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The Muslims of Sri Lanka have been an integral part of Sri Lankan society since the advent of Islam and the movement of Arab, Indian, Persian and other Muslim traders to the Island. An influx of Muslims to the Island from Java, in the Indonesian region, has also contributed to the Muslim community in the country.

History records that the Arabs were trading in many parts of the coastal belt of Ceylon long before Islam and had always maintained a very cordial and friendly relationship with the local people. Trading and business has always been the forte of the Muslims, mainly on account of their ancestors who came to the Island in search of business and barter. It is interesting to note that the Arab traders never ventured into war with the local rulers or colonization of the land like the Portuguese, Dutch, and British did. They never had any desire of the exploitation and commercialization of the local people and their land and only concentrated on trading and business in an open, honest, just, and fair manner.

The Muslims of Sri Lanka, today, are the progeny of the union of many of these Arabs, Persians, Indians, and Malays, with local women, whom they married during their sojourns and trading in the country.

The subsequent Muslim Communities, that lived their lives in Sri Lanka have, in no small means, contributed extensively with their talents, wealth, and ability to the development and progress of the country in a peaceful and comfortable manner, integrating with the society and blending with the local environment comfortably.

Concentrating mainly on trade and business the Muslims were mainly resident on the coastal belt of the Island where their ancestors landed in search of commerce. Having developed a lucrative enterprise in all varieties of business they have engaged themselves in the business community since ancient times. The gem and jewelry business was monopolized by the Muslims for many centuries. The influx of Indian Muslims int Ceylon also helped in enhancing this business acumen, especially in the spice, textile, and garment industries.

This website intends to provide an insight into the personalities, contributions, and significant achievements of the Sri Lanka Muslim Community in the progress and development of the country since, almost, 600 AD.




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