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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

GOONETILLEKE/GUNETILAKE - Family #3129                          


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This family originally hailed from Kandy (served the King of Kandy).  Genealogy charts are available to the 1500’s (at the Goonetilleke Waluwe).  They  moved to Colombo to serve the king there (or was it the Portuguese etc.?) Then back to Kandy.  (as per Rohan Goonetilleke).

0.1            Vickrama/Wickrama/Vickrema Aratchi Don Diogu was granted in 1542 the title ‘Vickrama Aratchi’ and for services rendered to the king, the village of Welisaragama.

             Vickrema Arachchige Diogu

King ________reigning in Senkadagala? conferred in 1542 on Diogu, the title of Vickrema Arachchi in return for the great services rendered to the king by him in the Army, and granted him the whole of Welisaragama situated to the east of Aluthcoor Corale, in the capacity as Hewapanna Arachchi. He did not belong to the Standing Army, but he was often called by the King to attend to him, as the head of his body guard. He was also to be ready, with arms along with his Hewapanna Vidanas, Kankanies and the soldiers under them, whenever their active services were required in war. As Hewapanna Arachchi he, like a Feudal Lord, received the aforesaid village from the king, He was appointed over several Hewapanna Vidaneys who in their turn had several Hewapanna Kankanies, each of whom, in a similar way was placed over certain number of men. They were to join the army or go as the body guard of the King, whenever required. Here we must note that these Hewapanna Arachchies and Vidaneys and Kankanies were different from those who later bore those titles.  (to be continued…)


[Note;  ‘The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon’ by Fernão de Queyroz   mentions the name Diogo. It seems to have been a popular name in the 1500’s amongst the Portuguese. A few Sinhalese also were given that name when they were baptized into Catholicism. Sometimes the name Diogo was written as Diogu in documents.  Not sure if our Don Diogu had the same thing happen to his name].

 0.2 Hewapanna Arachchi and Hewapanne Vidana Arachchi  (meaning of Hewapanne – militia/lascorin. He was head of lascorins.).

  0.3 Vickrama Arachchige Charlis Kankanama (meaning of Kankanamaoversear. In some books written as Congconna etc (  Knox’s book ‘An historic relation….’

(  ) H.W. Codrington’s book ‘Glossory of native, foreign, and anglicized words commonly used in Ceylon…’

    0.4 Vickrama Arachchige Juan Kankanama

     0.5 Vickrama Arachchige …...Arachchi (meaning of Aratchi/Arachchi – headman of villages)

              0.6  Vickrama Arachchige Don Juan +

             0.6  Vickrama Arachchige Don   +

                  0.7 Wickrama/Vickrema Arachchige Don


                IS this where this goes?

                   1.  William Goonetileke, scholar and lawyer p.361  A History of Sri Lanka Vol. 2 by KM De Silva  + Eliza Wijesinghe Jayewardene  Family #3002 [Descendant of Don Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene]

             0.6  Vickrama Arachchige Don Lavaris Goonetilleke Arachchi.  Vidane Mohandiram (or Mohotti ?) of the Dasia Pattu in Alut Cooru (Kuru) Korale. Position later passed on to nephew Don Abelieno. 

         0.6 Vickrama Arachchige Don Simon b. approx178?+ Dona Sara ?? Hamy daughter of Rangodage Don Marcus? Marius? Arachchi and Dona Anne Hamy d. 1851.

                       0.7 Wickrama/Vickrema Arachchige Don Abelieno Wijaya Goonetilleke Jayesekera b. 181_’s?? Made Vidane Muhandiram (or is it Mohotti?) in Dasia Pattu of Alutkuru Korale (Aluthcooru Korale) on July 7th  (17th?) 1846 + [1st wife: Dona Justina b.1796? 1776? – 1841] she can’t be a wife cos of dates. Something is wrong here   +  2nd wife: Georgiana Lama etheni  daughter of Mudaliyar (Don who?) Abeyratne Jayatilleke/Jayatilake who was made Muhandiram of Colombo on 23rd May 1842, by Sir Collin Campbell then Governor General of Ceylon.


[Meaning of name:   Jayesekera/Jayasekara =  highest of victorious].    


1  Don Edward Charles Wijey Goonetilleke [Jayesekera]  (Landed Proprietor and Mill Owner)  1845? 1849?-1895 of Goonetilleke Walauwe  795 Negombo Road, Mabole)  [Note: # 0.7 is Don Edward’s father] +  Elizabeth Justina Rodrigo [from Pamunugama?] From land deed dated circa 1902 ( her genetic Haplogroup:  X with 8 mutations according to genetic test;  M according to test. Explanation: each of the genetic companies tested a different segment of MtDNA ). She was into Ayurvedic medicine. 


    2  Mary Barbara CLOTILDA Goonetilleke b. 1873? d. 1945? + Frederick Percival (Perera?) Samarasinghe d.1920?  (his Genetic Haplogroup: R1a )   ( See Family # 3142)  m.189?


        3  [1] Percival Vivian  (Perera?) Samarasinghe? b. 1902?  d.1965 Mabole?  Or Borella?  + [2] Dorothy Mary Perera

            Anthony William Perera Samarasinghe + Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene  Family #3002 [Descendant of Don Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene] [ mother a Descendant of a Corea Lama Eteni].

               5  Anne-Marie 

               5  Daughter  + husband Powell (Canadian)   

               5. Daughter  + husband  Cull  (Canadian) 

               5  Daughter

               5  Daughter   +                                              

                    6. Daughter



             4  Samarasinghe + M. Seneviratne ( grandmother Beatrice + Wikramanayake  See Family # 3141)  [ mother a Descendant of a Corea Lama Eteni]

                  5  Son

                  5  Daughter  +

6        Son




        3  Beatrice (Perera?) Samarasinghe 1890-1976 + Lawrence Perera (Lawyer) Kegalle   *  brother of Ranasinghe Wiyaligoda Mudalige Lawyer Francis Perera   from Kuruwite...Ratnapura. But moved to.................                  Family built churches in Kegalle (St. Anne’s, St Mary’s??)  

           4    Paul Perera  not married c. 2005?

           4   Joseph Perera + Matilda

                 5 son

                 5 daughter

           4    Meriam Perera  b. 1929-1996 + Bertie Makawitage/Makevitage Samarasinghe  in Mattakkuliya then Gampaha area. b. 1921/22 -1983 (his father Makevitage David Alexander Gunasekera Perera Samarasinghe d. 1956. His mother Eugene Meraya Havers Dhanapala d. 1980)

                    5 Nimal Samarasinghe 1958

                    5 Anton 1960

                    5 Name not known Collette 1961 + Perera

                    5 Daya 1965

                    5 Scholastica 1966 + Jayewardene   Culiapitiya near Kurunagala

                    5  Shantha 1970




      3  Girl born about 1895 died young



       3 Mary Irene Therese Samarasinghe 1902-1969  practised Ayurvedic Medicine  + Arthur Bernard Sriwardene of Kegalle (surveyor) b. 1890 -1965 [His sister Maud married George Pinto; sister Winifred married Malcolm Jayewardene; sister Matilda married Rev. Abeysekere; brother Rev. Lionel married Miss Silva; brother Thomas married Daisy Van Twest]. Mother: Margret Paranavitane/ Paranawitharne from Nupe, Matara.   his Father: Paul James Sriwardene of Matara. PJ S died and was buried in Sarawak Borneo.

            4  Mary Amarawathie Seetha Siriwardene b. 1928? (never married) lives in Matara


4      Mary Gnanawathie?  Kumari Sriwardene 1929-79 + T.P.Watsy Abayakoon 1924?-1971 of Rachu ate Walauwe  in Agalawatte (Kalutara District). * His sister Dawn married Conrad Goonetilleke below. His mother (died 1970) daughter of Palihawadana Phillip Perera Wijegunewardene of Kotahena. He was manager of the Cement Corporation and lived in Watapuluwa, Kandy. Family # 3165

[ Chieftains of Ceylon by Van Sanden p. 27,  44, 72.  

                5  Ajantha Abayakoon 1949-1996  + husband #1 Chandra Perera, What Perera family did he come from?   husband #2 name not known

                    6  Name withheld by request from person.

                    6  Name not known

                5  Rohini Abayakoon b. 1952+ Senaka Niyangoda

                    6  Suren Bandara Niyangoda  b1974

                    6  Ruklanth ? Lakshan? Niyangoda b 1978

                    6  Ramani Kumari Niyangoda  b 1979

                5  Sobithe Abayakoon b 1959 + Anita Herath

                    6 Salinda b 31 Jul 1984
                    6 Thanusha/Thanisha?
b 1 Feb 1987
                    6 Shalina/Shalimar? b 20 Dec 1989



            4  Mary Yora Anganee Sriwardene  b.1931+ Shirley Reginold Perera Amerasinghe  (Kegalle) 1924-2001 (father William L Perera Amarasinghe and mother Pearl Viviene Perera of the Castle in Ratnapura)

5        Ahintha Perera Ameresinghe  + Liyanthi Gunasekere

6 Ahili Ameresinghe

6 Danuah Ameresinghe

                5  (Dino) Gerrard Perera Ameresinghe  + Dilani Zoysa

5        Nimshi Perera Ameresinghe  + Bahirathan


            4  Mary Ramyawathie  Pathmawathie RANI Sriwardene (Bona) 1934-1997 + Reggie Wijemanne (Kegalle d 1994)         

5      Rajinda Wijemanne b 1959 + Rachel Arunachalam

                        Nimesh Wijemanne b. 1986

        6  Neomi Wijemanne

                5  Latta/Laxitha Wijemanne  1961-2011 + Maryse Navaratne

                       6. Shehan Wijemanne  b. 1986

                5  Sanjaya?  Sanjaka Wijemanne  (AirForce) + Sarojini Thambimuttu

6        Akilanki Wijemanne

                        Name not known                        


           4  Shanthi  Bernard  Soma Sriwardene b.1936 + Irangani Wimalasuriya  (Kegalle)

                5  Bernard (Bernie?) Sriwardene b. 1974 + Sithani Amerasinghe

                5  Prasanthi Siriwardene b. 1973 + Nihal Fernando

                    6 Nethaba Fernando


           4  (1) Emanuel Asoka Upatissa Sriwardene  b. 1941? d. 1994+ (2) Charmaine Perera (Kegalle) (1st cousins)

                5  Nishanth Sriwardene + Wathsala De Silva

                    6  Wasena

                5  Priyantha Sriwardene + Dulanjali

                5  Lasantha Sriwardene

                5  Diana Sriwardene

5      Dulan? Dilan?  Sriwardene



3        Eva (Evelyn) Samarasinghe 1905-69 + Percival Samuel James Silva Wickramasekere (Colombo)  1897-1963 (WENT TO WORK IN THE P W D ABOUT 1916;  Uganda Roadways 1931-1947) m. 1931 [his parents: Mother - Clara Corea Abeyratne Sriwardene (relative of above Sriwardene?) d.1898. Father - Samuel Peeto Morton Silva Wickremesekere D. 1897 His grandparents: Rev. James Silva Wickremesekere and Miss Wirasinghe. His ggf Simon Silva Wickremesekere. His gggf Don David Silva Wickremersekere ]  


             4   Rita Clotilda Silva Wickramasekere ( born in Africa)  1933-95 +  Mahee Lionel Joseph Wickremeratne 1933-97 (Civil Service) [His Mother - Gwendoline Faith Pieries (Peiries?) Gunasekera 1910-1986, Gwendoline’s mother Clarice Abayasekera 1886-1976. Gwendoline’s father Bertram James Pieries Gunasekere 188?-1957. Clarice Abayasekera’s mother was daughter of Panditasekera Mudaliyar. Clarice’s father was John Abraham Abeysekere of Dematagoda Walauwa.  Gwendoline’s sister Mavis and Rae married into Family # 3165  Mahee’s Father – Dr. Edmund Lionel Wickremeratne 1896-1948 Lionel’s Parents: - G.? MUDLIYAR James Alexander Wickremeratne 1851-1933 And Louisa Elizabeth Jayatilleke 1856-1918. MUDLIYAR James’s Parents: -ATAPATTU MUDLIYAR Alexander Bartholomew Wickremeratne 1822-1886 And Dona Johanna Gooneratne 1829-1908 Louisa’s parents: PROCTOR William Jayatilleke of Kandy and Cornelia Wijesinghe 1822-1902.


          5 Vinodh wickremeratne   b 1958 + m 1987 Meriam Esther Margaret Abayasekera b 1960  Div.1995  [her  Parents: David Oliver Abeysekere  (1920-85) originally from Negombo and Marie Perera of Kurunegala. They settled in Hendala Wattala]. [David Oliver Abeysekere’s parents: Robert Abeysekere and Margaret Samarasinghe…a cousin of Eva Samarasinghe and other Samarasinghe’s on this page. Both died circa 1960 or before of a car crash. David Oliver Abesekere’s siblings:  Rev. Father Gerry Abeysekere, Roy, Tressie, Mary… ]

               6  Vidushi b 1988 (Uni in England)


                       5  Dilan wickremeratne b 1960 (Marine Engineer) + Dayanthi Vitharana b 1963 [Her father is Nihal Vitharana b1931 and the mother Doreen Ranasinghe b1928. Doreen has 2 sisters Renee married Capt Austin Hewavita d1993 and Sheila married famous photographer Rienzie Wijeratne, and is in Canada now. The 3 Ranasinghe sisters’ mother was Freeda Fonseka d.1993. Freeda had 2 sisters [Dulcie married Tillekeratne, later married famous lawyer H V Perera; and Maud]. This Fonseka family is the same as in the Wijegunawardene Perera Family (  Family # 3165)

               6  Devinka b 1997         

               6  Danika b 2002

          5  Ruwan wickremeratne b 1971 married Lynette Baldsing b 1974

              6 Ruwani b 2002


             4  Ranee Wickramasekere b 1942 + Anil Samarawickreme b 1949 D. (divorced?)

                           5  Anthony Samarawickreme b 1974 (Canada)


             4  Sebastian Wickramasekere 1935-96 + Sita Patricia de Livera b 1937 ? (now in Canada)  [She is one of six children of Jim de Livera and Sumana Obeysekere].  See Family # 3109

                          5  Shehan Wickramasekere b 1963  (Canada)      


3          3  Enid Samarasinghe b. 190? d. 2000 + Lawyer Francis Perera (Kegalle) *  brother of Lawyer Ranasinghe Wiyaligoda Mudalige Lawrence Perera  from  Kuruwita..Ratnapura originally, but moved to......      Father?  Miguel Perera?   Family donated land? Money? to build  St. Anne and St Mary’s ? and other churches?  in Kegalle etc.

             4  Silvia/Silvy Perera b 1935 + Dr. Subramaniam

                  5  Niranjan  Live in USA (Atlanta?) +Miss John

                      6  Son? name not known


             4  Kingsley Perera  never married


             4  Winston Perera (Lawyer)  + Lucky

                 5  Shammi Perera (Dubai?) +

                     6  name not known

                     6  name not known


                 5  Dilani Perera + (name not known) (Texas)

                     6  name not known


                5 son + Surupi


4        Shirley Perera + Duncan Ederisinghe 1937-86

                 5 Channa

                 5  Radhini

    5 Ishani  

    5 Amaljith  (California)



             4  Gerard Perera + Thusira? (Thusara?)

                 5  Sanjanna (Thiagi)

                 5 Son

                 5 Son


             4  (2) Charmain Perera + (1) Emanuel Siriwardene (1stcousins)

                 5  Nishanth Siriwardene + Wathsala De Silva

                     6  Wasena



      5 Priyantha Siriwardene + Dulanjali

   6 son

                 5  Lasantha Siriwardene +

                 5  Diana Siriwardene

                 5  Dulan Siriwardene              


             4  Freeda Perera + Felix Silva (Police)

                 5  name not known

                 5  name not known

                 5  name not known

                 5  name not known

                 5  name not known


             4  Neville  Perera (California) d. 2009? +

                 5  name not known

                 5  name not known


             4  Joseph Perera + Anita

                 5  name not known


4        Assunta (??) unmarried     


    PONWILAGE/PANAWALAGE??? Does this fit anywhere?)


2  Angelina Goonetilleke  (died young) + (Wijegunawardene Ge) Jerome Emelion Perera Wijegunawardene  His Father Factor of the British? Dutch? East India Company  (Family anecdote re. being a Factor: If a ship they took responsibility for sunk before reaching its destination with cargo….this family had to bare the cost by selling some land. If a ship reached its destination they bought land.). His Mother was an Aristocrat. (3165) ].   Business where bullock carts go and exchange salt for spices. Then spices go on ships to Europe etc.  Family business in Pettah and lived in Pettah…..then Cinnamon Gardens, colombo 7.  (Growing up, his family lived next door to American Ambassador’s house).      He worked on the survey of Parakrama Samudra with a famous British engineer Henry Parker. He was in the oil milling business (had oil mills and fiber mills). Owned land  (d. 1962?).   (Wijegunewardene relatives were in Kotahena and Ragama?).  Jerome Emelion’s Wijegunawardene mother bought property called Kurundu Watte in Borella (now Sumner Place) for him around 1893.  Residence there:  La-mascott.

         3  Claude Perera (never married) died 1980’s? Was wealthy businessman (Mill owner. Ship owner).  Was a genius inventor. Very eccentric.  Owned a ship.  Had a pattent re. camouflage netting (knotts?) Sri Lankan army etc. used during war time (?)   A friend of Anthony his nephew swindled Claude uncle of land/money. Had land (Cocoa) that is missing. Much got swindled by various people.

         3  Emanuel Perera (never married) died 1980’s? 

         3  Bernadette Perera (never married) died 1980’s?  Auyrvedic Doctor, Pharmacy Graduate, qualified Montessori teacher

         3  Tom Perera (died at child age). Their mother died when he was  born. 


        3  [2] Dorothy Mary Perera + [1[  Percival Vivian  (Perera?) Samarasinghe? b. 1902? Mabole, Wattala  her first cousin (see Family # 3142)

            Anthony William Perera Samarasinghe + Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayawardene Family #3002

                5  Anne-Marie

                5  Daughter

                    6  Daughter


                5  Daughter

                5  Daughter                                                

                5  Daughter


             4  Joseph Emelion Thomas Samarasinghe + Mano Wickremanayaka (a cousin to Beatrice Blossom from the Udunuwara Uralawatte side of the family)

                5  Son

                5  Daughter + name not known

                    6  Son


    2  Rev. F. Francis M. Goonetilleke  (Franciscan Priest)  died in Italy 1968.   Parish Priest of Gampola p.295/296 book: Riots and Martial Law in Ceylon 1915 by P. Iramanatan


      2   S. Aloysius Goonetilleke Mill owner Mabola oil mills Wattala. Inherited the Goonetillek Walauwe +  Ila, 1893-1977.  daughter of John Gerrard  Gomis Abeysinghe ( Paulus Gomis Abeysinghe’s  3rd child. .John Gerrard had about 12-15 children from 2 Herat sisters - Matilda and Pauline. Ila is one of those children)


 Ceylon Police and Sinhala-Muslim Riots of 1915 by Arthur C. Dep.


                 3  Conrad Goonetilleke d.1996 – inherited the Goonetilleke Walauwe   + Dawn Abayakoon d. 2002  Rachuwatte Walauwe  in Agalawatte (Kalutara District). * Her brother Watson/Watsy married Kumari (above)  Dawn's mother (died 1970) was, daughter of Palihawadana Phillip Perera Wijegoonewardene of Kotahena. Family # 3165

                           4  Rohan Goonetilleke   + Theja  Kotalawala

                           4  Nihal Goonetilleke + Suwendrini Samarakodi

                           4  Ramani Goonetilleke + Jerry Seneviratne 

                           4  Sweenitha Goonetilleke + Nimal Soysa


                      3 Shirley Goonetilleke  (He died at age 19  circa 1940’s)


       2  Luis/Louis Bernard Goonetilleke  + Kathleen? Catherine? (Jayasekere?)

                  3 Zitan (Seetha?)  + Edward Aloysius  Silvester Perera   Deputy Prison Superintendant of Ceylon  1918-1991  (Wijegunawardene Ge  Family # 3165)

                        4   P. Perera  (Moved to Scarborough, Ontario in Canada)  +    

                                4   M. Perera   

                                4 J. Perera  (in Canada)

                                4  N. Perera    (in Canada)

                                4 A. Perera  (in Canada)

                                4 M. Perera (in Canada)


                  3 Lindley Goonetilleke +  Lilian (Lila) ?

                  3 Ned Goonetilleke d. 2010 + Alexia

                       4 Son in Australia


Brother or Cousin?:

2        Eugene Goonetilleke – Was an Ayurvedic Physician. He had more than 400 ancient Olas with ancient medicine practices (ingredients, the Buddhist prayers that were to be said while making it etc.). He was a catholic, so he came up with Christian prayers instead of the chants. He found out that these chants had to do with timing of the preparation. So, he replaced in his practice with his own Catholic prayers.  He donated all the Olas to the Ayurvedic Organization (at his death?).  He never married as the practice required. And he did not charge people. There was a land that came with this ancient practice, and that land paid for his upkeep.  From ancient times that land was given to the next person, and the next that practiced this profession.  (Celibacy was required for some reason).  [The land in Negombo is called Kirimetiyana or Kirimetiyagara, closer to the Kocchikade and Wennappuwa areas (???)



    2  Matilda? Mary? Goonetilleke + Name Not Known

              3   Merle  + Paul Perera  What Perera family did he come from?            

              4  Flori (Florence Perera)

              4  Emanuel Perera + (name not known)

                  5  Daughter

                  5  Daughter


    2  Eugenie Goonetilleke   


    2  Margaret Mary Goonetilleke  1885-1886 died young.



The Goonetilleke and Samarasinghe families were founders of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mabole (built 1816?).  It probably has a lot of family info there. The Goonetillake family is related to the Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera Family #    through the Paranavithane family who also lived in Mabole.           

 [ ]

The boys school many went to was St. Joseph’s College.  


1  …Wijaya Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. 1837  +  Roberta (last name?)   b. 1849?

1  Don Johan Wijaya (Wijey) Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. 1839 +

1  Don John Wijaya (Wijey) Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. 1841 +

1  Don Aloysius Wijaya (Wijey) Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. 1846 +

1  Don Martin Wijaya (Wijey) Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. ??? +

1  Don Lucus Wijaya (Wijey) Goonetilleke Jayasekera  b. ??  +


    2  Goonetilleke  +   Dhanapala Mudianselage …(name?) ..Havers    [Danovite Silva related to Dhanepala family in some way]

       3  Dhanapala Mudianselage Freeda Havers (her uncle was Rev. Goonetilleke and family) + Peter Rodrigo Navala     [Kumar sangakara cricket captain related to this Rodrigo]   

           4  Marie + Evan Abayasekera Chilaw

            4   Anne + Dunston De Alwis  (Junior Govt Minister Neil De Alwis’ brother)

            4  Nesta + Joseph Jayasinghe in Kurunagala   

                   5 Daughter in US

                   5                in US

            4  Joe Rodrigo (Navala) + Vasantha Pulle?

            4 Donita Rodrigo +  Dassanayake (Robert Dassanayake who married Felsie [Fernando?] is the brother).

                 5  Romesh Dassanayake +  Dr. Dissanayake (Daughter of Camilus Dissanayeke below) 

           4 Stella Rodrigo [Navala]  +   Doin Bernard Perera   [Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera family  Family # 3128 ]

       3  Dhanapala Mudianselage Beatrice Havers + Bernard Thillekeratne  (is this a brother of  the Thillekeratne in Samarasinghe family tree?)

       3  Dhanapala Mudianselage (name?)…..Havers       + Ameresekera

          4 Lionel + Lynn Deutrum

          4  Henry +   from Chilaw 

[Eugene dhanapala + Samarasinghe    sister Matilda + Ranasinge]




2  Agnes (Aggie) Goonetilleke + Edmond Dissanayake Clerk [His family originally from Kandy. 7-8 brothers and sisters.  His father Dr. Dissanayake. His grandfather a Mudaliyar + Wife (her sister’s daughter Molly Dunuwila married D S Senanayake see Dunuwila family #3102) from  Bogamuwe]  [Question: Is Augustus’ Dissanayake family descended from Don Siman Wijesoendere Senewiratne Dissanaijke, mudaliyar of the Belligam corle 179?] Lived in Borella in the mid 1940’s 1950’s? 

       3 Augustus Dissanayake School teacher + (Queenie) Claris Justicia Urelawatte Perera  [Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera family  Family # 3128 ] 

          4  for children and grandchildren, see [Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera family  Family # 3128 ] 


    3 Camilus Dissanayake was Police Superintendant.+

     4 Dr. Dissanayake + Romesh Dassanayake (See above)

      4 Daughter + 


[Mervyn and Manella de Silva Gunasekera lived in Gampaha  related to this Dissanayake and Bertie Samarasinghe’s family. As per Aunty Zena.]



2  Goonetilleke + Dissanayake (2nd cousin of Edmond Dissanayake??)

     3 Fr. Philip Dissanayake (Famous General manager of Catholic Schools) [was Camilus and Augustus’s 1st cousin from mother’s side 3rd cousin from father’s side]



1.      Concordia theological monthly: Volume 32


Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis, Mo.) - 1961 - Snippet view

Colombo, Ceylon. — Tension mounted here and in other parts of this predominantly Buddhist country as some 2500 private ... Philip Dissanayake, general manager of the Catholic schools, described the occupation of the schools as "a ... - More editions - Add to My Library



1  Daughter  Goonetilleke

0.6  Wickrama/Vickrema Arachchige Don Christian Appuhamy + Dona Florentina Hamy  daughter of Ap…? Don Juan Arachchi

0.6  Wickrama/Vickrema Arachchige Dona Hami + Pauli Perera Samarasinghe   (no children).



                                                                                  Research done by:  Anne-Marie Samarasinghe and Vinodh Wickremeratne


( sometimes spelled in books etc. Gunetileke/Gunatileke/Gunatilaka/Goonatilake )


1) Family group photo (further down on this page). It was taken in Kandy when the families went as a group to see the Perahera


Photo is from about 1931-1933 period



 Dottie, Beatrice (on her lap Paul Perera),  Clotilda?,  Grand Old Lady – Margaret Paranavitane Sriwardene?, Irene, Eva




Enid, Percy, Claude or Emmanuel (from the size more likely Emmanuel), Bernard or Lawrence (from the size more likely Lawrence), Jerome Emelion, Bernard or Lawrence (from the size Bernard) , Francis, Claude or Emmanuel (from the size looks like Claude), and Bernie


Children on the ground: Seetha Sriwardene, Joseph Perera and Kumari Sriwardene.

Other – Lawrence is carrying Meriam Perera. Bernard is carrying Yora Sriwardene. 


2) Painted Portrait

 Is thought to be Angelina Gunetilleke wife of Joseph Emelion W. Perera




Family group photo (further down on this page). It was taken in Kandy when the families went as a group to see the Perahera


Photo is from about 1931-1933 period



 Dottie, Beatrice (on her lap Paul Perera),  Clotilda?,  Grand Old Lady – Margaret Paranavitane Sriwardene?, Irene, Eva




Enid, Percy, Claude or Emmanuel (from the size more likely Emmanuel), Bernard or Lawrence (from the size more likely Lawrence), Jerome Emelion, Bernard or Lawrence (from the size Bernard) , Francis, Claude or Emmanuel (from the size looks like Claude), and Bernie


Children on the ground: Seetha Sriwardene, Joseph Perera and Kumari Sriwardene.

Other – Lawrence is carrying Meriam Perera. Bernard is carrying Yora Sriwardene.




Gunatileke Family


Gate Mudaliyar Gunetileke Family Member



Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\goone01.jpg

Gunetlleke Walauwa at Mabole

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\goone05.jpg


Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\nishang.jpg

Nishanth Siriwardene and daughter Wasena

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\stmaryschurch.jpg

St. Mary's Church Mabole that the Gunatileke family built circa 1800

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\vinodhw001.jpg
Wedding Photo of 
  Eva (Evelyn) Samarasinghe and  Percival Samuel James Silva Wickramasekere

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Fred and Clotilda ??

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\goone3127-001.JPG

old photo, dating I think from about 1905-1915 at Goonetilleke Walawwa.

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\goone3129-010.jpg

Mahee and Rita Wickremeratne

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\Goonetilleke Family photograph.jpg

Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\Goonetilleke Wedding Photograph.jpg

Goonetilleke Walauwa, Mabola