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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

Munasinha Dissanayake - Family #3185


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0  Polonnaruwa Munasinha  p. 749 Twentieth Cent. Impr. By Arnold Wright + sister of Panditharatna Appuhamy (P. Appuhamy was tutor to Prince Muttusamy the son of King Rajadi Rajasinha of Kandy and became Dissawa of Uva).  Also see book ‘Madampe Wriththie’ by Victor Munasinha.


1  Don Simon Munasinha Dissanayake [he went to Kandy District in the year of Waterloo, and was selected by the English Govt. along with Dassanayake Mudaliyar for the purpose of conciliating the people of Uva district in the rebellion of 1818. He was appointed Lekam of the Kandy District]


  2  Don Cornelius de Silva Munasinha Dissanayake from Kandy  (Served English Govt. for 45 years. In 1848 Interpreter Mudaliyar to the officer commanding the forces in the rebellion of 1848 and Interpreter to H.R.H the Duke of Edinburgh on his visi to Kandy in 1870.  Twentieth Cent. Imp. ) + Wilhelmina Welikele  [daughter of David Welikole and grand daughter of Kirawella Anthony Welikole, Mudaliyar, a descendant of Kirawella Ralahamy]


    3  Margret Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake  died young + James Amerersekere (his 1st wife)   For children see Ameresekere Family # 3068

    3  Louisa Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake  + James Amerersekere (his 2nd wife) For children see Ameresekere Family # 3068

    3 Mary Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake    unmarried

    3 Joseph Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake  +  in Matale

    3 Charles Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake, Proctor Chilaw, VP of Chilaw Association  b. 1864   +   

    3 Sam Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake  [Went to England with EW Perera lawyer] + Emma Jackson fromEngland

    3 Charles  unmarried

    3 Francis Welikole Munasinha Dissanayake  b. 1866 educated at Trinity College, Kandy. Mercantile Persuits, Planter in Chilaw. Meda Waluwe Madampe + Engelina/Angelina Elizabeth Ameresekere EkanayakeTeulabilleke, sister of James Charles Ameresekere Ekanayake Mudaliyar    (She was 1st cousin of Justus And Victor AmeresekereUrelawatte Wijesundera Perera  Family # 3128)


        4 Clarence Munasinha + Violet Ameresekere ( her father Wiliam Ameresekere,  brother of Angelina who is married to Francis Munasinha. William and Angelina’s father   Bartholemeus Ameresekere) +

                5 Ryle Munasinha +  Caminie Wirasinha

                5 Nihal Munasinha + Indrani Wirasinha




       4 Percival Munasinha +

       4 Alex Munasinha +

       4  Victor Munasinha +  Iris Ameresekere see Ameresekere Family # 3068

            5 Christy +

            5 Rexy +

       4 Constance Munasinha +

       4 James (Jim) Charles Munasinha  Minister of Parliament for Chilaw, Industries and fisheries  1956-59 + Cecelia Fernando



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