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Royal Primary School 1953 & Royal College '59 Group

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Graham Koch

playing Santa with Sinhala kids on a trip to Jaffna organized by Lion Air

carrying one of the Beijing Olympic Torches

getting ready for the Lion Dance in China

with President Nixon of USA

with ex Chinese PM at Colombo Hilton

Roger Herft & Graham Koch

Chris Mills, Rev Roger Herft, Ann Mills, Graham Koch, Ingrid Koch & Dr Allan Ebert

Irshard Mahmud in Germany


Ando meets up with the Aussies at Jeremy's Place - Oct 2011

Graham, Brian, Ando, Jeremy & Prasanna

Mrs Dias, Brian & Wife, Prasanna, Graham, Sassina & Jeremy

Mrs Dias, Brian, Sassina (Mrs Perera), Mrs Lieversz, Prasanna,
Graham, & Ando

Brian, Prasanna, Graham, Ando & Jeremy

2011 Bradby Shield Get-Together
held at the P Sara Stadium Saturday 11, June 2011

Charitha Ratwatte & Family Pic

uploaded May 22 2011 with the kind permission of Chari

'59 GROUP AGM 2011

Charitha Ratwatte was elected President with the remaining office bearers from 2011 all being re-elected uncontested. Skanda steps down as President after having served diligently for two years. Pics from the event held in Colombo in March 2011.

Chari taking over as President

Panna, the swining medic, & the gals on the floor

Shaji (Susu) Aziz

The membership

Outgoing President, Skanda, with the gang

Ketty (de Silva) & Wife

Pulle & Shiran

Swinging it 59er style

Mazher & Aziz


Sunil & Wife

Sunil & the gals, Ms Jayatilleke, Sunil, Ms Wimaladharma, Ms Perera

Shiran and wife

Panna & wife



The Palihakkara's



Upali de Livera & Wife

The Aziz's



Prasantha, Sarath & Chari

Suni & Akram

Therese & Nihal Canagasabey

Naizer and Wife

Ms Perera & Ms Naizer

Daya Wicks belting out a solo while Ruchi ponders

Jaya, Daya & UC

The Water Hole (Hapu in the background, in Safari suit, surveying the landscape)

Pulle, Chari, Chandraprasad, Jayatilleke, & UC Jayasinghe

Daya, Chari & Pulle

Nihal, Shiran & Upali quenching their thirst

Anil, Chari & Upali

Chari, addressing the Group

Chari, addressing the Group

Prasantha, Panna, Tissa, ?, Sunil (Bakey),

Sunil (Bakey) and Nihal (Caney) discussing over a drink

Ruchi (RL) Perera, with Hapu in the background

London Pics

Fazli Sameer & Git Wickremasinghe, Premier Inn, Kings Cross, London March 2010

Sarath Gooneratne & Fazli Sameer, London, Mar 2010

Vishva Vedage, Suren Goonewardene & Fazli in London Mar 2010