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Sanda Poulier passes away in Australia

Elmo Rodrigopulle - DN July 14 2009

The death has occurred in Moorabbin, Australia of former Sports Editor, Sanda Poulier of the now defunct 'Times of Ceylon'.

Poulier who was 90 years at the time of his death, was my Sports Editor in the early 1960s and I was fortunate to serve under him and learn all about sports writing. He was always available to junior sports reporters and showed them how.

However Poulier's forte was horse racing and his tips were very often winners.

I was fortunate to have him as my Sports Editor when I joined as a cub sports reporter in the early sixties and he used to show us the art of writing, especially how to look for lead stories.

After faithfully serving the Times of Ceylon for several years, Poulier migrated to Australia and Australia's gain was the Times loss. During the time of Poulier, the Deputy Sports Editor was Ramsay Zieglaar and the sports reporters were Alban 'ÄV' Fernando, Percy Beling, the writer and M.B.Marjan. When Poulier left Ramsay Zieglaar succeeded him as Sports Editor.

May his soul rest in peace.