sent in by Larry & Coreen Andresen []


Aldons-Ebert Rowland Clarence Aldons and Sylvia Ethel Ebert .. 17 Dec 1908

Aldons-Paulesz (Percival Ernest Aldons and Hilda Mildred Paulusz, 2 Mar 1916)

Anderson-Ohlmus* (Frederick Bertram Vivian Anderson and  Janet Elaine Ohlmus,  01 Dec 1915)

Anthonisz-Claessen Walter Henricus Anthonisz and Cecile Noble Maud Claessen 17 Apr 1920 Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya

Anthonisz-Claessen James Wilfred Allan Anthonisz and Elsine Imay Claessen 20 Jun 1918 St Paul's Church, Milagriya, Ceylon


Anthonisz-Claessen Matthew Granville Anthonisz and Millicent May Claessen 01 Jun 1921 St Paul's Church, Milagriya, Ceylon

Anthonisz-Koch Maurits Maartensz Anthonisz and Cecilia Margaret Koch .... 11 Aug 1912

Arndt-Brohier Vernon Eugene Frederick Arndt and Joselyn Joy Ann Brohier 10 Dec 1919

Bartholomeusz-Kelaart Everard Frederick Charles Bartholomeusz and Dorothy Isoline Joclyne Kelaart 3 Feb 1913

Bartholomeusz-Periera Susan Bartholomeusz and Daniel John Pereira 16 Jul 1855 Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo Ceylon


Brohier-Koch Angell Egbert Brohier and Charlotte Angelina Koch .. 9 June 1910

Brohier-Raffel Cecil Bertram Brohier and Leslie Ruth Raffel .. 18 Feb 1909

Christoffelsz-Spendewinde Basil Morris Christoffelsz and Muriel Rose Speldewinde .. 4 Dec 1912

Collette-Metzeling Henry Hastings Collette and Agnes Mabel Metzeling 26 Sep 1912

de Hoedt-Perkins

de Kretser-Heyzer Percival Edgar Anjou De Kretser and Victorine Beatrice Heyzer 8 nov 1911

De Kretser-Vanderwert Walter Harris De Kretser Matilda and Constance Vander Wert 22 Jan 1906 Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo Ceylon

De Kretser-Vanderwert Walter Harris De Kretser and Janet Gladys Alexandra Vander Wert 03 Jun 1925 Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya

2 Different Walter Harris De Kretser

de Kretser-van Houten Duncan Terence Anjou De Kretser and Rosalie Hilda Van Houten 7 Jul 1909

de la Harpe-Ferdinands (Henri Hilton Ludwig St Clair \De La Harpe\  and Muriel Irene Hope Ferdinands, 09 Feb 1915 / St Andrew's Cathedral, Scot's Kirk, Colombo Ceylon,

Deutrom-de Vos Cyril Frederick Deutrom and Agnes Vivienne De Vos 28 Apr 1920 Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, Ceylon,
Deutrom-Raffel Walrond Dumeresq Deutrom and Edith Muriel Raffel ... 24 Aug 1911

Ebell-Ebert Percy Crofton Ebell and Eva Constance Ebert .... 28 Mar 1910

Ebenezer Vincent (Tamil)-Olive Jansz

Ferdinand-Deutrom Cecil Austin Ferdinands and Enid Catherine Deutrom .. 23 Aug 1912

Ferdinand-Foenander (Alfred Victor Duncan Ferdinand  and Florence Edith Foenander  date unknown)

Ferdinands-Rode Edward Francis Ferdinands and Elizabeth Mary Ann Rode 27 Sep 1922 ,, Frederick Collin Ferdinands and Enid Gladys Rode 14 Dec 1933

Ferdinands-Rode Christopher Noel Ferdinands and Ivy Edith Rode 16 Jul 1919

Foenander-Foenander (Francis Eric Foenander  and Irene Geralda Foenander  03 Apr 1918,

Foenander-Foenander Clarence Eugene Foenander  and Madoline Blanche Henrietta Foenander 06 Dec 1916 )

Foenander-La Brooy Harry Clifford Sydney Foenander and Louisa Margaret La Brooy 7 apr 1912


Garth-Gauder Wilfred Lovell Garth and Lilian Beatrice Gauder 15 apr 1909

Janz-Mack (John William Jansz  and Ruth Lloyd Mack, 15 Jun 1918)

Jennings-Fernando (Charles Melville Jennings  and Marguereite Fernando  20 Jun 1918)


Lawrence Isadore Michael \De La Harpe\   and Ada Henrietta Ferdinands  date unknown)

Loos-Loos Bertie Cecil Loos and Sylvia Matilda Loos 8 Sept 1910

Loos-Zieseniss John William Loos and Florence Cecilia Ziesniss unknown


Ludekens-Toussaint (Alton Wallet Ludekens  and Myra Rosalie Toussaint, 27 Dec 1915)


Martenstyn-Ohlmus Alfred Bertie Martenstyn Beatrice Hilda Ohlmus




Periera-Speldewilde (Basil Bertram Pereira and Frances May Speldewinde, 24 Apr 1916)



Poulier-de Kretsner

Raffel-Foenander Evan Lawrence Raffel and Avice Enid Foenander 27 Dec 1919 Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo Ceylon


Rode-Gauder (Hubert Eugene Rode and Florence Beatrice Gauder, 29 Dec 1915)

Rode- Rode

Rodrigo-de Run



Smith-Ephraums Harriet Eliza Ephraums and Jackson Smith 23 Oct 1910 Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya

Staples- van Twest

van Cuylenberg-Raffel

Vanderstraaten-Rode Julian James Matthew Vander Straaten and Lilian Ruth Rode

van dort-de Kretsner (Victor Bertram Van Dort and Mabel Louise De Kretser, 29 Dec 1915)


van Geyzel-Schokman (Cythbert George Schokman  and Leah Van Geyzel  07 Apr 1915)

Woutersz-Deutrom Drusilla Alice Woutersz and Charles Frederick Deutrom 02 Oct 1878 Dutch Reformed Church, wolvendaal, Ceylon,


[additional details submitted by the kind courtesy of Laura Foenander in Australia]




Register of Marriages Maligakande Church 1902-1916

Please note that this just a list of surnames and there are complete details on the film.We only have the film for 1 more week and want to get the deaths transcribed off it before it goes back. If other listers get the film for a copy of the primary entries, please transcribe the full details to the List.


Maligakande, Colombo Ceylon 


Hugh Flanderka Foenander and Adeline Florence Mellonius, 16 May 1904


Alfred Pendegrass Wells Corner and Winifred Elsie Passe abt 1920


Lloyd Annesley Ferraira and Emily Eliza Schokman  abt  1920


Arthur Douglas Haig Vander Wert and Eileen Hester Vander Wert,  Abt 1925


Arthur Vander Wert and Hilda Vander Wert abt 1915


Herbert Collin Van Dort and Muriel Joseph, 26 Dec 1912    (I have   marriage as  Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya)


Hector Bertram Struys and   Cora Nesta Jansz abt 1915, James George Balthazar and Lilian Andree Jansz 


Walter Edmond Brohier  and Alma Gladys Deutrom, 02 Jun 1915  I have  …Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya 


Edgar Lionel De Zilva Van Twest  and Elizabeth Victoria Ruth Altendorff  abt 1910


Arthur Collin Bartholomeusz and Edith Constance Poppenbeek, 03 Jan 1915


Donald Hugh Alexander Hunter  and Mary Pearl Brenda Speldewinde


Dr Herbert Eric Schokman and  Ruth Estelle Kelaart 


Bertie Hugh Ohlmus  and  Beatrice Anne De Boer Speldewinde, 22 Dec 1913   I  have as  Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, Colombo


Vere Eric Heyzer  and  Gladys Enid Myrtle Heyzer, 27 Dec 1913  (I have  as Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya)


Samuel Arthur Koch and Pearl Elizabeth De Silva, 16 Apr 1914   (I have as  Presbyterian Church,Bamabalapitiya, Colombo)


Henry Arnold Van Dort Ebert and  Irene Mildred Ebert, 02 Dec 1914  (I have   Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya)


Samuel Denis De Vos  and Agnes Estelle Austin, 10 Feb 1915  Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, Colombo Ceylon


Alexander Ivan Carl Daviot and Angel Muriel Aldons, 05 Apr 1915  Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya


Herbert Kenneth De Kretser and Celia Harriet Schokmam, 27 Jul 1908, St Andrew's Scots Kirk, Kandy, Ceylon


Edward Clarence Metzeling and Dulcie De Run


Leslie Mack  and  Ruby Toussaint, 04 Sep 1915, Wolvendaal, Colombo Ceylon 


Alexander Charles Kelly and Ethel Frances Gauder, 15 Sep 1915  Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya






Poppenbeek-de Moor

Van Geyzel-Daniels


Alvis-van Dort




van Dort-Joseph

de Niese-Mack





















Joseph-van Geyzel

Koch-De Silva



de Vos-Austin


de Kretsner-Schokman

Metzeling-de Run


Grabau-de Kretsner



Where we know there is interest on the list, we have entered extra data, to show what is available on this incredible film Where Families are mentioned more than once they are different families, or have left the congregation and returned later.


Families mentioned are

Alvis... Melville +5














Foenander...Charles Alfred














Melder +3












de Silva


Solomons ...William M



van Twest.... Maria nee van Sanden 17 March1889

Derrick Raymond 03 July 1924

Kathleen Thelma 28 June 1933 141 Kottana Rd Udahamulla Nugegoda.

van Dort.....Vivianne Belle 03 July 1915

Vanderwall...Merle Constance nee van Twest 23 Feb 1923 van den Dreissen Vanderwall Van Rooyan Vandergert Woutersz Willenberg La Brooy de la Harpe van Langenberg...Lewis Lemphers...Godfrey May 21 1875 +7 family members Loos Rode Wydeman Maloney Jansz Alvis Arnolda Anderson Blacker Dickson Duckworth

de Vos Carl 47 Woodland Ave Sunethra 17 April 1923 =3


de Silva























Seek and ye shall find !!! on this wonderful film we looked at again last night there is an entry for Edward Duncan Frugtniet, age 43, Customs Officer, Burgher, Bachelor, Havelock Town.


Father, Charles Arthur Fruigtniet (deceased) Hotel Manager.

Married 16 Sept 1922. Bambalapitya Presbyterian Church.

Grace Lillian de Rooy, age 35, Spinster, Burgher, Barons' Place.

Father, John William de Rooy, late Municipal Officer Minister. G H Leembruggen


Lots of other names that listers are interested in too. we will just put up one more complete Register of Marriage that we copied.




No 57

Lorimer George de Lamotte age 27,Bachelor, Burgher,Planter, Aruppola, Kandy Father, Cecil Urban dela Motte (dead) Planter Married 27th Dec 1923 Bambalapitiya Presbyterian Church Iris Belle Poulier, age 24, Spinster, Burgher, Wellawatta Father, Samuel Walter Poulier, Draughtsman.

Minister. W C Fleming.

there are then signatures of bride and groom and witnesses Please note the different spelling of de la Motte Father and Son, as above is as on Register.!!

we will enter more goodies next day or so,



Coreen and Larry, - June 5 2007



To Gordon and other listers interested the details are Register of Marriage No 91 Male Party Claude Vincent Ferdinands age 34 batchelor Burgher clerk 347 Serpentine Rd Borella. father John Henry Ferdinands, 3rd Landing Officer HM Customs (retired)


Female Party Ezlynne Nesta Struys, age 29 Spinster Burgher, 1053 Third division Maradana. father Hector Bertram Struys. Post Master (retired) Marriage Dutch Reformed Church Regent St Colombo. 07 April 1945.Minister looks like Neville B Augier.


Witnesses are Wyne Henry Van den Driesen -Ferdinands. Govt Medical Officer.of Primrose Garden Kandy Denzil Meurling Werkmeister Major Ceylon ? Colombo.


Please forgive any transcription errors,but the print from the film reader is dark and at times the film is easier to read on the machine than the printout.


The other interesting link is to look at the Communion roll for the same church on the same film, and pick up the Family of the bride which shows Father as above Mother Cora Nesta nee Jansz The bride as above born 14th Jan 19?6


Joyce Myrtle cant read dates from print out


Oswin Ronald cant read from print out, but both births and baptisms should be able to be read from film and hand transcribed.

Address Third division Maradana


To further the worth of the film there are death registers from the churches, and of the 3 pages we copied there is a Harrietta Evelyn Ferdinands died 5th March 1924 age 59.


There are about 30+ entries each pagefor deaths, and we have not even finished transcribing the surnames of the two parties for the marriages listed yet.

At $5.00 for the film and a dollar a copy and 10 hours of our time, the four Anderson Marriage Documents are a bargain for us. We recommend any listers who had links to the 3 Colombo D R churches to get the film and copy their own families because the one film covers the 4 primary sources, births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, as well as a Census type entry of address and nuclear family.


Cheers, Larry & Coreen, May 25, 2007



Hi Larry & Coreen


A very big thank you for the information as the couple is part of the extended Struys family I am researching. All Struys on the Island are related with many individuals having moved overseas in the last 50 years starting new branches.


You are really doing a great service and your generosity in doing lookups for everyone is to be applauded and I for one am most grateful and appreciative for all your endeavours to the list.


My very warmest regards.


Gordon, May 29 2007



*1.* JOCELYN MARJORIE4 BOWEN* (F**RANCIS** J**OHN **G**REGORY*3*, C**RAWFORD** T**OWNSHEND*2*, J**EREMIAH*1*)* was born Abt. 1898, and died 1922.




Record Change: 16 Apr 2007



i. CORLEINE MURIEL5 WILSON, b. Abt. 1923; m. ALLANG REGORY FRANKLAND, 28 May 1945, Southport England..


I reckon Philip was born around 1890


i got some info.. i think philip's dad could be one of the following



George .. abt 1841 ... Henry abt 1843

Arthur Bakewewll abt 1847.. Frederick William Abt 1858

Edward Charles and Herbert Eyre... abt 1861

it isnt Edward Charles the person thats asking me.. says the daughter of Edward is the cousin of Philip


laura, May 30 2007



The only Wilson record we have is Emily Ruth Wilson marrying Auston Charles Mortier in 1957....father John Wilson (deceased) Will keep an eye out for more Wison Records.


Coreen & Larry, May 30 2007



Rohan and list


Stanley Percival Van Twest age 22 Clerk + Violet Druisilla Quyn age 17 married 17 Jan 1925 Bambalapitiya Pres Church Colombo. father of groom Godfrey Lyle father of bride Bernard Francis


other Van Twest Marriages

Lena Van Twest to John Passe

Staples to Van Twest

Joseph to Van Twest

Edward Van Twest to Altendorf


Other marriage names listers were interested in are

Van Geyzel + Daniels Rulach +Daniels Daniel + White Hector Struuys + Cora Jansz Samuel Fernando + Joyce Struys Foenander + Rode

The Communion rolls list names alphabetically so is easier to follow An example of the information therein is Leslie Herbert Melder, "Cherith" Nugegoda Floramel Elaine Melder nee Lemphers, born 30 May 1910 christened 13 July 1913

James Cecil Leslie Melder born 1st Jan 1941 christened 26 Jan 1941

Angus David Dalton born $th Jan 1944 christened 22nd March 1944.


The last item on the film is the Galle Baptismal Register 1686 to 1747 This is in very poor condition, and only a minority of entries can be read




Coreen and Larry, May 30 2007





to show the value of this film for research we will answer Laura's query with two printouts we took from film cost $5.00 printouts $2.00 Marriage Register No 91 Claude Vincent Ferdinands age 34 batchelor , burgher, clerk, 374 Serpentine Rd Borella Father John Henry Ferdinands, 3rd Landing Surveyor HM Customs married 7th April 1945, Dutch Reformed Church, Regent Street Colombo.


Ezlynne Nesta Struys age 29 spinster burgher 1053 3rd Division Maradona Father Hector Bertram Struys Post master retired


The Communion Roll for the Church shows

Hector Bertram Struys 3rd Division Maradona Cora Nesta nee Jansz Ezlynne Nesta Joyce Myrtle Oswin Ronald there are birth and baptism dates for the 3 children, but you have to read off the film and transcribe the dates as they are impossible to read from the copies.

We printed out this information because we knew some listers were interested.


We were so pleased to get our 4 Anderson marriages and a listing for 2 of my living sisters in a communion roll What we as a group need to do is transcribe the film so all can see the data for free. We have most of the names off the films for marriages and communion rolls and have printed about twenty sheets of interest to our own research, but there are lots of marriages and deaths which would be of interest to numerous listers that we cant possibly transcribe in the

2 hours that our library is open each week.


We ordered film 1495575 and hope to extract more marriages off it over the next month.

We are still waiting on the Negombo Schooltombo to see if any Andersons are in it, and to see if Schooltombos have hidden treasures too.


Cheers, and Good Night


Coreen & Larry, May 30 2007



Apologies to all Listers, we have transposed the film number for the lists just posted.


THE CORRECT FILM No is 1610373

Items 1-3 Registers of Marriages 1887-1948 DR Church (Bambalapitiya)

Items 4-9 Registers of Marriages and Baptisms 1872-1990 (Maligakanda)

Items 10-13 Registers of Deaths and Marriages 1902-1978 (Regent Street)

Items 14-15 Registers of deaths and Membership Rolls 1929-1989 (Nugegoda)

Item 16 Registers of Baptisms and Marriages 1677-1990 (Galle Road)


We were looking at two films at once and my dsylixec nuerones crossed over.


Film 1495574 is applications for Baptisms in the Colombo District 1806-1861 It is mostly in Dutch and is not in very good condition. We have copied a number of pages that Listers are interested in, which we will post soon.


We hope we have not confused Researchers too much. Larry

(theDYsleXic one), and Coreen  ,the one with Beauty, and Brains. May 31 2007



Good evening


I am hoping someone can answer a couple of question. As can be seen below Sri Lanka has had various names.



Portuguese Serendib.Ceilão 1505-1650

Dutch 1650 -1796

Crown Colony 1796-1948

Dominion Feb. 4 1948-

Sri Lanka May 1972

My first question is, what did the Dutch called the island during their tenure The second question is. Did some females married at an early age. I have a few who were under 13, and had children at fourteen. Is this possible?




Eric, June 1 2007





out of about 4000 marriage records we have here and the other 1000s we have looked at, there are only 2 x 13 year old and 2 x 14 year old brides that we have seen. One was in 1762, and the others in the early 1800s. There are plenty of 15,16 and 17 year olds.


We have a query on our own tree for a 10 year old bride, but of course we are going on non official records and cant prove it, one way or the other.

Remember that most of the information for age are baptismal records, and if there is no manned church in the area a Circuit Minister could come once every year or two so that could deflate the age.The other thing that happened a lot was if the wife died in childbith and left children to look after, a female member of her family took up house to look after the children and the bereaved husband. Hope this helps.


Larry&Coreen. June 1 2007



Hi there,

Re;- the early marriages. I think many of us have these in our ancestry, I have one of 13 and one of 14. I have come to the conclusion that this is in some way to do with the 'army allowance' for children stopping when a child was 14, and in the case of my own family this brought about marriage for the girls and enlistment for the boys. A different world and life was in the main short.


All the best-


Lesley , June 1 2007



That is the Marriage Register Entries for the moment, we think there are two more churches to go on this film .


Remember, this is the ...PRIMARY SOURCE... the Honest to God, Ridgey Didge, Fair Dinkum entry which has the signature of the blushing bride and eager groom as well as their age, address, occupation, and fathers occupation,( whether working, retired or dead.) These are the only British Ceylon marriage entries we have seen that are not just the Reverends' entry in a Circuit Visitation Book, which is then transcribed by hand into the main Church Register, which was then typed into a GROOM ALPHA LIST in the early 1900s, which then appeared on LDS film 1496387 and others, in the 1990s. The Research worth of this film is PRICELESS, and again we plea that someone gives us guidance how to put this information out there for FREE, for all researchers to access, before it is Commercially exploited. There is a huge project on at the moment by the LDS and to transcribe all records that the LDS have. This may mean complete commercialization of the site, pay for viewing in the near future. for more information see The EASTMAN Letters.


We know that by putting this plea on this website the lurkers, shirkers, and the ancestral arboreal tea leafs have already used information supplied to grow their databases and family forests, with no time, effort, or verification of facts.


This doesn't deter us from helping others, and sharing our original research which is all aimed at finding out who was Captain (of what?) James Thomas Anderson.

He turns up in Jaffna in 1803, to marry a Toussaint girl, has several children with her, she dies, he remarries in Galle, a young de Vos lady, (widow van Alken) and has one child by her. He has variously been called an Englishman, a Scotsman, and a Dutchman.


We have looked at Church records from England, Scotland, Holland, Batavia, Mauritius, and the Cape Colony to name a few.

We have Anderson Wills from England, Scotland, and Holland, but no advancement made. We have seen websites that change the Ceylon Army Captain James Anderson to Captain James Thomas Anderson, we know he was only James Anderson as we have his baptism, military record, death in Scotland and Will, but still he shows as Captain James Thomas Anderson on a revamped website, touting financial gain from unsuspecting viewers.


The Military lists, embarkation lists, EIC ships list, and Madras and Ceylon Civil Service lists have been scoured for the period 1800 to 1840, but no clues !!

The breakthrough last year at The Hague with the then unknown child James Robbert Anderson ( yes that is how the Rev Palm spelt it) gave us renewed hope that we can further our research beyond Ceylon for the Anderson line, and leave a lasting research legacy to our children, and their children, and ad infinitum.



Sharing Original Research !!


Coreen & Larry, in a warm, wet North Qld.


E-Mail: Tue Dec 2 2007


Two serendipitious films, with surprises at every turn of the hand crank, were viewed by us on Tuesday evening.


The films have an eclectic collection of Dutch and English records and also church correspondence.


To tempt others to collate research off the LDS films for all interested ...  here is are some mouth watering examples we found.


Marriages 1802 to 1839

No 2.  Pieter Francois Loos and Anna Francina Mulhuisen...21 Feb 1802.

No 3.  Johannes Van Dorth and Helena Niedorf.....   20 Feb 1802.

No 30. Jacob Raymond (Geneva) and Henrica Antonia Christoffels..28 Nov 1802

No 62. Andries Van Twest (25) and Margarita Schokraft (19)...16 Nov 1803

No 78. Elias Wilhelmus Staats (30) and Wilhelmina Petronella DeRun (16)...29 June 1804


the last entry is for Herman Christian Scharinguivel and Elizabeth Petronella Ferdinand....20 Jan 1839 Please be aware that all these filmed entries are hand written and in Dutch, and not all are numbered,  so our transcriptions are only an educated guess, on hard to read entries.


Some entries have ages and also the name of the widow or widower. There are also some entries from whence the parties came from.


We have transcribed 120 of these entries, and will continue next Tuesday.


Some searchers will know of the marriage indexes on film 1496387, which have  Register volume and page number;  this film is MARRIAGE REGISTER 3C / 2


The second lot of Marriages are 1879 to 1885.


Again we have about 100 far.


These are an official form called Registration B12 and have 9 columns.


No and Date of Marriage, names and Surnames of Parties, Age, Rank or Profession, Residence at time of marriage, Place of Marriage, Signatures of Parties and Signatures of officiating officers and Witnesses.


No 336. George P Schokman, 30, Medical Practitioner, Matara and Eleanor H Leembruggen, 19, Colombo. Feb 05 1885

No 263. Louis Van Heer, 25 Clerk, Col.and Maria Caroline Melder, 19, Col. 26 may 1880

No 258. Edmund Gratiaan De Waas, 26, Draughtsman, and Augusta Mathilda Brohier, 26. 03 May 1880

No 255. Henry Walter De Vos 26, Clerk, and May Emily Ginger. 18. 21 Jan 1880

No 329. Richard Edmund Solomonsz, 26, Clerk, Pettah and Emily Nugara, 20, Borella. Set 08 1884

No 326. Wilfred Lionel A Passe, 26, Manager, Cinnamon Gdns and Rosalina Henrietta Scharniguival 21, July 24 1884.

No 256. Adrianus Cornelius Ferdinand, 26 Saddler, col. and Ursusulla Maria Van Dort, 24. 26 Feb 1880


We have also looked at early marriage banns for the 1700s which are fascinating, but so time consuming to decipher Happy Hunting, Coreen&Larry..


Larry & Coreen Andresen [] 


Hi Larry and Coreen,

You two do so well at finding this information...

I am still after the marriage of Alfred Ernest WHATMORE and Emily Elizabeth DE SILVA alias HUDSON, which I think took place in about 1880, probably in Colombo.

I don't suppose by any tiny chance that you turned that one up?


Becca Kenneison, UK

Becca Kenneison []