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John Shiran Dissanayake

John Shiran Dissanayake started ABC Shipping in 1984. He hails from a family who have been into he shipping industry for many years. His first company was Shiran Container Leasing Pvt Ltd., who were the sole agents fr Genstar Container Corporation, a subsidiary of General Electric Capital Company, USA.

He incorporated ABC Shipping Ltd. in 1990 and was awarded the local agency for 'K' Line of Japan. Thereafter the Group expanded to include two large inland container depots, which handle container storage and repairs, and also represent leading container leasing companies as their agents.

Navigation Maritime Pvt Ltd., anther company within the Group, was awarded the sole local agency for Hanjin Shipping of South Korea, the world's fourth largest container line, in 1995.

The Group now owns 12 subsidiary companies since its inception as follows:

ABC Freight Services Pvt Ltd - Est in 1992

ABC Insurance Company Ltd. - originally Prudential Assurance and changed to ABC in 200

ABC Credit Card Company Ltd.

ABC Shipping Pvt Ltd. - formed in 1991

ABC Lubricants Pvt Ltd.

ABC Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

ABC Plantations Pvt Ltd. - owns and manages Iona Estate, Agarapatna (102 acres), Mahena Estate, Giriulla (125 acres), Ruhuna Tea Factory at Porowagama

ABC Advertising Pvt Ltd.

ABC Travels Pvt Ltd. - GSA for LAO Airlines, Silver Sea Cruises, Sri Lankan, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Ettihad & Thai Airlines

Mega Containers Pvt Ltd. - Certified Container Inspector by Institute of International Container Lessors

ABC Air Services Pvt Ltd.

ABC Exim Pvt Ltd. - export of fish and coconut products

ABC Capital Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Trans Cargo Pvt Ltd. - freight forwarder

Trans Marine Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Southern Tea Factor Pvt Ltd.