunaratne, b: Mar 1 1837 + Sarah de Silva Gunaratne

                        7  George Henricus Karunaratne, b:Mar 22 1865, attended Royal College, Colombo 7 + Maha Ramage Charlotte Gunasekera

                            8  George Wilfred Karunaratne, Dr. b:Nov 21 1894, attended Royal College, Colombo 7, d:Aug 19, 1984 + Florence Kamini Gunasekera, b:May 11 1896, d:Sep 29, 1972, m:Dec 17 1923. Florence was one of the first pupils at Ladies College; Colombo 7 was tasked to take care of her seven siblings since her mother passed away at the tender age of 37 during childbirth. Her ancestral home was at Borella adjoining the present day Catholic Bishop's House. Her father owned extensive plots of land in the area and later moved to his residence "Clare" on Flower Road which has now been occupied by the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka. The premises adjoins "Sirimathipaya" which was formerly owned by Sir Ernest de Silva, who was married to Florence's older sister, Evadne, and is now the Prime Minister's Office in Colombo. The extent of the premises was four (4) acres. (3124)

                                9  Gemunu Wijayananda Karunaratne, b:Oct 13 1924 at "Florence Villa", Peradeniya Road, Kandy, Ceylon. + Manel

                                9  Nihal Wilfred Karunaratne, Dr. b:Jun 9 1928 at No 65, Trincomalee Street, Kandy, Ceylon. + Elaine Soyza, m:Sep 10, 1952 at "Maysland", Ampitiya

                                9  2nd spouse of Nihal Wilfred Karunaratne, Dr. b:Jun 9 1928 at No 65, Trincomalee Street, Kandy, Ceylon. +Suvimalee Guneratne of Dawson Road, Colombo 5

                                9  Chulanie Jaliya Karunaratne, b:Oct 14 1932 at "Lake Bungalow", Victoria Drive, Kandy, Ceylon.

8  Beatrice Karunaratne + Name Not Known (brother of Florence Kamini Gunasekera), No 96, Police Park Ave, Colombo 

                            8  lgie Karunaratne.-(brother of George Wilfred Karunaratne) 

                            8  Cecil Karunaratne-(brother of George Wilfred Karunaratne) 

                        7 Son, Nissanka John William Karunaratne, Station Master Ceylon Rail Ways + Virgin Kumarasinghe.(They owned property in the village Uluambalama near Negombo)-Children: Felix, Ronald, Shelton, Coni, Gertrude and another brother(Name unknown, died during childhood days) 

                            8  Nissanka John Felix Karunaratne,b:1895 June 24,educated at Royal College Colombo???,Accountant of the Kotahena Millís(A.E.DeSilva and Company),m:1931,d:1963 March 24 + Kuththiarachchige Agnes Malini DeSilva,b:1906 April 3 at Ratgama,attended Visakha Vidyalaya in 1920,d:1996 Nov 7.Children: Nimal, Ranjith, Rohan, Malathi, Hemamali and Sumal. 

                                9  Nimal Karunartne (Died during the childhood days)

                                9  Ranjith Karunartne (Died during the childhood days) 

                                9  Nissanka Gupthila Rohana (Rohan) Karunaratne + Srini Gunaratne

                                9  Malathi Chandima Karunaratne + Keerthi Senanayake

                                9  Hemamali Viranjani Karunaratne + Lalith DeSilva

                                9  Nissanka Lalsri Sumal Karunaratne + Nilamani DeSilva

                            8  Ronald Nissanka Henricus Karunaratne, m: 1941 Dec 26 + Hyacinth Julia Eila 

                                9   Hiran Karunaratne

                                9  Dayani Karunaratne

                                9  Shanthimala Karunaratne

                            8  Shelton Karunaratne, Dr + E.Fernando

                                9  Upamali Karunaratne

                                9  Ranji Karunaratne

                            8 Constantine (Coni) Karunaratne + Dr.Churchill Hector Gunasekera, (Also known as Dr.C.H.Gunasekera -Senior), was a famous Cricketer in the early 1910s.  

                                9  Channa Hemasiri Gunasekera (Also known as C.H.Gunasekera -Junior)

                                9  Rohini Gunasekera 

                            8  Gertrude Karunaratne + Julius Wijesekera 

                                9  Mahinda Wijesekera

                                9  Chithrangani Wijesekera

                                9  Winodani Wijesekera

                                9  Indra Wijesekera

                            8  Name Unknown (Died during Childhood days) 

                        7  Daughter (Name Not Known). + Mr.Fonseka, resided at the old village of Pohaddaramulla, mentioned above. Pohoddaramulla is a small village near Wadduwa in the Kaluthara District. The ancestral properties in Pohoddaramulla are owned by the Fonseka family today.

                            8  Lyne Fonseka, Was the Librarian of the Colombo Museum (The names of the other brothers and sisters are unknown) 

For More information about C.H.Gunasekera and Lyne Fonseka, please refer to the book, personalities Srilanka written by Dr.Wimalaratne,the director of the National Archives.