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Daily Mirror - Sat Aug 30 2003

Yoonus: Condolence messages
His memory will linger for a long time: President
President Chandrika Kumaratunga yesterday hailed the services rendered by political cartoonist Jiffry Yoonus saying his cartoons had the power to reform society.

In a condolence message sent to his widow Ms. Zainab Yoonus, President Kumaratunga said "Political cartoonist Jiffry Yoonus in his cartoons criticized all the political characters irrespective of party difference. The significant feature in his cartoons was that there were political considerations or political thinking behind the humorous criticism.

"Although the majority of politicians endured the criticisms embodied in his cartoons, there were instances where various threats were levelled against this most controversial political cartoonist. He can be identified as a journalist who introduced the art of cartoons to newspapers in Sri Lanka.

"This distinguished political cartoonist rendered an immense service to the field of journalism during a period of over fifty years and has proved the fact that cartoons have the power of reforming the society, the political sector in particular. He will be remembered by the people of this country for a long time. "The President who conveyed her condolences to the family members of the late political cartoonist wished him Jennathul Firdouse."

An irreparable loss to the nation: Bakeer
The demise of political cartoonist Jiffry Yoonus who has contributed a distinguished service for about 50 long years in journalism is an irreparable loss, Mass Communications Minister Imithias Bakeer Markar said in his message of condolence.

"During an era when different interpretations were given to the activities and attitudes of politicians through journalism, Jiffry Yoonus exhibited his talents and abilities in conveying such messages to the readers through the art which was hereditary to him.

Country lost a brilliant cartoonist: Azwer
The Muslims in particular and the media world in general has lost a brilliant and talented Cartoonist by the sudden demise of Jiffry Yoonus, Parliamentary Affairs Minister A.H.M. Azwer said in a condolence message.

Minister Azwer said, "He was a pioneer Muslim in an entirely new world of Cartoonist, rarely engaged in by other journalists of his fraternity. When the memories of most speakers and writers are forgotten, his memory will linger deep in the minds of a million readers in his country.

"His portraits and caricatures were noted for its simplicity. Jiffry with a stroke of his artistic brush could re-capture in a striking and vivid form the messages he wished to convey to the reading public.

Jiffry's last stroke with 'Appuhamy'
By Ramesh Uvais
The funeral of veteran cartoonist Jiffry Yoonus took place at the Mattegoda Muslim Burial Grounds yesterday amidst a large and distinguished gathering.

Mr. Yoonus who shot to fame with his witty cartoons in the Aththa newspaper which he served for nearly three decades, made his debut in 1952 at the Lake House group's Thinakaran newspaper.

Born on 16th August, 1931 Mr. Yoonus' career in journalism spanned more than five decades and was widely known among readers as a creative journalist who stroked his brush without fear or favour.

Though he had been keeping away from work during the last couple of years due to ill-health, the Aththa which was republished recently had insisted that he bring back the famous 'Appuhamy' character through his cartoons once again.

His widow Ms. Zainab Yoonus told the Daily Mirror that officials at Aththa had sent home all the necessary stationery requesting Mr. Yoonus to continue drawing his cartoons for the paper he served loyally.

Accordingly, he had created a cartoon for the first issue a few weeks ago saying 'Appuhamy makes a comeback', but sadly it was to be his last cartoon, Ms. Zainab said.