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M Enver Marikar: Remebering the great “Daily Mirror Mahattaya”

Daily Mirror: Sep 19 2006

It is nine years today since the demise of M.E. Marikar, senior journalist and well known sports and public figure in Kandy.

The ever smiling Marikar, popularly known to his friends as “Mariks”, Enver to the family member circle, was a well-known sportsman and a writer. He was an all-rounder where he was involved in General , Social and Political writing., with his Yul Brynner – like head, he was a familiar figure and was the doyen of Kandy Press, and he dominated the English turf.

Late Mariks was an old boy of St. Sylvester’s College, where he excelled in many sports. He led this school team in three sports, football, hockey and athletics. He was also an excellent boxer and a cadet. Mariks was the first Sylverstian to play premier cricket, without playing for the school.

He played for Kandy Lake Club, Moors SC, SR (Army) Central Province, Up-Country, Times of Ceylon, Sri Lanka Press XI as a top notch medium pacemen and a hard hitting bat.

He was a fine footballer, played as right extreme, was famous for his cross kick and heading, for Green Field SC, Young Stars SC, Kandy, Up-country. 2 SR (Army) Saunders SC, Colombo, and Government Services XI. Later he was a top notch referee.

Mariks who was known as “Times and Daily Mirror Mahattaya” was an example as a journalist, sportsman and above all a friend. Human kindness flowed from him, he was also called “God King” by his journalist friends, and “King of Kandy” with the physique of body builder, He stood out in any company. Now his nephew Hafiz Maikar, a City Father, follows his uncle.

Late Mariks led a full and en eventful life, watched the great events from the side lines. 0nce, on his way to Sri Lanka’s inaugural Test match President J.R. Jayawardene spotting Mariks walking to towards the ground, gave him a lift in his official limousine. President R. Premadasa had also offered him a lift once for a football match.

Mariks was also admired for his kindness and desire to help mediamen from Colombo whenever they were in need of help in Kandy. As a sports writer for Daily Mirror and Times he left no stone unturned to promote fair-play and gamesmanship.

Mariks is no more, but his memory will remain forever in the minds of all those who knew his sporting qualities.

(Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elaihi Rajoon – From Allah do we come and to him is the return)

- A. Sha

M.E. Marikar remembered

Daily News Wed Sep 19 2007

PERSONALITIES: Ten years ago on September 19th Kandy lost one of the most senior Sports and General writer and Sports Promoter and above all gentleman of the highest calibre, M.E. Marikar.

M.E. Marikar was a senior journalist attached to the Times Group of Newspapers. Mariks, as he was popularly known among his friends, was a well known person in the country, he was known by every one, a well built person with a “ball head” he was recognized, wherever he was due to his physique.

He began his education at St.Sylvester’s College where he excelled as a top class sportsman in boxing, hockey, football and Cadeting with the privilege of leading all the teams in school.

After leaving school he continued his sporting activities and played

Football and Hockey for several clubs and also represented Up-Country with foreign teams. Some of his football clubs were Green Field SC, Young Stars SC, Kandy YMMA, Marketing Department, Sinha Regiment, Government Services, Saunders SC, Mariks took up cricket, after leaving school, when Mariks went to St. Sylvester’s they had not introduced cricket.

He turned as a fine pace bowler who played for Kandy United SC, Kandy Lake Club, Sinha Regiment, Up-Country, Kandy, Times of Ceylon, Government Services, Moors SC and Sri Lanka Press XI.

Cricket fans will recall his pace “in-swing” bowling, where he also delighted crowds, hitting the ball to all parts of the field batting in the middle order Mariks started his life with Marketing Department, later was in the Army

before he took up jounalism and became a leading sports writer.

Mariks contribution for the citizens of Kandy in the field of sports and in general will be long remembered.