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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy


1  Wickremasinghe

    2  Loku Banda Wickremasinghe + Name Not Known

        3  Madduma Banda Wickremasinghe, British Colonial Administrator in Burma + Fay Rose, British Educator       

        3  Dr. Chandra Wickremasinghe + Timothy de Lanerolle

    2  Loku Banda Wickremasinghe + Heen Menike*

        3  Vickie Wickremasinghe (adopted son), renowned historian + Beckie (USA)

            4  Lizzie Wickremasinghe + George

                5  Andrew George

    2  Mudaliyar Tikiri Banda Wickremasinghe + Heen Menike* (late brothers wife)

Serendipity of Andrew George by Ananda W P Guruge, sequel to Free at Last in Paradise

SAMARASINGHE - SOMA - Dearly beloved wife of K.M. Samarasinghe (Tiddy), mother of Wg Cdr Ranjan Samarasinghe (SLAF), Rtd and Chairman International Super Trades (P) Ltd, mother-in-law of Padmini, former Finance Director, Browns and Managing Director ISTL, much loved and beloved - darling Archchi of Janitha & Navin (Austrlaia), only daughter of James & Luciana De Lanerolle, only sister of the late Victor, Julius, S.D. and K.D. De Lanerolle, passed away peacefully on the 8th of April 2006 at the age of 95 years and was cremated at the General Cemetery Kanatta, Borella on Sunday 9th April '06 at a Private Funeral as per family wishes. Our family thank all those who shared our sorrow - all relatives, neighbours and friends who assisted us at short notice during this period of grief and sorrow. May she attain Nirvana. - 240/14, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 07. 

DN Apr 11 2006