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Sri Lanka Sinhala Family Genealogy

Pandithasekera - Family #3187

0 Pandithesekera/Pandittesekara

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1  Pandithasekera

    2 Pandithesekera + Emily Seneviratne (12 Children)  Baptist. 

        3 Grace Pandithesekera +  Walter Herat, Kegalle, Kandians related to Senanayakes. Anglican  (Grace’s cousin?)

            4 Annesley Herat + miss Premawardena her father was Rev Premawardena who was the Rev at Baptist church Madampe during the period of 1948 to 1954  From Rathnapura

                  5 Chrishanthi Herat + Vinodh Dilip Wijethunga Gunesekera de Silva  [father Rev. Hector Wijethunga Gunasekera De Silva + Delicia Cabral..….Hector’s mother is Lora/Dora Seneviratne.  His grand parents are Lora Amerasekera and Mudlier Walter James De Silva Wijethunga Gunasekera. [Chrishanthi’s husbands grand parents and Chrishanthi’s  grand parents are relations].   

                    6 Anjali

                    6 Son in US


        3 Murial Pandithesekera +  Sydney Ameresekera Puttalam Road, Kurunegala. (related to Lora Ameresekera of the Wijethunga Gunesekera De Silva family)  [his Father: Edward Ameresekere, District Court, Kurunegale Mother: Angelina Corea Daughter of Simon Corea Gravets Muhandiram. Edward’s father: Bartholomeus, and Edward’s brother   ]

            4 Angela Ameresekere +


       3 Joseph Pandithesekera


  3  C. E. G. Pandittesekara of Marawila. of “ La Favourita “ Marawila

        3  D. C. Pandittesekra of Chilaw (mother Jane?) of Walauwa “ Marawila”

  3  C. V. M. Pandittesekara Esqr., of Chilaw +

      3  H. A. Pandittesekera of Mellawagara. + wife

        3   Hector. G. Pandittesekera of Chilaw + wife

        3   L. L. Pandittesekera of Marawila + wife

        3   A. R. Pandittesekera of Walahapitiya. + wife

        3   Felix and Adela Panditesekara

        3       + Josephine
Mrs. L.M. Pandittesekara  of White House Marawila  Mother Josephine
Mrs. R. C. Senewiratne of Galahitiyawa. Madampe  Mother Josephine
Miss A. B. Pandittesekara C/o Sydney Amereasekere of Puttalam Road, Kurunegala. Mother Josephine


(Relatives of UUW Perera family #3128. Not sure how yet)



      RESEARCH done by: Anne-Marie Samarasinghe