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Prof. M.T.M.Jiffry, Deputy Chairman, University Grants commission  passed away this morning, Fri Sep 17 2010. Inna  Lillahi Wa  Inna Ilaihi Rajioon (From God he comes and unto God he returns)



Prof. M.T.M.Jiffry


I met him as a freshman at t the Peradeniya Campus of  the then University of Ceylon. I ragged him and we became friends immediately and enjoyed our campus lives though  we were in different faculties. After graduation  and right throughout our careers we kept in touch with each other, though not regularly and exchanged news of each other. We became professionally closer when he joined the University Grants Commission.

When the idea to form the Insight Education Trust   came up, the first person that I contacted  by phone  to be a member of the Trust was Prof. Jiffry who without  any hesitation agreed.  It was a rich experience for me and other Trustees thereafter to sit with him and dissect, repair and suture the Insight Deed of Trust as an excellent document crafted initially by Br. Najeem AAL.



Prof. Jiffry , Dr. Ziyard Thaha and Shibly Azeez  PC went into lengthy discourses on words, values and principles that were embedded into the Insight deed of  trust. His last official function at Insight Institute of Management and Technology was delivering the Keynote address at the launch of our BBA programme  at the City Campus 


Then we met at the Insight Trust meetings.


Since April or May his phone went dead virtually. We could nor get the Deed of Trust Signed by him though he contributed heavily towards it. That was Allah's will.Today he is no more. His professional contributions will live on and on.


May Allah grant him Jannathul Firdhouse


Hilmi Sulaiman


Insight Education Trust

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