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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

De Alwis Samarasinghe   - Family #3176 - Y DNA Haplogroup H

1 Charles De Alwis Samarasinghe +


   2 Walter De Alwis Samarasinghe    Gate Mudaliyar.  Born1880’s.   He was amember  of the Royal Asiatic Society. --- Kachcheri Mudaliyar Colombo.

Previosly Kachcheri Mohandiram and before that in the clerical service. President, Chief headmen ‘s Union, Western Province. VP Ceylon Society of Arts and Ceylon Thespians. Gate Mudaliar Samarasinghe also held the rank of Atapattu Mudaliar (except over the Atapattu of Colombo which was administered by the Colombo Mudaliar SW Illangakoon).Unmarried.

            p. 26 Chieftains of Ceylon by Van Sanden.

  2 Dr. Evelyn De Alwis Samarasinghe who was the first  editor  of the  Ceylon  Medical  College  Magazine.  + daughter of Mr. Pattenot    They had no children. They died young.


 2 Harry De Alwis Samarasinghe (clan was based in Kalutara-South Old Rd) +Magdeline Samarasekara from Edward Hill Estate Pusellawa  [Magdeline’s brother Peter samarasekara’s daughter married a mr Hapugoda. From Galle ]

       3 Hariet + Eric Athapathu

                4 [1]  Pani Atapathu, insurance agent   +   [2] Shirani Ramya Kumari De Alwis Samarasinghe b. 1951  Secretary at Bank of Ceylon (they are cousins. See below.)

                      5 Melanie  Atapattu + Coorey  (cousin?)  live in Manchester, England.


                4  Ajith Athapathu

                4  Nirmala (deceased)

                4  Anila

             4 Aninda


       3 Audrey + Senevi Cooray   his grand father was Thuse Cooray Mohotirallage Alfred Cooray from ambalangoda

 4  Shirani

                4 Dulip

                4  Hiran


       3 Noeline + Elmo Jayasekara from Nugegoda, Jambugasmully

                4  Edward

                4  Shirani

                4  Chandrika

                4  Charles

                4 Yasmin


       3  Rachael +  Senevirathne   from Minuwangoda Gampaha

             4 Eldest is Anoma (deceased)

               4 Rohith


  2 Elizabeth De Alwis Samarasinghe + Franklin Paranavitana from Galle [Is this a relative of Paranavitane married to the Wijesundera Perera family # 3128?]

   3 Dorothy  Paranavitana +  Harold  Wilmot  Perera   Which Perera family?

             4 Damayanti  i  Eric Seneviratne      from Nugegoda

   2 Margaret Samarasinghe +  Mudaliyar Don Abraham Jayatilake President of Village Tribunals of Siyana Korale West; Alutkuru Korale  [He was son of, Liyanarachige Don Daniel Jayatilake, Landed Proprietor and Dona Elisiyana Weerasinghe. His brothers were Sir Baron Jayatilake who married Mallika Batuwantudawa, and Muhandiram Don Simon Jayatilake who had 5 children].

                   3  Nalini Jayatilake + Arthur Ratnayake   (Deceased)


                      4 Mohan (deceased)

                      4 Pema 

                        4 Vedini


   2  Nellie Samarasinghe +  Mohandiram Ratnayake


   2  Charlotte Samarasinghe +  Mohandiram Charles Perera   [Which Perera family is this?]




1 Brother De Alwis Samarasinghe Head master at  Royal  College +

   2  Cameron Samarasinghe Head master at  Royal  College (Known as Bappa to students) 


          3 Dr. Terrance Samarasinghe  deceased (Sri Lankan Navy?)


         3 Dr. Lynn Samarasinghe  deceased

                   4 in Melbourne


         3 Chula Samarasinghe



1 Brother De Alwis Samarasinghe


    2 Simon Wilkin (De Alwis) Samarasinghe  (did not use the De Alwis part)  fromColombo. Attended Anande College. (did not take studying seriously)  Trace ancestry to Thalpe, between Galle and Matara   Salesman at Cargills, Kandy; salesman at Hunter & Company + Miss Weerasinghe from Kandy (7-8 children in family,  some of the children were the 1st attendees of Hillwood College Christian missionary school….kind of like a finishing school)


          3  Ruby Samarasinghe + Rupesinghe


           Stanley Hector Samarasinghe  b. 1914  Trinity College grew up in Kandy(1st public health inspector at the Peradeniya campus 1953) d.1969 + Padmawathie Kumarihamy Yatawara b.1921 (married 1943) - MtDNA Haplogroup H


              4 Chitra Kumari Malkanthi De Alwis Samarasinghe b. 1947 (degree from Peradeniya) assistant teacher at Kandy Good Sheppard Convent. +    Nimal Willamuna (BA from Peradeniya) teacher at St. Anthony’s College Katugastota.

                     5  Sanjaya Willamuna (deg University of Kelaniya) Bank Manager at the Commercial bank

                     5 Nimali Willamuna  (IT degree SLIIT in Malabe)  + Herath   PhD in Engineering  live in Australia


               4 Ananda Mahinda  Padmasiri De Alwis Samarasinghe (BSC from Peradeniya, Masters and PhD in soil mechanics  from University of Kentuky.) b.1949  + Manel Seneviratne  (div) Civil Engineer  + Dianne – a yoga teacher (an American) live in Sri Lanka , US , Australia.  Retired. 


               4  [2] Shirani Ramya Kumari De Alwis Samarasinghe b. 1951  Secretary at Bank of Ceylon +  [1] Pani Atapattu, insurance agent   (they are cousins. See above.)

                      5 Melanie  Atapattu + Coorey  (cousin?)  live in Manchester, England.


               4  Lal Nihal Mahendra De Alwis Samarasinghe  Engineer Bsc University of Moratuwa, is a water engineer.  Senior Contracts Engineer, Thames Water Co. in Reading,UK.  + Manel Abeygunawardena (div)   + 2nd wife: Kumari

                        5 Anushka Tikiri Kumari De Alwis Samarasinghe  b.2001?


              4 Shantha Nimal Ravindranath De Alwis Samarasinghe b.1957  CivilEnginee BSC Peradeniya U.  A director for Road Dev. Authority in Sri Lanka.  +Malkanthi Samarakoon 

                        5 Ashan De Alwis Samarasinghe  Computer software engineer, Masters in IT from Singapore. Lecturer at SLIIT 

                        5 Devinda De Alwis Samarasinghe   Completing deg in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore.


                4   Dr.  Ananda Indraraj Nimal De Alwis Samarasinghe b. 1955?  d. 2006 Galle medical School. Onchologyst. Cancer Specialist.  + Dr. Dhushianthi Rajapakse,  Consultant Pathologist.  Hamilton Hospital NZ. 

                       5. Channa De Alwis Samarasinghe, Deg. In Hotel Management inSwitzerland. 


               4  Surangani Hemamali Priya De Alwis Samarasinghe b. 1958  lives inSwitzerland + Gamini Samararatne  (works in Pharmaceutical company). 


               4 Stanley Wilkin Rabindranath de ALwis Samarasinghe, Phd from Cambridge in Economics  b. 1945    Dharmaraja College, Kandy  Moved to US 1989  
+ Liyanage Kundali Vidyamali Perera b.  1943  from Molligoda Waluwe in Molligoda, Wadduwa. (1 hr from Colombo)

                  5 Mevan Srinath de ALwis Samarasinghe  b. 1974 Masters in Information Tech from Johns Hopkins

                  5 Ranmal Aloka Samarasinghe b.1981  PhD in Neurology MD from PitsburgMedical School in Pensilvania



RESEARCH done by: Anne-Marie Samarasinghe……  with Hiran Cooray and other De Alwis Samarasinghe members.



Back row

Harry’s younger brother was a Dr do not know his name, then it is Harry his wife is seated in front  , backrow 7th from the left is Walter

That is all I know hopefully Eric can fill the blanks. This is a wedding of a grand aunt related to Erics  MIL.


Background is the Kalutara Wallauwa , 125 Old Rd , Kalutara South.(no longer exists)





In the pix Harry Samarasinghe is on the extreme ;eft my maternal grand father and walter Samarasinghe is on the extreme right who was the

Atapathu mudaliar and had no children.