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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

Abeyratne - Family #3184


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00 Son Abeyratne +

  0  Mudaliyar Don Charles? Abeyratne of Madampe Christian family +   

        (Assumed to be Relatives of UUW Perera family #3128. Needs confirmation)


    1  Valentine Abeyratne  (landed proprietor) + Hilda Gooneratne (no children)  2nd  Leslie Corea    (see Corea family for children.  Also see Urelawatte Wijesundera Perera  Family # 3128 )


     1  Edwin Abeyratne  (landed proprietor) +   [ Manike ]

       2 Srimal Abeyratne

       2 Nisanka Abeyratne

       2 Lucius Abeyratne


   1  Walter (Wally) Abeyratne + Patricia Pathirana (her sister a Dr + Dodwell Goonewardene)


   1  Duran Abeyratne +


   1  Grace Abeyratne +  Mudaliyar Samarakone

        2  Terrancia Samarakone + Anasly Dias Abeysinghe

        2 Evie Samarakone + Bertie Dias Abeysinghe (cousin of Anasly)


  1  Mudaliar Charles Albert Abeyratne of Madampe Walauwe + Sara Catherine Goonaratne (her sister: Effie,) [See Jayewardene Family #3002]

       Madampe Goonaratne Walawe

     2  Manel  b. 1924 + Hector P Abeysekera

        3  Harindra Abesekera  +


      2  Carl + Vino Goonetillake (Elsie Gooneratne + Donald Goonetillake’s daughter)

        3  Sriva Abeyratne + Navaratnam

        3 Asoka Abeyratne (deceased)

        3 Thilak Abeyratne (deceased)

        3 Surangani (deceased)


     2  Grace Sarah Vinodhini Abeyratne + Walter Kynsey Wijemanne of Kalutara

        3 Sarath Tusitha Wijemanne- Aeronautical Engineer

        3 Ranjika Ariyani Wijemanne + Lakdas Nanayakkara Structural Engineer, USA

        3 Chandana Anura Wijemanne Real Estate

        3 Lakshman Ananda Wijemanne. Politician

Sita  + Ranasinghe (Sir Arthur Ranasinghe;s only son) US
Nilani Ranasinghe US
Rushika  Ranasinghe  US



00 Abeyratne

   1  sister      + Mr. Gooneratne/Gunaratna Chancellor to the king of Siam  (mentioned by Manel Abeyratne Abeysekera)

         Is this where this fits??? Should it be here at generation 00 or at generation 1 ??

00 Mudaliyar Don Abraham Perera Abeyratne Created Mudaliyar May 24, 1888  Residence Madampe (Book: Golden Book of India)  +


        Is this where this fits???

0 Daughter Abeyratne  +  Mampitiya Bandara (Descendant of Kandy Abeyratne name from Mampitiya Galle is 4-5 generations old. fled upcountry to escape from the foreigners and settled down in Galle and the village he settled down was named Mampitiya (still in existence with original house now a church). He is supposed to have married an Abeyratne Girl (Anglican) from Madampe Walauwa and gave the son wife’s surname to protect from the foreigners  (as per Errol Christoper Abeyratne)   [He gave his son the name De Silva and Baptised him to protect him; Abeyratne name came from his wife].

    00  Fredrick De Silva Abeyratne (Anglican) -Surveyor +Elizar Gunawardene (Galle Walauwa – Kurunegala  Family #3103)          

        1 Jonathan Abeyratne

        1 Cyrus Abeyratne

        1 Baptist

        1 Edith + Seneviratne

        1 Anjala + Abeywardene See family # 3025 (Eldest Son of  Dulcie Jayewardene 1913-1986 Family # 3002   + F.A. (Rick) Abeywardena Crown Advocate, Galle Family #3025)

                4 sons and 2 daughters

        1 Arthur Fredrick De Silva Abeyratne - Anglican(Chief Clerk Galle MC)  (1st marriage)  +  Letisia Amarasekera of Kalutara

              2 Pearl Kalpage deceased

              2 Cynthia -95 years still living Jan 2012

              2 Clarice Tissera 93 years still living Jan2012


          Arthur Fredrick De Silva Abeyratne (2nd marriage)   + Elizabeth De Alwis Samarasinghe- (d/o of Charles De Alwis Samarasinghe See Family #3176)  her second marriage 1940 –One son [Her first marriage was to Franklin Paranavitana fromGalle, They had one daughter (Dorothy married to Harold Perera and their daughter Damayanthi married to Eric Seneviratne---in New Zealand ) See family # 3176

              2 Arthur Fredrick De Silva Mampitiya Abeyratne (Anglican) + Mercy Gunawardene- Studied at CMS Ladies        

                  3  Errol Christopher Abeyratne 1960 / Banker + Gihanthi (De Silva Samarasinghe Siriwardene –Soldara Walauwa Kalutara/ Wickramanayake Galle Family #  3141)

                        4 Ooshanna

                        4 Tehanna 

                  3 Fredrick Arthur Abeyratne 1950/ UNDP Economist + Crishanthi Kalpage

                         4   Anushka (Brisbane)

                         4  Kshenuka

                  3 Mangalika

                  3 Iromi

                  3 Chirtrani

                  3 Buddhini



RESEARCH done by: Anne-Marie Samarasinghe

Social science review: Issue 4 Scientists Association of Sri Lanka - 1988 - Snippet view

Cameron Commission, Johannes Corea Wijesekera Abeyratne Mudaliyar of the Alutkuru Korale gave the extent of his resources and following. He claimed that he owned about 227 acres of land in the Colombo and Chilaw Districts. ...

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