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Sri Lankan Sinhalese Family Genealogy

PERERA - Family #3128


The Urelawatte (sp. Uralawatte, Uralawatta?) Clan - See link to Tudugala Family

The reference to one Bhuwanayka Bahu Terunnanse in the Ehelepola Sannasa of 1745 is interesting. It states - "whereas the grandson of Siriniwasa Maha Terunnanse, whi is a hereditary descendant of Buhuwaneka Bahu Terunnanse, accompanied His Majesty (Rajasinha II) to Madakalapuwe, and performed military service"..... "Obtained two Kafir women and appointments to the following offices, viz Lekam of the Halumandape, and Radabadda Gabada Nilame of the PalleMahawasala" (AC Lawrie, "A Gazeteer of the Central Province of Ceylon, Government Printer, Ceylon 1896 - p200). The descendants of this Bhuwanayka Bahu Terunnanse are also recorded in the Palkumbura Vihara Sannasa of 1804, (AC Lawrie, "A Gazeteer of the Central Province of Ceylon, Government Printer, Ceylon 1896 - p688). The Wasagama of a particular branch of this family is repeated again under the two villages named, Urulewatta, one in Udunuwara and the other in Asgiriya Pallesi Patti of Matale South. The same Sannasa mentions that this Bhuwanaka Bahu Terunnanse is a relative of the King of Kotte, and that this family of brothers had left the Kingdom of Kotte since the demise of their king. The king referred to should be Buvaneka Bahu VI, whose reign in Kotte was a troubled one. During his reign which commenced, circa 1469 and ended circa 1478, the entire country between Kalu Ganga and Walawe Ganga rose up in arms against him. The rising is called Simhala-Peraliya in the Rajavaliya and is also recorded in the Dedigama inscription. The King had to take the fiedl himself to bring Sathara KMorale to obedience, and once submitted amnesty was granted. The granting of amnesty refers to the succession of UdaRata from Kotte under the leadership of Prince Senarasammatha Vickrama Bahu. The migration of this family from Kotte to the village of Urulewatta in Udunuwara, which is within the Kingdom of Kandy, would have taken place during the reign of King "Senasammatha VickramaBahu" (1463-1483), who from the court at Gampola, had founded Senkadagala Sailavhidhana Siriwardhana Pura, the future capital of the Kandyan Kingdom.

It follows that a nephew of this Bhuwanayak Bahu Terunnanse also known as Bhuwanayka Bahu Terunnanse had to disrobe when King Rajasinha I of Seethawaka invaded the Kingdom in 1582 and caused many Buddhist Priests to disrobe due to the influence of a certain Hindu Cult. King Rajasinha I of Seethawaka had founbght the Portuguese for many years without complete success, and was a disillusioned and demoralized king during the latter stages of his reign which endd in 1592, whe this particular Hindu Sect made use of the situation and succeeded in obtaining the King's patronage.

The narrative of the Palkumbura Sannasa concludes by mentioning that this Bhikku, Bhuvayaka Bahu Panditha Mudiyanse, after disrobing, was the tutor of Senarath, the robed cousin of King Vimaladharmasuriya I, who succeeded him as the King of Kandy from 1604-1635 AD. A descendant of this Royal Tutor known as Urulewatte Wickramasinha Chandrasekera Karunatillaka Seneviratna Panditha Wahala Loku Mudiyanse, from the Hamlet Elamaldeniya in Dodanwela, became Udugampahe 2nd Adikaram of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1741. However, this Urulewatte (Pilimitalawe) Loku Mudiyanse Nilame of Elamaldeniya could hold on to this office only for a very brief period of 11 months between 1741 and 1742, before he wqas forced to relinquish this office due to power struggles and internal conflicts among the chiefs. He had to wait another 18 years before he could reassume duties as Udagampahe Adikaram.

The village of the origin of the Ehelepola family of Matale is situated in Udugoda-Udasiya Pattu of Matale North. In fact Ehelepola is not only a village by itself but a cluster of villages (Wasama) under the control of a single Arachchi or Headman. This Wasama includes, Kinigama, Urulemulla, Kohona, Koholanwela, Dalupota, Walmoruwa, Demeda-Oya, Homapola, and Ehelepola. Four of these villages are connected to the ancestry of the Ehelepola family and are situated in close proximity to each other. One of them is identified, in the present day, as Monaravila (Mondaruvila) which lies in the Koswatta Wasama of Udugoda-Udasiya Pattu in Matalke North and comes under the supervision of the Arachchi of Beligomuwa. The others are the villages of Medabedda in Pallesiya Pattu-Udugoda Matale, and the villages of Palle and Uda Waradamuna in Gampahasiya Pattu in Matale South. Of the four ancestral residences, "Ehelepola Walauwa" and "Monaravila Walauwa" were in Udugoda-Udasiya Pattuwa. The "Hulangamuwe Walauwa" was in Kohona Siya Pattuwa and the "Nugahapola Walauwa" was in Udugoda-Pallesiya Pattuwa.

The forming of the principalities of Matale took place during the final years of reign of King Senerath (1605-1635). The two principalities of Matale and Uva were formed by the King, in order to accommodate his two nephews, Prince Wijayapala and Prince Kumarasinha. They were half brothers of King Senerath's own son Rajasinha II, begotten from the common mother Kusumasana Devi, alias Princess Dona Katharina, the daughter of the once deposed sub-King of Kanda-Uda-Rata, Jayavira Bandara (1551-1561) alias "Karaliyadde Bandara".

It is recorded in the work, "The Kandyan Kingdom 1707-1760" by Lorna S Devaraja, that the two Chief Ministers, Wijayasundera Wickremasinha Chandrasekera Rajakarunanayaka Seneviratne Mudiyanse, the Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram of the Kandyan Kingdom from 1734-1737 and from 1747-1759 from the Wasagama of Ehelepola, and Wijeyasundera Loku Mudiyanse alias "Pilimatalawe", the Udagampahe Adikaram from 1760-1766, from the Wasagama of Elamaldeniya, were related to each other. Although the specifics of this relationship are not mentioned in that record, it is obvious that the marriage of the "Monarawila' Lady, who was King Narendrasingha's concubine, to the first known "Pilamatalawe Adikaram", is the basis for this relationship.


The same record in the work of Lorna S Devaraja, states that Urelawatte Wijayasundera Loku Mudiyanse, the 2nd Adikaram, had to yield his position to a rival of the first Adikaram due to the above mentioned relationship, between him and the 1st Adikaram. In this instance the rival of the 1st Adikaram from Ehelepola is identified as a relative of the senior "Leuke", the Maha Disawa of Sathara Korale from 1740-1751.


By 1743, the senior Leuke Nilame was in favor with King Sri Vijaya Rajasinha. Within the next three years he had received many lands by way of the Royal Grant, popularly knon as the "Leuke Sannasa", and had been appointed as the Disawa of of Thun Korale. Due to the excessive influence he was having at the Court, King Sri Vijaya Rajasinha was compelled to appoint a relative of Leuke, who is identified as Samarakkodi/Samarankodi Nilame, to the office of Udagampahe 2nd Adikaram in 1746, the last year of his reign. Samarakkodi Nilame held this office up to 1760, which was well into the reign of the succeeding King Kirthi Sri Rajasinha. However, due to his continuing close contact with the Madura Dynasty, with the ascent of a new King, the once removed Wijayasundera Wickremasinha Chnadrasekera Rajakarunanayaka Seneviratne Mudiyanse of Ehelepola was re-instated in 1747 and was Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram up to 1759.


The senior "Leuke" Nilame, the Maha Disawa of the Sathara Korale, died in 1751, and by 1753 the fortunes of Samarakkodi Adikaram were in decline. Samarakkodi/Samarankodi Adikaram had a hand in the conspiracy of 1760 against King Kirthi Sri Rajasinha.  According to the "Sasanavathirna Varanawa", it was the ex-second Adikaram, Urelawatte (Pilimitalawe) Panditha Wahala Loku Mudiyanse who revealed the conspiracy through Galagoda Disawa alias "Munwatte Adikaram" who became the Pallegampaha 1st Adikaram in 1760. The Samarankodi Adikaram was executed in 1760 for his part in the conspiracy. Pilimatalawe Elamaldeniya Loku Mudiyanse was recalled to re-assume duites as Udagampahe 2nd Adikaram from late 1760 to 1766. Galagoda alias "Munwatte Adikaram" became very powerful and held as many as twenty High Offices between 1760 and 1777, the year of his demise. He held te post of 1st Adikaram until the defats in the Dutch wars between 1762 and 1766 made him to be removed by Kirthi Sri Rajasinha in favor of a new 1st Adikaram from the village of Angamanna in Kandukara Ihala Korale Udapalatha. This was Samaradivakara Wickramasinha Ilangakoon Senanayaka Rajapaksa Rajakaruna Mudiyanse of Angammana who received a Sannasa from Kirthi Sri Rajasinha and held the post of 1st Adikaram for 24 years, from 1766 to 1790.


The relationship between Uralawate Wickremasinha Loku Mudiyanse and Waradamune Chandrasekera Seneviratne Mudiyanse helps to establish the fact that these two families were identified later on, by their Wasagams, as "Pilimatalawe" and "Ehelepola", and have long standing inter-family links. 


Referring to Pilimatalawe, the Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram who was executed in 1811, Paul E Pieris in his work "The Sinhale and the Patriots", mentions - "He is always spoken of as the uncle of the Maha Nilame". The Maha Nilame, in this case is undoubtedly the 'Ehelepola Pallegampaha 1st Adikaram' from 1811 to 1814. According to the prevalent customs and relationships, to be the uncle (Maama) of the last 'Ehelepola Adikaram', the person has to be either the brother of the Adikaram's mother or his father in law, botrh of which are referred to as "Maama". Due to the long standing inter-family relationships between the Wijeyasundara family of Waradamuna and the Wijeyasundara family of Urulewatta established in earlier generations, Ehelepola 'Jayatillaka Disawa', the Maha Disawa of Uva and Disawa of Nuwarakalaviya, had married the elder sister of Pilimatalawe Pallegampahe Adikaram and became brother in law to the very powerful and influential Pilimatalawe 1st Adikaram of the Kandyan Kingdom for nineteen years, from 1790 to 1811. This is one reason why the much talked about last Ehelepola Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram from 1811 to 1814 is referred to as the "Bena" (nephew) of the executed Pilimatalawe 1st Adikaram. This Mama-Bena (Uncle-Nephew) relationship fits well into the traditional form of identification between a man and his sisters son.


The powerful 'Pilimatalawe Maha Adikaram' took charge of the Ihala Dolos Pattu. 'Ratwatte' Nilame, a son in law of the Adikaram, took charge of the Pahala Dolos Pattu of the Sath KJorale and was since styled "Devamedda Disawa". When in November 1811, Pilimatalawe the 1st Adikaram and his son in law 'Ratwatte Devamedda Disawa', were executed for treason at Hunukotuwa, which is near the Bodhi at Getambe in Kandy, Ehelepola the 2nd Adikaram being "Udagampahe" was able to succeed his maternal uncle as 1st Adikaram. This is why Ehelepola Nilame came to be identified as "Pallegampahe" since December 1811.


[extracted from "Four Kandyan Families" by Sunil J Madugalle, 2005, pp 60-68]

0  Vijesundara/Wijesundera PERERA  පෙරේරා

             [Urulevatta/Urulevatte/Urulawatte ]

 Descendancy claimed from King Bhuvaneke Bahu   Research under way.

 (First names being researched):

First names from a patigiriya (pedigree document) re. family that has info probably/possibly since around late 1792. Some of it is in old Sinhalese (the part that is being researched and not presented here).  Information to be researched in Madampe (1800’s also called Mahadampe in Yagampattoo, District of chilaw), Chilaw, Kohilawatte, (Marawila), Kandy, Colombo.  [Also in here are supposed to be Ratwatte and Seneviratne/Senewiratne relatives….but need further info esp. re. women the Wijesundara Perera males married]. Some relatives might be living in Kegalle and Mabole.  [Family info is supposed to be in a 1958 or 1959 Sri Lanka newspaper.  After a fire happened in Kandy at a Temple, this info was published I think…..cos part of her family info was at the Temple]. [ Pothgol Vihare in Kandy? has a picture of Urulandeni Koralage/Koralalage]

0  Don Joseph Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundara (Jayasundara?)  Perera  Rate Mahatmeya Originally family from Urulawatte (some relatives in Gampola?) +

 00  Don Daniel Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundara Perera  

   1   Don Peter Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundara Perera Baptist Rev. Kohilawatte (had 12 children). He was a Pastor, Lawyer, Judge? (had land in  Wattala, Mabole Wellampitiya/ Mulleriyawa, Kohilawatte, etc.)  Member of the Ceylon branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.   +         .            

       2  Edward (William/Wilium?) Udunuwara Urelawatte Wijesundara Perera  of Madampe (guesstimate of birth circa: 1870?) + Dora [ daughter of  Don Davith Dabera (Dabare?) Wijesundera Gunasekera d.1874  donated land for the Baptist church to be built in 1872].  Her mother’s people from a prominent Kandy family.  Part of Dora’s family line has Herath and  Chilaw Corea,  [ her mother or grandmother was Corea Lama Eteni  born in Chilaw??   and  her relatives: Mr. C. E. Corea? Mudaliyar JC Corea? See Corea family #3070 ].  Edward was a landowner, surveyor, and……  [Dora’s half sister Beatrice Gunewardene  + Wickramanayake family # 3141,  Dora’s half brothers rate mahatmaya,   Jonathan Gunewardene + burger lady, and another half brother]


 [Story about the Madampe Baptist church as told to Anne-Marie by Nihal Munasinha and Dora Wijesinghe:  That 3 young male students of the Baptist missionary  Rev. Ebenezer Daniel from England [he had arrived in Ceylon 1834 and at the time of this story was Rev of Grandpass Baptist Church)  asked him where he was going. He said he was going to pray for a church member whose house might be flooded. They laughed at him because they were skeptical that prayer could do anything, but followed behind to see what might happen. The Missionary was on his knees praying that the waters would not flood beyond where he was kneeling at Kelani river during the great floods).  Water came near the Pastor, but did not go beyond to wreck the house. A miracle happened. This touched the 3 men’s lives. These 3 were convinced of the faith in Jesus, and started attending Grandpass Baptist Church. They were instrumental in missionaries going to Madampe to establish the Madampe Baptist Church.   The 3 young men’s names: D. Dabera (above), Cornelis Jayewardene, and D De Silva Gooneratne who was a Doctor ] 1869 Corea and Pandithesekera had asked that a church building be constructed in Madampe.     [According to Dora Wijesinghe’s church research in 2011,  Mr Sandaratne donated a piece of land in 1870, but according to a legal case, Don Davith Dabera Wijesundera Gunasekera donated major part…but 3 pieces of land surveyed together, second piece donated by CE Corea?]. Altogether 21 people donated to the church building fund (16 of them from the Grandpass Baptist Church).  Amongst the  1st Pastors:   Rev M H Perera (assistant Baptist missionary according to Ceylon Handbook and Directory), Rev. JR Perera, Rev. RW Perera…..and others].  [Phone number for Grandpass Baptist Church 011 94 11 2338613 ] 


            3  Justicia Udunuwara Urelawatte W. Perera (Udunuara Urulanden/Uruledeniye Koralalage Lilian Justicia Florinda Perera)  guesstimate of birth: circa 1910?  + Fitzroy Philip Wijeysinghe Jayewardene (Family # 3002  Descendant of Don Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene) [Fitzroy Jayewardene worked for Rubber control Dept, and Police? and….  Colombo, Chilaw, Marawila….possibly in Kurunagele?]. Justicia worked for Red Cross, even in 2nd World War.  She died young in 1947 or 1948, saving another woman from being electrocuted.  Justicia saw a woman with a pole trying to pick fruit. That pole hit a light pole or wire. Justicia went to save her, but got killed herself.  Justicia and Fitzroy Philip were relatives (not sure if it is through the Corea family…ie. both families seem to have Corea grandmother or great grandmothers). 


            4  Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene b.1937+ Anthony William Perera Samarasinghe Family #3129    Descendant of Mabole Goonetilleke family

                5   Anne-Marie +

                5  Shani +                      

                5  Sonali +

                5  Thushara +

                    6  Sierra

                5  Tamara  +               

        3  Clarice Adelade Leelavathi  Urelawatte W. Perera  + Victor Amerasekara from Madampe (3068) (His brother Justus Ameresekera’s daughter is Anne Abeysekera the Journalist  See Jayewardene family #3002, and  Ameresekera family #3068  )   father: Daniel Ameresekere; Grandfather: Bartholemeus Ameresekere His Sisters:  Edna, Enid, Girley. Another Brother:  Daniel at Madampe      



        3  Earnest Urelawatte W. Perera +

            4  Atletruman? U.U. Perera +

            4  Leelamani Justicia u.u.Perera +

            4  Henri U.U. Perera


        3  [1] Frank Edward UrelawatteW.  Perera + [2] QueenieViolet  Paranavithane  (from Mabole)      [ Jayewardene cousin Debera married a Paranawitana  Esther, Pita Dagma, Paranavitane  ]

            4  (Queenie) Claris Justicia Urelawatte Perera  + Augustus Dissanayake, School teacher.  (related at other levels to the Wijesundera Perera family, and to the Gunatilake/Samarasinghe family # 3129…)  Mother Aggie.  Lived in Borella in the mid 1940’s 1950’s?  His Brother Camilus was Police Superintendant. Catholic Priest Fr. Philip (General manager of Catholic Schools) was Augustus’s 1st cousin from mother’s side 3rd cousin from father’.  Augustus’s father’s father was a doctor.)  Augustus’ parents:  Edmond Dissanayake clerk originally from Kandy 7-8 brother and sisters,  his father Dr. Dissanayake (his father Mudaliyar)+ wife (her sister’s daughter Molly Dunuwila  married D S Senanayake…see Dunuwila family #3102) from  Bogamuwe his father was a Mudaliyar  mother Agnes Goonetilleke?  [Question: Is Augustus’ Dissanayake family descended from Don Siman Wijesoendere Senewiratne Dissanaijke, mudaliyar of the Belligam corle 179?]


                5  Lal Dissanayake, born 1954 + Genita Jayasinghe from Ja-ela

                    6  Gelani Dissanayake +

                    6  Tunika Dissanayake

                5  Sirimal Dissanayake, 1957+ Dentist Gampaha + Dilini Gunewardene

                    6  Shehan Dissanayake

                    6  Roshan Dissanayeke

                    6  Shalini Dissanayake


                5  Nirmali Asuntha Dissanayake,  1958-1993 + Patrick Nanayakkara (Patrick’s 2nd  wife Anurika. +  son Dushan ) f: george Nanayakkara nikawaretiya near Kurunegala + m: anesta wanigaratne kurunagala.    walawwe background

                    6  Shemali + Hansa Chamara Subasinghe  from yakkala  Parents: Mr. Subasinghe + ranjani

                    6  Heshani + Shamal Muhandiramge




        3  Donald Urelawatte W. Perera  (died)


2 James Richard U.U.W. Perera (Movied to Mabole?  Kirilapane?  Abanvita?) +

3 Gilbert U.U.W. Perera +

3. Swarnamali U.U.W. Perera + Kottachchi (Kottachchae?) 


    2  Harriet U.U. W. Perera + Nathaniel Paranavitana  (see Family #1172)  Mabole (Family origins from Galle  His father was a merchant dealing with rice and arrack. His father had about 18 children all total) The extended Paranavitana family connected to Obeysekera or Bandaranayake?? ……and Jayewardene family??    And possibly De Alwis Samarasinghe family # 3176?                   

        3  [2] Queenie Violet Paranavitane + [1] Frank Urelawatte Perera (1st cousin)

            4  [2] Queenie Urelawatte Perera + [1] Augustus Dissanayake (1st Cousin)

                5  Lal Dissanayake, born 1954  Business owner + Genita Jayasinghe from Ja-ela

                    6  Gelani Dissanayake +

                    6  Tunika Dissanayake

                5  Sirimal Dissanayake, 1957 Dentist Gampaha + Dilini Gunawardena [ Mathugamage don Lucian Gunawardena + Uva adhikarige dona Lilian Mallika]

                    6  Shehan Dissanayake

                    6  Roshan Dissanayake

                    6  Shalini Dissanayake

                5  Nirmali Asuntha Dissanayake,  1958-1990? + Patrick Nanayakkara (Patrick’s 2nd  wife Anurika. +  son Dushan )

                    6  Shemali + Hansa Chamara Subasinghe

6  Heshani + Shamal Muhandiramge


     3     Eda Paranavitana +John  Samiel paranavitana   lived in  Nugegoda  (Family originally hailed from Galle ?)  1st cousins  [Nathaniel Paranavitana’s brother’s son].

          *  4 Frank Paranavitana +  Luxmy  De Alwis Seneviratne

                  5  Rohan Paranavitana died not married

                  5 Shervanthi Paranavitana + Upali Wijesekera 

                         6 Sharmali Wijesekera  + a  Lianage Perera    (father chief justice in Seychelles)

                  5 Samuel Paranavitana + Janaki de Silva   (Toronto)              

            4  Ananda Paranavitana +  Miriam Wickramanayake   (sep)  [mother Mercy  Senenayake,  Father: Harry Wickramanayake. Harry’s cousin married to Beatrice Gunewardene, half sister of Dora Wijesundera Gunesekera  Perera above.  Mercy’s sister’s name: Peace.  ]

                 5 Nishanthe Paranavitana  + An Australian 

                 5 Roshi Paranavitana not married      

            4  Raymond  Paranavitana + Dharshini Sirimanne  Australia

                5 Romesh Paranavitana + a Hannibels

                5  Manique Paranavitana + Silva   Australia

                5  Samantha Paranavitana  + Soyza   in Abudabi                   

            4  Joy + Dr. Donald Weerasiry  Australia

                5 Dr. Thilak Weerasiry + Bopitiya  Australia

                5 Preethi Weerasiry + Greasley  Australia

                5 Melani Weerasiry unmarried

            4 Luxmy +    Ernest  Jayatillake  Panadura (deceased)

                5  Mevan Jayatillake  + Rebecca (an Australian)

                5 Suren Jayatillake + Sabrina

            4 Hilda + Rex Gooneratne from Kegalle

               5 Arune Gooneratne +  in England

               5 Son

               5 Son

               5  Son   


     3     Edgar Paranavitana +  Florence Jayasundera (Nurse)

         4    Queeni Paranavitana + Philip Dias

         4    Bassil Paranavitana +   

         4   Nirmal Paranavitana + someone from UK

         4  Rosemarie Paranavitana not married

        4 Ranjit Paranavitana not married

        4 Ian Paranavitana  + Jayasinghe

        4 Jerry Paranavitana  +           



       3.  Gurty Paranavitana +  Siman Gunasekara   from Madampe   

      4.  Phillis Gunasekara +   (JR Jayewardene’s cousin  See Jayewardene family #3002  )  Major T.F. (Freddy)  Jayewardene –Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of …

          *  5 Thileka  Jayewardene + Cecil vaidyaratne   Army commander 

                  2 children

       4.  Kristabal Gunasekara + (a  Mudalali   name??) 

      4. Enid Gunasekara  +  [Tamil Police Inspector from Colombo]

    4 Douglas Gunasekara +

    4 Leonard Gunasekara  +

    4 Harold  Gunasekara  +     Australia



    2  Susan U.U.W. Perera + Vander (Vanda?) Johnson Ameresekera  lived in Athurugiriya   An uncle or cousin to Victor Ameresekera.  From Alauwa ?? See Ameresekera family #3068  

        3 Beatrice Amerasekara +  from Kegalle  

        3 Cyril Leefred Amerasekara + Magee Alvis  wealthy heiress  killed

        3 Donald Amerasekara (died)   not married  



2     Lillian U.U.W.  Perera +  Gate Mudaliar Philip de Silva [ brother Gate Mudaliar Vincent de silva] 

3 Blanch de Silva +  George St. Valentine Udunuwara Uruladeni/Uruladeniya/Uruledeni Koralalage Kulathunga from Gampola, [worked at Gordon Frazer &Co…Chief Clerk].

             * 4 Anula  U.U.Perera Silva Kulathunga  + Edward Roberts  from Jaffna

                           5  Dushan Roberts + Sharmila Perera [Frank’s wife’s cousin is her father)

                                 6 Shavon  Danushka Joshua Roberts

                           5  Dushanthi Roberts    

              3 Vernon  de Silva + Susan Wade from England

                   4 Carol Anne de Silva +

                       3 children

                   4 Sherryl  de Silva

              3 Douglas Ranjit de Silva  + Patricia Gunewardene from Gampaha in England

                     4 Imara de Silva  +  Patel    in Toronto Canada

                          5 Son

                          5 Son

              3 Rani Ranjani + Paul Rodrigo from Mattakkuliya now in England  (Sir Philip Rodrigo’s son) 

                     4 Philip Rodrigo + Giselle

                         5  Olivia

                         5 Philip ?

                     4 Caroline Rodrigo + Philip  England


2     Hector U.U. W. Perera of Madampe




2     Alfred U.U. W. Perera  of Madampe



2     Benjamin U.U. Perera (name changed to Jayatilleke ) [Kohilawatte Branch] +

3 Douglas Bertran Jayatilleke + Rupali Corea (Chilaw  father Leslie Corea + Hilda Gooneratne? Gunewardene?) See Corea family #3070

  *4 Dhasantha Jayatilleke +  Juthika, Army commander General Hamilton Wanasinge’s  daughter                                 

      5 Ashwini Jayatilleke

      5 Dasith Buwenaka  Jayatilleke  

   *4 Randunne Jayatilleke + 1st Seneviratne from Hikkaduwe  2nd marriage Sandana Rajav (Malay) 

        5 Rebecca

    4 Sharmala Jayatilleke + Sampath Vidhana Gamage

        5 Ayash +

3 Irene Jayatilleke + Evet Ratnaike       

  4 Gamunu Ratnaike not married 

    4 Wijayantha  Ratnaike + Swinitha


3 Grace Jayatilleke + Tiny Ameresekera

   4 Nimal Ameresekera + Sriani De Saram  Colpity See Jayewardene family #3002  

    4 Shirani Ameresekera + Yasendra De Silva Moratuwa

    4 Gamini  Ameresekera       in New Zealand

        5 Carven +

    4 Renuka Ameresekera not married       



2     William U.U. W. Perera  [Kohilawatte Branch] Family had documents proving ancestry etc., but it was stolen or lost.  + 

       3  Daniel  Perera + Seneviratne from Hambanthota

               4  Ivy Perera + Ossie Botegu  Nugegoda 

     4 Lalith Perera + Devika Costa

                 5  Aruni Perera + Chrishantha Ekenayake  no children


       3  Cornelius  Perera   in Kotte + ?  [Family in Australia] 


        3  Sarah + Cornelius Senanayake Navala

            4 Daniel Senanayake + Lini De Alwis   some children in France

                   5 Barbra Senanayake + Bolvin Perera                       

               *  5 Fredericka (Neela) Senanayake + Tamil

                   5 Sunil Senanayake + French person

                   5 Lalanatha Senanayake + Arsirivathen

                   5 Wimal Senanayake +

                   5 Nihal  Senanayake

                   5 Chitral Senanayake

                   5 Emil Senanayake



   3  Isaac  U.U. W. Perera  +  Daisy Olivia De Silva Gunesekera

4 Silvia May + Edmond Alexander Rubesinghe

  * 5 Chitra Hiranthi + Kirchi Jayasinghe

       6 Dr. Nilika + Dr. Ishantha Salgado

           7 Anjali

           7 Arith

       6 Randika + Mangala Hettiarachchi       


4 Dr. Terence Perera + Laxmi Wickremesinghe

    5 Malathi + an America  No children   

    5 Dr Neloufer + Dr. Alex Merril 

     5 Dr. Rohantha Perera + Judith from UK

4 Iris Christabel + Peter Jayasuria

    5 Indira + Rohan Wijesinghe

    5 Seneka + Lilani Edirisinghe

    5 Manique + Thisse Jayasinghe

    5 Dr. Rohini + Dr. Gooneratne               



    2  Teophilas (Theophilas??) U.U. W.  Perera   [died young]


2 Henry U.U. W. Perere  Kohilawatte + Anne (Annie?) Jayewardene [daughter of Don Cornelius Wijesinghe Jayewardene See Jayewardene family #3002  ]

       3 Rosalind Perera  not married 

       3 Edith Perera +  Senaratne

       3 Lidia Perera + Aikele Walauwe [near Jaela/Seeduwa] Seneviratne

          4 Duran Seneviratne + Violet Seneviratne

             5 Vijitha Seneviratne lawyer        

       3 Letitia Perera  not married

       3 Deborah Perera + Paranavitane

       3 Henry Bernard Perera +  Charlotte Ambuldeniya Bambalapitya

          4  Chitra Perera + Kingsley Senaratna    [his mother de Alwis?]

         *4 Doin Bernard Perera + Stella Rodrigo  [Navala]  2nd cousins to Anthony Samarasinghe    Family #3129    [Mother and father: Dhanapala Mudianselage Freeda Havers + Peter Rodrigo Navala. Descendant of Mabole Goonetilleke family ]                  

              5 sharnali + Nanayakkara

              5 Rushika  + Audry biwajith (Ajith) Wickremesinghe.( His mother is a Jayamaha.) 

              5 Sanjeeve Alexis Udunuwara (Uruladeniya Koralage) [Visited Kobakaduwa waluwa trying to trace genealogy]  Senior  Planter at tea estate, State Plantation Corporation Matar    

          4 George Perera   no children

      3 Herbert Perera  +  Abayasekare from Colombo   (Anne Abayasekara’s sister-in-law  )                                       

      3 Ebenezer Perera not married

      3 Sam Perera + Marlene Gooneratne  ( Marlene’s mother Flora Jayewardene + Gooneratne ) See Jayewardene family #3002  

           4 Faith + Nihal Dissanayeke from Anuradhapura


2  Son U.U. W. Perera


00  Don Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundara Perera  +



1.   Ceylon advancing J. Charter - 1955 - 168 pages - Snippet view

Madampe is the only Baptist church in the northwest Province and dates back about eighty-seven years. When the chapel was built the pews were donated by Mudaliyar JC Corea, the father of Mudaliyar Corea, who has died this year at the ...

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1.   Year book Baptists. General Conference - 1919 - Snippet view

The Board has continued its help sent to the pastor of the Mill Yard Seventh Day Baptist church in London, England. ... sent special supplies of Sabbath literature for distribution to Edward W. Perera, of Madampe, NW Province, Ceylon, ...


1.   Dutch and British colonial intervention in Sri Lanka, 1780-1815: ... - Page 229 Schrikker - 2007 - 270 pages - Preview

219 Bertolacci, A View of the Agricultural, Commercial and Financial Interests of Ceylon, 32. ... Bartolomeus de Zilva, Don Daniel Perera, Simon De Silva, Don Gregorius, gearresteerd en beschuldigd dat eenige pasquillen tegens den Heer ...

More editionsAdd to My Library▼ In My Library: Change▼

2.   Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society: Volume 1 - Page 126 Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Ceylon Branch - 1859 - Free Google eBook - Read

Mr. Hoffman, who had as assistants the Mohottiar of the Governor's Gate Don Daniel Perera, the Thombo holder JD Zypat, and Adrian Perera, Catechist, 1788. Another person who was educated in like manner, J. D' Melho, a Tamul, ...

More editionsAdd to My Library▼


1.   Faith of our fathers: history of the Dutch Reformed Church in Sri ... Douglas Franciscus, Dutch Reformed Church in Sri Lanka. General Consistory - 1983 - 252 pages - Snippet view

The complete works were then revised by two other capable scholars. Others entrusted with the work of translating into Sinhalese were Rev. Hoffman who was assisted by the Mudaliyar of the Governor's Gate, Don Daniel Perera, ...

The Urelawatte family is also supposed to be direct descendants of Bhuvanekabahu VII. Research is under way re. finding proper genealogy facts/documents etc. If anyone has information pertaining to this, please contact  The Urelawatte family branch fits in the Tudugala family somehow. Any information is much appreciated…..esp. from relatives).  Past Sri Lankan newspapers did apparently have some key information.

This Urelawatte Perera family branch may also fit into many other Kandyan families. Any information is much appreciated…..esp. from relatives).  Past Sri Lankan newspapers did apparently have some key information. Research is under way re. finding proper genealogy facts/documents etc. If anyone has information pertaining to this, please contact  

From: manjula delivera []
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 2:30 AM
To: AM


In a book I found a detail of some Perera.

He is Johannes Louis Perera (Mudaliyar) b 1775.He had received an award in 1819 from Governor Robert Brownrigg.I wonder if he is connected to your Perera family.


Manjula de Livera.



Husband of Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayawardene (son in law of Fitzroy Philip Wijeysinghe Jayawardene & Justicia Udunuwara Urelawatte Perera, father of Anne Marie)




Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayawardene (daughter of Fitzroy Philip Wijeysinghe Jayawardene & Justicia Udunuwara Urelawatte Perera, mother of Anne Marie)



Justicia Udunuwara Urelawatte Perera, & daughter Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene (Mother of Anne Marie)

Sierra, Grand daughter of Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene

 Heshani Nanayakkara                              Shemali Nanayakkara            Gelani Disanayake              Shehan Dissanayake                  Roshan Dissanayake

Queenie Dissanayake and Tunika


Perera  Family #


The name Perera/Pereira was given by Portuguese to some families that converted to Catholicism in the 1500’s-1600’s. Others received that name by marrying Portuguese soldiers with the name Pereyra (which changed to Perera and Pereira in Ceylon).  Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon by Fernão de Queyroz mentions this Catholicizing process, as well as the names of many of these Pereyra soldiers.


(NOTE: names like  Seneviratne, Siriwardene, Jayatilleke Seneviratne Gunesekere, Goonetilleke, Abeyewickreme, Bandaranaike, were given by the Dutch and Portuguese when promoted to certain positions. Many people from many families received such names).   P.5 Chieftains of Ceylon.


Perera   - Family #


     0.  Simon Perera (Wijesundera Seneviratne)  Mudaliyar  (see deed  Some Sinhalese Families Vol 3 and 4)

1.   Don Joan Perera Wijesundera Seneviratne Kulatileke Mudaliyar of Alutkulu Korale  +  Hertroyda? Gertroyda? de Saram m. 1770

       2. Dona Elizabeth bp 1770 + Don Hendrick Amarasekara Jayewardena Mohandiram m 1789 at Dandugama (p.54)

1. Don Simon (Wijesundera Seneviratne) Mohandiram  + Catherina Perera m1769

1.  Don Marsal Wijesundera Seneviratne Samarasinha Mudaliar of Negambo + Dona Francina m. 1788

1. Don Hendrik (Wijesundera Seneviratne) Mohandiram + Dona Francina de Saram  m.1798

 1, Don Johannes (Wijesundera Seneviratne) Vidane Arachi + Dona Catherina Silva m. 1804

In 1675 there was a Widjesoendere Modliar in the Galle Commandment. P.24 vol 2 P.Pieris book. There was also a Wijesundere Appuhamy, Maha Mohottiar of the Atapattu p.25.  Not sure if they were relatives of this family.


This family might be members of the Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera (Family # 3128). Research is under way to find out.  If anyone has information pertaining to this, please contact

1.   Sinhalē and the patriots, 1815-1818

Paulus Edward Pieris - 1950 - 742 pages - Snippet view

The Mudaliyar was Marselis Perera Wijesundara Sene- viratne Samarasinha ; his services were rewarded with a gold Medal on 6th June, 1819. Gazette. 40. Brownrigg to Bisset, 14th and 16th September. ... - More editions

                                                 RESEARCH done by: Anne-Marie Samarasinghe 


Madampe Baptist Church