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Nelum De Silva Jayasundera (nee Welikala)


It has been an honour and a priviledge for me to have known this remarkable person, in all honesty Nelum had all that it takes to be the perfect person, whose life could fit into the teachings of all religions on this earth.


Her qualities were, Kind Loving unselfish compassionate tolerant content and many more, these that have set Nelum aside form most people that I have met in my walk with life.


Nelum was the ideal wife that un hesitatingly un conditionally and not counting the cost gave all that she had to her husband and daughter


She was able to make the best of any situation that she was placed in and she had a philosophical outlook, to life in general, I admired her for these qualities, and people like her made the drab fabric of life sparkle with threads of gold.  Nelum was   way ahead of her time in her outlook to life


She walked through this impermanent   world, which is so full of sadness; hate selfishness and intolerance with compassionate love


Truly Nelum was a shining light to others, much as a lighthouse would be to a ships captain on a grey and rough sea.


As I sit writing this I can hear her gentle laughter enquiring after my health, and giving me sisterly.councel


Nelum has touched the hearts and lives of many who came to know her, and she knew the power of love that can destroy all bonds of evil, hate and selfishness


The more I look into her life the more I see how imperfect most of us are and we who are on this earth can learn to live like her, and to this extent I firmly believe that her mission in life was to show us the way.


The brave manner with which she faced her illness is another lesson that nelum has taught me, my heart is filled with sorrow that I was not there physically to say how much we loved and admired her, but we were there in sprit.


We all live this life but once, and the clock of life is wound but once, we donít know the time or the hour set aside for each one of us, tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so lets live the life that Nelum has shown us. Leave no regrets and be sure one day all of us shall meet.


Nothing can break the chords of love that bind our hearts to Nelum we were privileged to have had you in our family.


 Our thoughts and prayers are with all the loved ones you have left behind, I am sure friends and relations who have gone before will meet you on the other shore.


Rohan De Silva Jayasundera

21 Macedon Crescent,

PalmerstonACT 2913