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J Madanayake

Mr J Madanayake was a Director of Associated Motorways Ltd., during the time of its founder, Mr Cyril de Zoysa. Associated Cables Ltd. (AMW), was esablished in 1962 as a subsidiary of AMW Group. Later on Mr Madanayake's son, Upali, the current Chairman (2007) became the MD of Associated Cables, breaking away from AMW Group and taking control of Associated Cables in 1978. The company changed heir name to ACL Cables in 1981.

ACL Cables Ltd., pioneered the manufacture of cables in Sri Lanka in 1962 with Japanese Technical assistance arranged by the liaison office of Mitsui of Japan. Thereafter, CL has had many technical corporation arrangements with many foreign manufacturers over the last four decades. After upgrading their technology, they are exporting insulator cables in large quantities to many Indian private and government organizations. They also acquired Kelani Cables in 1999.

Ms N C Madanayake, is a founder of FAB Cateteres. She is the daughter of Aruna Wickremapala, wife of A G Wickremapala who as a founder Director of Maliban. FAB was established in 1979.

Main areas of Business:

ACL Plastics Ltd. - established in 1991, manufacturing of cable graned polyvinyl chloride compound, public company in 1995

Lanka Olex Cables Pvt Ltd. - owned by DFCC and transferred in 2002, owns Kelani Cables Investment Company

Kelani Cables Ltd. - established in 1969 as a public company, manufactures cables and wires in the same range as ACL, bought over by ACL in 1999

ACL Cables Ltd. - manufacture of cables, Clipsol franchise from Schneider of France, public company in 1976

Kelani Electrical Accessories Pvt Ltd. - engaged in the manufacture and sale of power cables, telecommunication cables, antenna cables, armored cabled, enamelled winding wire and all aluminium conductors

ACL Kelaniya Magnet Wire Pvt Ltd. - BOI Company engaged in the manufacture and export of enameled winding wires

Ceylon Bulbs & Electricals Ltd.