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Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy


Dassenaike Family #3148


1  Samaradiwakara Wickremasinghe Dassenaike Mudaliyar b approx 1720 Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale in 1750  + Amarasekera Ekanayake. (An officer of the Kandyan Court under King Sri Narendra Raja Singhe.Having incurred the displeasure of the King,he fled the kandyan country and settled in Hapitagam Korale.Where he founded the family which bears his name.He accompanied the Dutch Governor Van Eck,when Kandy was invaded by the Dutch.He was rewarded with a gold medal and chain by the Dutch..FIL-Don Soloman Amarasekere Ekanayake,Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale.) (3068)


  2  Don Johannes Wickremasinghe Dassenaike b approx 1750, Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale 1794  + Johanna Amarasekere. (The earlier part of his service was under the Dutch.The British retained him in office: routed Leuke Dissawe’s men when they made an incursion into Hapitagam Korale and damaged his property.He was awarded a gold medal and chain. (3068)


      3  Leonara Dassenaike + Weerakoon Muhandiram

          4  daughter + Johnson Amarasekere (Commanding officer Sinhalese Regiment 1815) (3068)


      3  Daniel Dassenaike Mohandiram of the Guard.He was killed in the Kandyan Rebellion 1816


      3  Phillipa Dassenaike + Carolis Amarasekere (3068)


      3  daughter + Siriwardena Muhandiram


      3  Don Hendrick Dassenaike Mohotti Mudaliyar Atapattu of Siyane Korale 1845 + Ekanayake (FIL-Paules Perera Wijesekere Ekanayake Mudaliyar.)(Hendrick Dassenaike was appointed Atapattu Mohandiram and Interpreter to Major Beaver:Promoted to Gate Mohattiar:1805 received a gold medal for special services.1815 proceeded to Kandy with 100 armed Lascoreens and for these services was promoted to Mohotti Mudaliyar of atapattu of Colombo.1845 Mudaliyar Siyane Korale.)

          4  John Louis Dassenaike (Atapattu Mudaliyar 1880) + de Livera (daughter of de Livera Mudaliyar) (3109)

              5  Stephen William Dassenaike, b:21/12/1874 + Ethel Louise Joseph, b:15/1/1876, d:25/5/1926 (daughter of Abraham Joseph +Louisa Van Langenburg)

          4  Fredrick Dassenaike. Proctor

              5  John Dassenaike

          4  daughter + F B Amarasekere (Kaleliya Walauwwa)


      3  Don Johannes Adrian Dassenaike Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale + Samarasinghe Siriwardena (Maternal GF- Don Philip Amarasekere Mudaliyar, FIL-Samarasinghe Siriwardena Mudaliyar)


      3  Gate Mudaliyar Don Cornelis Dassenaike b approx 1790 (Hapitagam Korale) + Francina de Saram (FIL-Fredrick de Saram Mudliyar Salpita Korale.1813,Clerk Collectors Office,Colombo.1817 Confidential Clerk Kandy. Residency with rank of Mudaliyar.  Added title of Gunarwardena Abeyaratne: Later appointed Chief of Dalada Maligawa.1818 Gate Mudaliyar.1824 Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale.) (3126)

          4  Gate Mudaliyar Henricus Lucius Dassenaike b approx 1830 + Johanna Francina de Saram. (1869 Mohandiram Hapitagam Korale:1871 Gate Mohandiram:1875 Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale:1878 Gate Mudaliyar: 1895 Acted for Maha Mudaliyar.)

              5  Eliza Harriet Dassenaike + Henry Ashmore Pieris Mudaliyar (Hapitagam Korale)b1861

                  6  Henry Ashmore Pieris(b1903) + Cornelia Obeyesekere

                      7  Sita Pieris + Cecil Perera (Son of Mudaliyar Eric Perera)

                      7  Wimala Pieris + Dr Citranjan Amarasinghe

                          8  Felix Amarasinghe

                          8  Nilanthi Amarasinghe

                      7  Hemal Pieris + Kanthi Weerasinghe

                          8  Asoka Pieris

                          8  Duminda Pieris

                      7  Mevan Pieris (b1946)+ Dr Nirmala Gunathilake

                          8  Dilani Pieris+Hiran Yatawaka

                              9  Amithra Yatawaka

                              9  Kiyana Yatawaka

                              9  Jaanya Yatawaka

                          8  Nilanka Pieris (Cricket captain Stc 1995) + Dilushi Wickremasinghe

                              9  Dineth Pieris

                              9  Nireka Pieris

                  6. Louis Augustus Paules Pieris b1905 + Amelia Obeyesekere (1915-2004)(daughter of Donald Obeyesekere and Ethel Perera.)

                             7  Rajini Pieris + Neil Dias Bandaranaike

                                8  Ayendra Dias Bandaranaike

                                8  Priyanthi Dias Bandaranaike

                            7  Chrisanthi Pieris + Chittranjan  Elangasekera

                                8  Shehara Elangasekera

                                8  Shanuka Elangasekera

                                8  Shalini Elangasekera

                             7  Ravindra Pieris + Amari Jayawardena

                             7  Surani Pieris

                             7  Savithri Pieris


                      6  Eliza Pieris b1901 + Eric Perera



              5  Gate Mudaliyar Arthur Louis Dassenaike of Hapitagam Korale b 1869,educated at Royal College (JP, UPM, Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale.,1895, Gate Mohandiram:1896 Mudliyar Hapitagam Korale:1903 Deputy Fiscal,Colombo and Superintendent Hulfsdorf Jail 1912 Gate Mudaliyar:1916 JPUPM Commended for exceptional ability in opening roads and for services of a unique and confidential character in connection with the protection ofcertain sections of the west Coast of Ceylon during the early stages of the Great War.)

                  6  Arthur Lee Dassenaike b 12/5/1903, Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale b 1903. 1922 Acting Mudaliyar,Hapitagam Korale,1923 Clerk Colombo Kachcherie,1925 Mohandiram Siyane Korale East,1926 Mudaliyar Hapitagam Korale and Registrar of Marriages and Inquirer.


              5  Vinitia Nillre Theodara Dassenaike + in 1900 Edwin William de Livera Wijewickrema Seneviratne Tennakoon. (b circa 1878) (3109)

                  6  Nellie Margret Evylyn de Livera

                  6  Venitia Myrille de Livera

                  6  William Vernon de Livera Tennakoon. b approx 1915

                      7  Sunil de Livera Tennakoon + Devika

                        8  Sankha de Livera Tennakoon

                        8  Vishwa de Livera Tennakoon

                        8  Esala de Livera Tennakoon

                      7  Palitha de Livera Tennakoon. (Canada) b approx 1950 + Rasika

                        8  Tiara de Livera Tennakoon

                        8 Hemasha de Livera Tennakoon

                      7.Venetia de Livera Tennakoon+ Weeratunga

                        8  Miths Weeratunga

                        8  Vorandhi Weeratunga


Also noted the following:


    1  Beatrice de Saram + Arthur Dassenaike.

    2  Elsi de Saram + Guy Dassenaike.

    3  James Peter Obeyesekere + Sivagami Dassenaike.

    4  Lankasa de Alwis + Joy Dassenaike.

    5  Louis de Livera married in 1751 Johanna Dassenaike (daughter of Joseph de Crastolian Wijesundera Dassenaike.)

    6  Asela de Livera + Shama Dassenaike

    7  Stanley Obeysekere + Nelun Dassenaike

     8  Dassenaike

        Merlyn Dassenaike (Joy) d2009 +Lankasa de Alwis, d:1997

            Ranjith de Alwis+Resha de Alwis

              Rhadeena de Alwis

              Raneesha de Alwis

          Irwin Dassenaike 1930-2003

            Lalith Dassenaike b1960

            Deepika Dassenaike

     9  Alina Dassanaike + Robert Samarakkody,  1913-1998


1 Edmond Dassanaike/Dassanayaka landed proprietor ( b. 1864?)  + Lizzie Wijesinghe Jayawardena 

           2  Zelda Dassenaike +  Wilfred Dias Bandaranaike d approx 1975.

              3  Hope Dias Bandaranaike d 3/9/2015.


           Rene May Dassanaike (bellana walauwa kalutara) + Harry Dias Bandaranaike

              3  Leonard Bandaranaike d.2002 + Crystal Etienne Bandaranaike (grand daughter of Walter Dias Bandaranaike) (Family #1001) d:14 Feb 2004  [She married Hugh Rupasinghe …her 2st husband and had a son, Harsha Rupasinghe..from Family #1001]

                     4  Rev Suresh Dias Bandaranaike  Anglican Pastor + Daphne Hope Ratnaike Kandy    (no Children)

                     4  Roshanara Dias Bandaranaike + Sunil Bandaranaike [parents : Kingsly de Saa Bandaranayake + Trixie Seneviratne]

                         5   Rosanthi + Roshan Ranasuriya


           3  Ruby Dias Bandaranaike + Danton Obeyesekere (son of Donald Obeyesekere and Ethel Perera, Grandson of James Peter Obeyesekere + Corneliya Henrietta Dias Bandaranaike )  See Family # 1006,

                      4  Arjuna Obeyesekere  Not married

                      4  Shireen Obeyesekere  + Pria Ameresinghe

                          5 Shehan Ameresinghe

                          5 Rajive Ameresinghe

                      4  Indra Obeyesekere + Anoma Illangakone

                            5 Gemunu Obeyesekere

                        4  Ajith Obeyesekere + Sharmala Dassanaike

        3  Alick Dias Bandaranaike d:Aug 1 2007, (see obit below) + Delicia (Dela) Goonetileke

                         4  Arun Dias Bandaranaike, (Radio & TV presenter, Sports Commentator, Colombo, Sri Lanka) + Julian (Juliane?) De Saram    no children

         2nd spouse of Alick Dias Bandaranaike + Name Not Known


Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\alouisdas.jpg          Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\aleedas.jpg

Arthur Louis Dassenaike                   Arthur Lee Dassenaike

Gate Mudaliyar                                Mudaliyar

Hapitigam Korale 1896                     Hapitigam Korale 1926   


Description: D:\ACTIVE\PERSONAL\GENUPLOAD\henricus.jpg

Henricus Lucius Dassenaike

Gate Mudaliyar



References: Chieftains of Ceylon.



Prepared by : Manjula de Livera

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Date             : 17 Mar 2011