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“The following items are extracts from the diary of A.L.M. Idroos Lebbe Marikar, paternal grandfather of N.D.H.M. Salih and maternal grandfather of W.M.A. Jabbar, who lent me the diary”

Muhammad Sameer bin Haji Ismail Effendi bin Sahib Dorai






My mother’s younger sister, Ummu Hany Umma, married Sinne Marikar’s son, Sahib Dorai (grandfather of Muhammad Sameer)



Kader Kandu’s daughter, Ummu Hany Natchia, married Abdul Cader Hajiar’s son, Abdul Careem* (grandfather of Raliya Noordeen-Sameer, wife of Muhamad Sameer)


Ummu Hany Umma got a son, named Ismail (father of Muhammad Sameer)




Notes from Other Sources


Ismail, set sail to Egypt, Istanbul, and ‘Arabia, to see ‘Arabi Pasha’s people and submit a petition about ‘Arabi Pasha to the Government, and to perform Hajj, in the company of S.L. Mahmood (Haji), A.L.M. Shamsy Lebbe Marikar (Haji), M.L.M. Zainudeen (Haji), and cook Rawther (Haji), Y.L. Sinne Lebbe Marikar (Haji)


Ismail married Haleema alias SevathAmma (d/o CLM Ahmed Ali Marikar+)


Haleema got a son and named him Muhammad Sameer


A.C. Noordeen (son of Abdul Careem*) married Ummu Habeeba (parents of Raliya Noordeen-Sameer), when Ismail, her uncle was the witness for the bride


Noordeen and Ummu Habeeba blessed with a daughter and named her Raliya


Ismail and family shifted to Wellawatte (Colombo 6)


Ismail died and family returned to New Moor Street


Sameer came under the guardianship of his maternal grandfather Kappodear Lebbe Cassim Lebbe Marikar’s son, Ahmed Ali Marikar+


Colombo Muslim Educational Society passed a vote of condolence on the death of Ismail (Full Name: ISMAIL LEBBE MARIKAR alias HAJI ISMAIL EFFENDI)


Yusuf, an uncle of Sameer taught him to maintain a diary


A Diary of events recorded by Muhammad Sameer





Hameedia school was built and I (Muhammad Sameer) was one of the first batch of students admitted


I attended City College, san Sebastian, Colombo


Conveyed to ‘Arabi Pasha my mothers Salaam and prayed for his safe return to Egypt due to start the next day


I received my first prize of a book, at College, distributed by J. Harward, Principal of Royal College.


My circumcision Kanthuri function


Attended St. Thomas’ College, Mutuwal, Colombo 15


Attended mass meeting of Muslims with regard to the Fez question and listened to the speech of Moulavi Rafiudin Ahmed, BA LLB


Passed London College of Preceptor’s Examination, Lower Form


Joined in the Mowlood Kandury for naming A.J.M. Waleed


Uncle I.L.M. Yusuf brought the 1206 issue of Review of Religions of I.L.M. Abdul Azeez containing the photo of the leter of our Holy Prophet to the King of Egypt, and I began to subscribe to the Review of Religions


W.M. Thaha asked me to help his brother W.M. Hassim in his shop, bade farewell, and left Ceylon.


Took Naseeyath of Alaviyyah at Symonds Road Mosque at the hands of Seyyed Hussein Saqqaf


Accompanied W.M. Hassim to the Notary Office to sign his marriage agreement


Admitted a member of the Maradana Mosque congregation and received a leter from I.L.M. Abdul Azeez referring to me as “the worthy son of a valued friend of mine”


Celebrated the inauguration of the Hejaz Railway between Mecca and Medina at a meeting at the Hameedia School, as the organizer and secretary (photographed)


Traced the Arabic poem composed by my father and approved by Sheikh Abdullah bin Omar Batheeb


Lived at Grandpass and attended prayers and recited Adhan at St. Joseph’s Street Mosque.


Started publishing a monthly, The True Messenger, with A.C.A. Hameed as Tamil Editor


Received letter from Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam about the Liverpool Muslim Mission


N.H.M. Abdul Cader, MMC, recommended me for a clerical post in the Municipality


Attended wedding of Mohammed Macan Markar, Turkish Consul


Received 1,000 copies of Jewels of Islam, composed by me and published at Lahore


Received letter from Alexander Russel Webb about the American Muslim Mission at New York


Started Municipal Clerical Service in the Assessor’s Department under N.G. Power


W.M.A. Jabbar brought me a proposal from the parents of Raliya suggesting a marriage to her


My dowry function


I married Raliya


Received Islamic Fraternity published by Professor Barakathullah from Japan


Attended Garden Party to Mayor Keith McLeod at the GOH


Subscribed to the “Comrade”, the weekly nationalist journal of Mohamed Ali, BA, in India


Joined in Mi’raj celebrations at the Abullah Alim donated Hall and read a paper on the Night Journey of our Holy Prophet


Traced reference in Appuhamy, an English magazine of 7 March 1890, to M.C. Abdul Rahman, Mohamedan member in the Legislative Council


Received African Times and Orient Review, published monthly by Duse Mohammed in London, in whish my articles and photos appeared


Received letter from Dr. M.A. Ansari, head of the medical mission from India to Turkey, during the Balkan war


My article about Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan of Turkey appeared in the Magazine, “Mohamedan”, of Madras


I am elected Secretary at the meeting of the Maradana Mosque congregation, to adopt the rules and regulations of the Mosque, and also elected a Board Member


Attended reception to Dr. H.R. Abdul Majeed, LLB, at galle Face Hotel. Roup photo taken and an account by me published in the London Magazine along with photo


Presented an address, at a gathering at Public Hall, to the Interpreter Mudaliyar, M.L.M. Ahmed Lebbe Marikar, signed by me and S.D.M. Burhan


Received letter from Iskander Bin Farus Frazer Hill Poet about the Australian Muslim Mission


Could not attend office owing to the riots


Joined the All Ceylon Muslim League, founded by C.M. Meera Lebbe Marikar (who was the Secretary)


At the meeting of Moors Union, N.H.M. Abdul Cader, President, released the life history of I.L.M. Abdul Azeez, written by me.


Islamic Review of Woking published my article on the “Prophet’s Trust in God”


Joined Public Service Mutual Provident Association


I inquired from the local head of the Ahmadiyya Movement why there is such a vehement opposition to the movement. He told me that the Holy Quran states in 33 places that Isa Nabi is dead while the Muslims believe that he is alive in the sky and will descend one day. I asked him how to reconcile the fact about his coming down if he is dead. He referred me to page 195 of Asrarul Aalam by Siddi Lebbe, where he states, “There will be one Muslim bearing the name Katham and he will be the best among the saints of the Ummah (seal) followers of our Holy Prophet and he will be the one who will be the last coming ISA ALAIHISSALAM


Attended, with permit card, the funeral of His Excellency Sir John Anderson, Governor of Ceylon, at Kanatte, Colombo


Traced papers of Kandyan Kings presenting land for Mosques and for maintenance of Mosques


I got a copy of the letter dated 22-Jun-1906, from the Government, permitting the Muslims to wear the Fez in court


Traced paers regarding Dehiwela Mosque meeting asking the Government to sell the Crown Land adjoining the Mosque cemetery, and showing that the Mosque had bought the land in 1908


Received ration card from the Municipality issued to me No 107, Old Moor Street


Elected member of the Executive Committee of the Maradana Mosque


I shifted to Wellawatta


My daughter, Rameela, and son, Thahir, attended St. Clare’s College


Promoted to Index Clerk in the Municipal Service Div. 1 on increased salary


Heard Sarojini Naidu’s lecture at Maradana Mosque grounds (that sweet singing bird of India)


Attended meeting under the presidency of S.A. Marikar, Bat at Law, to consider the form of reception to Muhammad Lord Headly, expected in Ceylon.


Prepared memorandum on the working of the Municipal Assesor’s Department at Chairman’s request


Muslim Committee recommended to government to substitute the word “Muslim” in place of “Mohamedan”, leaving the racial names, Moor, Malay, untouched.


Hon W.M. Abdul Rahman, at the incorporation of the Maradana Mosque Management, wished to include the names of Proctor N.M.M. Haniffa, M.B. Muhammad, and Nafi Naina-Marikar as members of the Maradana Mosque Board of Trustees.


My daughter Saleema and son Ismail attended St. Clare’s College.


Received post-card from N.D.H. Abdul Caffoor stating that some who have gone to the Wembley Exhibition are going for Hajj, viz; N.D.H. Abdul Caffoor, his sons, Muhammad Falil and Muhammad Yousuf.


Received letter of thanks from H.M. Macan Markar for congratulating him at his success at the elections.


My son Thahir admitted to Royal College by Major H.L. Reed, Principal.


Received letter from Yahya Ali, MA LLB. From Madras regarding Muslim Marriage Laws.


Received letter from N.D.H. Abdul Caffoor at Wembley Exhibition, London.


Received letter from N.H.M. Abdul Cader at Wembley Exhibition stating that he was leading London for home.


Nafi Naina-Marikar and Tuan Arif A. raheem, Secretaries, called a meeting of Muslims to protest against a newspaper for caricaturing our Holy Prophet (sal) with J. Hobbs (Cricketer)


Elected Co-Treasurer of the Maradana Mosque


Complimented by the Mayor and Chairman for work in connection with Court Case DC20081.


Received letter from Dr. Bastamiaar A. Careem regarding the purchase of land for his sons.


My friend, L.M. Hasheem, introduced me to his Sheikh Abdul Ghany Sahibul Kadry and he explained how his disciples Mureeds are being trained in spiritual exercises in seclusion (Calwath) and are progressing very high. (Reports of the visions of S.L. Muhammad Haji, W.M.A. Majeed, M.L.M. Azeez, A.L.M. Oduma Lebbe Marikar Hajiar [maternal uncle of Ms. Raliya Noordeen-Sameer] appear in “Ghana Pirashannage Rathinam”, pages 225-255])


Received letter from Captain H.G. Eastman, late Assessor, regarding the success of a Court Case in Colombo.


My daughter, Noor Jazeela, attended St. Clare’s College.


Shifted to 45, Lily Avenue, Wellawatte.


I attended the opening of the main building of Zahira College by His Excellency the Governor; as the Government granted Rs. 25,000/-, the Muslim public contributed Rs. 25,000/-, and the balance half lakh was paid by N.D.H. Abdul Caffoor Haji for the erection of the building. (vide Ceylon Independent, 30 January, 1928)


N.D.H. Abdul Careem appointed Co-Treasurer of the Maradana Mosque on the death of W.M. Abdul Jabbar who was the co-treasurer with me.


While I was serving on the Jury, Supreme Court, my son Sadiq was born at home.


Attended lecture by Professor Marrs on “Wahabism” at Zahira College, presided by T.B. Jayah, the Principal.


Received copy of 1930 Muslim Almanac prepared by C.H. Mantara.


Received summons from District Court filed against the Mosque, No DC 34834, for appointing I.L.M. Yusuf Alim and H.S.M. Isadeen Haji as Katheebs, and for other causes of action.


Complimented in office for saving Rs. 58,000/- of Municipal funds by a proposed land acquisition being abandoned.


Traced agreement between Kappodiya Lebbe Avoo Marikar, Chief of the Maradana Mosque Management, and Seyeth Tuan, Chief of the Peer saibo Mosque, in 1869.


My dearly beloved mother died. My Paradise is at her feet.


Dr. M.M. Sadiq Ahmadi, Missionary in America, wrote in the Daily News about Muslim Representation in the Ceylon Legislature.


Obtained copy of the Kadutham Marriage Registration of my grandfather, Ahmed Ali Marikar to Khadija Umma, witnessed to by Ahmed Lebbe Hassen Meera Lebbe Mathicham, granduncle of W.M. Hassim, and Sheikh Abdul Cader Idroos Lebbe Marikar Mathicham, father of I.L.M. Abdul Azeez, and Avoo Lebbe Uduma Lebbe Marikar.


My daughter, Rahma, and son, Farooq, attended St. Calore’s College.


I am summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department to inquire into the complaints that large sums of Maradana Mosque monies have been spent as fees for Mosque work.


Attended funeral of Hon. W.M. Abdul Rahman.


Received letter from C.B. Orr in England thanking me for working up the Turf Club assessment case.


My son, Ismail, admitted to Royal College by Principal, L.H.W. Sampson.


Sunday Times published photograph of Seyed Alavy Bafaky with I.L.M.H. Yusuf, Katheeb Junaid, and others.


Attended burial of H.S.M. Issadeen, Haji Katheeb, at the grounds of the Maradana Mosque.


Promoted to “B” post in Municipal Services on higher salary.


Received letter from A.M.A.Azeez for congratulating him about his success at the CCSexamination as the first Muslim.


Visited W.M.Hassim on his appointment as JP.


Attended the funeralof C.M. Assena Marikar at Dehiwela Muslim Burial Grounds, when the Trustee K.M. Abdul Majeed and the Katheeb M.M.M. Noohu Lebbe objected to the performance of Halara Dhikr of the Shathuliya being performed in Khadiriya Mosque, before burial, whilst S.L. Mohammed haji supported the Halara.


My son Sadiq attended St. Clare’s College.


Attended the Maradana Mosque congregation meeting and approved with the congregation, (i) the payment of legal fees for the lawyers in respect of the Mosque Court Case, and (ii) the lease of New Olympia Cinema to Abdul Cader.


Appointed Head Clerk,Municipality Veterinary Department.


N.H.M. Abdul Cader, MMC, died at Rutnam Hospital, Colombo 2.


Accompanied by AHM Ismail, I went to Municipal Office to get a permit to bury the remains of N.H.M. Abdul Cader at the grounds of the Maradana Mosque.


My son Farooq is admitted to Toyal College.


Obtained a copy of a Dutch document appointing Kappodayar as Head Moorman.


Received letter from M. Jabir A. Cader about the unveiling of his father’s portrait at the Municipal Gallery at my suggestion. I attended the unveiling reception when A.H.M. Ismail, President of the Maradana Mosque, suggested to me to consider my election as Managing Trustee at the next meeting of the Maradana Mosque.


Retired with credit from the Municipal service.


W.J. Wangsa Achmed published, in his monthly Truth, an account of my Municipal service up to my retirement.


I am elected Managing Trustee of the Maradana Mosque, proposed by M.L.M. Reyal, MMC, Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Maradana Mosque.


I could not tolerate the method of dealing with the Mosque rents by the staff, and, as the staff could not be reformed, I sent in my resignation from the Trusteeship of the Maradana Mosque to the President, A.H.M. Ismail, MA, LLB.


A subcommittee of the Maradana Mosque called on me at home, in respect of my resignation, and urged me to withdraw it, permitting me to take a new staff and carry on the Trusteeship with a free hand for the welfare of the Mosque. I withdrew my resignation as the President expected me to give my best service to the Mosque when I was elected.


Evacuated to Aluthgama to avoid war effects.


Inspected graves of Muslim soldiers of the Allies buried at Kuppiyawatte as the Officers of the War Graves Committee were expected to visit them.


My daughter Khalisa is admitted to St. Paul’s Milagiriya Girls’ School


Was the first to take action, by deciphering the Arabic inscription on the façade of the Maradana Mosque building as Hijra 1256.


Declared entitled to Rs. 598.94 entail as share of my mother’s Sea Street property.


Government issued me Identity Card owing to threat of Air Raid deaths.


Engaged T.B. jaleel as Kuppiyawatte Muslim Burial Ground Keeper and instructed him to have all documents, books, returns, receipts, etc. printed as of Maradana Mosque.


I re-organized the working of the Maradana Mosque, maintained proper accounts, received rents, issued official receipts promptly and correctly, on the system drawn by me for my successors, to avoid any irregularities.


N.D.H. Abdul Careem, a senior member of the Executive Committee, commended me for the re-organization of the Maradana Mosque administration as follows:- “It is really a pleasure to me to note the amount of interest you take in the working of the Mosque affairs in all its aspects.” (Rahamath Allahi Alai).


Attended Muslim Mass meeting, at 2nd Cross Street Mosque, regarding burial of unclaimed Muslim bodies at hospitals etc. T.B. Jayah presided.


Traced lists of the congregation of the Maradana Mosque and of the Grand Mosque n 1840 and 1850 respectively.


Received letter from MILM Nuhuman and SHM Mohideen, Secretaries, to consider the terms of the proposed Waqf Act, at a meeting.


Attended funeral of Justice MT Akbar, KC.


Elected a Board Member of the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home (MICH)


Appointed temporary Head Clerk of the Civil Defence Milk Feeding department.


Enroled a member of the Ceylon Pensioners’ Provident Society Ltd.


Niece, Miss Sithy Raliyya Burhan, was seriously ill, and before dying complemented her aunt, Raliya Sameer, my wife, who nursed her, saying, “My dear aunt, the more I look at your face the more happy I am.”


I paid first instalment for Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home – building fund.


Attended Muslim delimititation conference. Secretary, Advocate MM Abdul Cader.


Appointed as Head Clerk, Claim Section, Government Valuation Department under, CS Orr.


Attended Seted Abdullah bin Seyed Hussain Saqqaf’s burial at Alaviyya Thakkiya.


Received letter from AM Hameed MCHMAS Ex Treasurer maradana Mosque, encouraging me to carry on the good work of the Maradana Mosque administration.


Inspected account books of Kupiyawatta burial ground and made some suggestions to the keeper. I visited Kupiyawatta burial grounds and told the Borah Trustee that the title of the portion in their charge is vested by the Government in the Maradana Mosque as successors to the Mussalman United Assembly by an Ordinance and Conveyance.


Obtained a Photostat copy of a letter, dated 20 Jamad Ul Akhir, 1269 Hejira (1850) by Abdul Cader Hajiar (grandfather of Mrs. Raliya Sameer), descendant of Sheikh Mahroof ul Kharkee, from South India where he had gone to see Mapulle Lebbe Alim Sahib. The letter is in Arabic-Tamil and depicts the form of a Muslim’s letter to his wife, of that era.


Al Haj NDH Abdul Caffoor died at his residence, “Icicle Hall”, Kollupitiya, Colombo.


Attended the burial of NDH Abdul Caffoor Haji at the grounds of the Maradana Mosque.


Met Senator ARA Razik on his return from Hajj.


Obtained from GA, lists of Muslim Registrar or Marriages from the inception of the Ordinance.


Attended the laying of the foundation of the Maradana Mosque extension by Al Haj AHM Ismail, MA LLB. President Executive Committee.


Engaged ILM Abdul Azeez’s son-in-law, LM NoorAhmed, as clerk of the Maradana Mosque Office.


I am photographed sweeping the Maradana Mosque.


Wilfred M. Gunasekera drew my attention to the tri-lingual inscribed (Tamil, Persian, and Chinese) stone, from China, of interest to Muslims at the stone gallery of the Museum.


Photographed from different points of the Maradana Mosque building about to be demolished for extension. Also one taken of myself in front of Mimbar and Mihrab.


Attended opening of the weaving class – Fathima Muslim Girls’ School.


SLM Hasheem, an energetic member of the Executive Committee of the Maradana Mosque, took me to the tenant of Madinah Hotel, MM Mutthuwappa, to find out of his suggested scheme of the extension of the hotel.


Read a report by the Governor of Ceylon about the Moors in Ceylon in 1798 in the Times of Ceylon.


Received a letter from Sir Dr. Paul Peiris regarding the famous Moorish doctor whose photo is in the Museum.


Fixed the Maradana Mosque flagstaff by the front boundary wall a the suggestion of AMH Sheriff, veteran Executive Committee Member, as the hoisted flag is the reminder to attend Jumuah prayers.


Arranged and attended Tharaweeh, led by Hafiz M. Abubakr, at the Maradana Mosquem, who recited the whole Qur’an by heart.


Received summons to give evidence in Alaviyya Thakiyya partition case by MUM Hamza vs Thakiyya.


Attended meeting of Summrathul Alaviyya Association.


Khatheeb AJM Warid gave me a copy of his great grand ancestor, Sheikh Ismail Abdul Latiff’s, appointment as Khatheeb of Grand Mosque by HR Governor in 1845.


Fassy Ismail Alim Khaleefathus Shazuly requested me to pay him the half share of the rents of No. 211, Trincomalee Street, donated by Thambirasa Idroos, in equal shares to the Maradana Mosque and Shazuliya Thareeq for prayers at Makkah for his wife by Shazuly Sheikh.


I published a handbook of Janazah Salat: Prayers for the dead.


Received a letter from my nephew, Proctor M. Mohideen Burhan, thanking me for sending his mother’s (my sister) handwriting of the English translation of Salat Prayers.


ULMM Haji Mohideen defrayed the cost of the northward extension of the Maradana Mosque.


I put up a big board, containing the name Maradana Mosque, in three languages in the premises facing Maradana Road to correct the wrong impression of it being called the Zahira College Mosque. R.H. Bassett, CCS, made the same mistake (see Times of Ceylon 8-May-1932).


On invitation, I attended Thabligh at Kollupitiya Mosque. Opposition started against the Thabligh movement by one Sufi Sahib as it was alleged that the movement is unorthodox, while the movement claims to be puritan.


Bought properties, Nos 184, 186, & 188, High Street.


Al Haj Sir Razik Fareed donated Muslim Ladies College premises at Bambalapitiya.


Wrote to GA Western Province regarding Marakkala Palliya Watta, Maradana Mosque lands.


I accompanied Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah bin Mohammed Shamsuddin Al Fassy Al Shathuly to Dematagoda Zawia as my friend SDHM Saheed had spoken of the high spiritual value of this Thareeq.


Pettah Ward Municipal Election – My son MT Sameer a candidate.


MHA Aziz, Advocate, founder of the Ahadiyya Movement, died.


Received receipts for payment of improvement of Manimusada Thakkiya at Old Moor Street.


Paid my last respects to my brother-in-law, Proctor SDM Burhan, Secretary of the Maradana Mosque, as Times of Ceylon reported his death, and that burial will take place at the Maradana Mosque grounds. But he was buried at Kupiyawatte Muslim Burial grounds of which he was one of the three Trustees.


Release of the Sinhalese translation of the teaching of Islam by Ahmadiyya Association at a meeting presided by Dr. M.B. Drahman, malay Member of Parliament. Prominent non-Ahmadi Muslims like CAS Marikar attended.


Sir Razik Fareed informed me that he attended Jumuah service in Moscow and distributed my copies of Yaseen books.


I paid annual contribution to the Masjid Mohideen Kotari at Messenger Street, Colombo, as some of my ancestors adhered to the theory of the founder of its Khadiriya Thareeq, that the One original First Cause (God) Awwal Ahad took the shape of the last Ahmed (Muhammad) Akhir Ahmed.


Entered Government Hospital, Colombo North, for treatment of Peptic Ulcer.


My wife, Raliya, visited me in hospital and prayed for my early recovery.


Replied questions of Reyazul Hassan of The Pakistan High Commission in Ceylon, about the Ceylon Muslims, through the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home.


Attended funeral of Seyed Umar Kudsi, foermerly of Abdul Caffoor Limited, buried at Maradana Mosque grounds.


Responded to the appeal of Peer Seyed Thahir Alahudeen Al Kalyani for Muslim Orphanage Fund.


I traced document issued by Katta Lebbe Marikar Cassim Lebbe Marikar (grandfather of Proctor AHM Sulaiman), Trustee Maradana Mosque in 1879, regarding the permit for burial of the ascendants of YL Abdul Wahab and the name of the permit holder appears in the Gazette of 1882.


Sent a copy of my father’s account of his journey to Egypt, Istanbul, and Arabia (for Hajj) in 1884 to the local UAR Embassy.


Traced banath Suad poem recited by Ka’ab before our Holy Prophet (sal) in Ibnu Ishak Seerathul Rasool (The Life of Muhammad by A. Guillaume).


Received letter from my nephew, M Ideroos Allie, in UK bank.


Received report from Noorul Haqa Thanweer Ahmadi in Egypt about Ibn Batuta visit to Ceylon.


In partition case DC 7283 as sixth defendant, entitled to Rs. 804.03 for Main Street property of my mother.


Attended funeral of Mrs. Saboor Chatoor at Kuppiyawatta Muslim burial grounds. Janazah salt by Khatheeb H.B.M. Salahudeen of Maradana Mosque.


Received letter from Archealogical Commissioner regarding the inscribed picture of King Nissankamala along with the Arabic inscriptions on Adams’ Peak.


Present at the death-bed of WM hassim, JP and led recitation of Dhkr-Allah prayers along with some of his children.


Wrote to the Chinese Embassy about the Trilingual stone brought by Chin Ho, the Muslim navigator, to the Muslim’s, Hindu’s and Buddhist’s of Ceylon, now found at Galle.


Shabab ceylan magazine reproduced, from my book, “The Life of Abdul Azeez”.


My son, sadiq, sailed to England.


Sheikh Zahran Ibraheem of Egypt, staying at the Maradana Mosque premises, stirred up the Muslims to a new understanding of Islam, by stating that the Du’a after Salat Prayers is an individual supplication after Salat Prayers.


I received from son, Sadiq, in London a Turkish version of our Holy Prophets’ Mavlidi Sheriff translated into English.


Times of Ceylon published greetings from my children on the 50th anniversary of my wedding.


MILM Nuhman and MUM Salih obtained information from me regarding the old history of the Grand Mosque for Nuhman to write a book.


David Clay of Lebanon called on me to get at the tomb of Mahmud Pasha Fahmy, one of the Egyptian Nationalists exiled along with Arabi Pasha, at the request of his grandson, Kadry Mahmud of Beirut. (Arabi pronounced ‘Orabi)


Wrote to the Prime Minister that Marakkal Minissu are Ceylonese by descent.


My grandson, Uvais Sheriff, sailed to UK


Invited Professor Nahvi, MA, a Persian of the Bahai Movement at Havelock Road to read the Persian inscription on the Chinese Trilingual Stone from China as it is partly blurred.


Wrote to the Controller of Immigrant and Emigrant regarding issue of documents for Muslim pilgrims.


I wrote to the Grand Mufti Ziyaudtin Babkshnov, Religious Head of Uzbekistan Muslims in Russia.


Received “Al Bushra”, a monthly from Cape Town, South Africa.


Wrote to Superintendent of Census and Statistics regarding “Ceylon Moors”.


Addressed letter to Kadiecha Suleymanova, Russian Minister of Justice, and received Qur’an called “KOPA” in Russian and an album called, “Historical monuments of Islam in USSR”, written in various languages.


Received from the local Russian Embassy a book called, “Life of Muslim people in USSR”.


Prepared a list of Muslim pilgrim centers in Ceylon for the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home as required by the Minister of Cultural Affairs.


Received “East African Times”, monthly, from Nairobi, Africa.


Deciphered the last line in Puliyantivu Arabic Stone inscription at the National Museum with the aid of Professor Samaq of Egypt teaching at Zahira College.


Received from Mohamed Saeed Ma Yung Fu, Secretary of the Chinese Islamic Association, an Arabic Qur’an and an Album of Chinese Muslims showing their religious activities.


Wrote to Khail El Rauf, Minister of Awqaf, Makkah, regarding Tayammum ablution as water Wudhu harmed me.


Received “Muslim Sunrise” from 637, Randolph, Dayton, Ohio, USA.


Wrote to Imam Khalid Imam Shia Baghdad regarding Tayamum ablution.


Received presents from Kadry Mahmud, via John Farr, of Beirut.


Received from Makkah an English version of the Holy Qur’an sent by the Awqaf department on my application to the King of Saudi Arabia.


I prepared a manuscript of , “The History of The Maradana Mosque”, and “How I served The Maradana Mosque”.


I sent a report on the Wadduwa Jumma Mosque to he Waqf Board.


Received a book called, “Muslims in Finland”, from Ghani Hassan Haji, Kapleeminkatu, Helsinki, Finland, containing photo of Sir M. Zafarullah Khan, Pakistan Minister, with Finnish Muslims.


Received “Muslim Herald” – 63 Melrose Road, London, SW 18, UK.


Director of Census and Statistics informed me that Moors will be enumerated as Ceylon Moors and Indian Moors.


Received receipt for payment for Kandury of Khatheeb Mawlana who was the Sheikh of my father and maternal grandfather.


Reception at Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home, where a Gold Medal and a Citation read by Al Haj AH Macan Markar JP MMC, was presented, respectively, to me by Sir Razik Fareed, Kt. OBE, JPUM, MP, and Hjis Excellency Seyed Abdul Qadir Jailani, Ambassador Extraoerdinary and Plenipotentiary for Iraq in Ceylon, for my services to the community and country.


I wrote, in the souvenir of the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home 1965 issue, many matters of interest to Muslims, particularly about the lives of our great men and the Archealogical evidence of Islam in Ceylon.


Received, “France Islam”, a magazine in French, English, and Arabic, from Paris, France.


Received “Al Borada”, Spanis-Arabic Magazine from Argentina, South America.


Received “Al Bushra” Arabic Magazine from Rabwah, West Pakistan.


Wrote to B.J. Aniff Doray regarding his translation of Fath Ud Dayyan.


Attended Janazah Salat Prayers at The Grand Mosque over the remains of Moulavi Fazil Al haj Shaikh Ul Khadiry buried at Khadiriya Thakiyya at Messenger Street.


Received “Soviet Uzbekistan Today” – Russian Muslim Magazine from Tashkent USSR.


I wrote to the Muslims of Kurunegala to enhance the grandeur of the “kandury” at the tombs of Buvanaka Bahu (Vathimi Kumaraya), Galebandara Auliya, the Muslim King of Ceylon and “Oththa Meezan Auliya” his Queen Mother.


Received “Truth” Muslim Magazine from Adamagbo, Nigeria.


Received “Mujalladathul Hajj”, Arabic Magazine from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


Received “Voice of Madinah” from babu Bahabba Kustancis, East Transvaal, South Africa.


Received “Al Fajr” from New Jersey, USA.


Wrote to Government regarding Rent Act.


Obtained a copy of Deed No. 3490, dated 25-Mar-1817, of a property at Great Moor Street (New Moor Street) bought by Meera Lebbe Slema Lebbe Comister (Commissioner), grand uncle of SL Naina Marikar Hajiar, a quarter of which had been donated to my grandmother. (An account of this Comister appeared in John capper’s, “Old Ceylon”).


My wife Raliya seriously sick and recovered, Alhamdulillah!


Replied a letter from Kandy to sugest a name for a road or place at kandy as “Siddi Lebbe Mawatha”.


Received “Muslim World” from West Pakistan.


Took action to bring to the Museum the inscribed Arabic stone at Trincomalee.


I wrote on Muslim Cemeteries, in the International Islamic Institute Journal, edited by M. Murad Jayah.


Received “Thahrier Jadeed”, English-Urdu Magazine from West Pakistan.


Received a copy of the translation of an Arabic poem of Mohamed samy Al Harduy, and Egyptian nationalist exiled in Ceylon, from ILMM Nilam.


Asked Professor SA Imam about an alleged Hadith of our Prophet regarding Ceylon.


Received from Paris a table of Islamic dates of importance calculated from 1956 to 2000.


Received letter from Abdul haleem Al Sager of UAR Embassy translating Abdul Hameed’s letter of thanks for Carimjee Jafferjee contributing for Hejaz Railway in 1907.


Received news of a magazine “Ayesha” an Ahmadi Muslim Lady’s Magazine, Leroy Place, Washington, USA.


Received “Ahmadiyya Gazette”, Wabash Avenue, Chicago, USA.


Times of Ceylon published my account of Egypt’s and Ceylon’s relationship in the past.


Attended ILM Abdul Azezz centenary celebration at the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home. Secretary M. Marzook Burhan, grandson of ILM Abdul Azeez.


I visited the tomb of Shaikh Bahawudeen Bagoos Kirvani bin Holloo Balankiya, at Grand Mosque, and copied the Arabic projected letters with M. Murad Jayah as “6-5-1279 Hijra”.


Presentation of an address by Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home to ACA Wadood for his work for Islam.


Attended Sir Razik fareed’s Biography Committee Meeting.


Attended Symposium at the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home.


Araba Pasha’s life history, written by me, appeared in the Ceylon Observer.


Wrote t the Ceylon Daily News on the 14th Century of the Holy Qur’an.


Received “Relics of Islam” and English and “Al Amanathul Mukhaddass” in Arabic from the Minister of Information in Turkey, containing photographs of our Holy Prophet’s properties etc. etc. and I reviewed these in the Ceylon Daily News.


Mrs. Razeena Mohideen, JP, called on me and perused the Kitab Book maintained by my mother in Arabic, Arabic-Tamil, Tamil & Urdu, and I gace her a copy of an Arabic Bayth song of 1907.


Obtained a copy of a Deed No. 2630 of a property bought by my father.


Received a monthly news bulletin “Dawn” from the Ceylon Moor Youth League, 1 Manthri Road, Colombo 5.


His Excellency Sir Razik Fareed left Ceylon to take over duties in Islamabad, West Pakistan, as Ceylon’s High Commissioner to Pakistan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Iraq and Iran.


My article about “Hajarul Aswad” (Stone at Ka’bah) appeared in Sout At Tullab (Student’s’ Voice), the annual magazine of the Islamic Society of Royal College.


My wife Raliya fell sick at 10:30 pm. She was engulfed in a faint sweet smell of death. She sought forgiveness, prayed for Blessings on her children and asked them to be united, and we all around prayed for her as it appeared to be her end.


At 3:45 pm, Allah called my wife Raliya to Heaven, in the words of the Qur’an,”Oh Thous Soul that art at rest, flly contended with thy Lord, thou being pleased with Him, and He being pleased with thee, enter among my servants, and enter into My Paradise.” (Ya Ayyathu-han Nafs Ul Muthamainna Thurjee ila Rabbika RALIYA thun Marliyya fad qulee fee Ibadee wad Qulee Jannathee)


The precious body of Raliya was restored to earth after Janazah Salat and Du’a prayers at the consecrated ground of the Dehiwela Mosque.


Received letter from the Minister of Tourism and Information of Turkey.


Wrote to the Ceylon Daily Mirror that the Moors were called “Marakkala” and were considered as a part of the Sinhala inhabitants till the arrival of the Portuguese in 1505.


I bought, through Cargills, five volumes of the translation of the Holy Qur’an of the Ahmadiyya Movement to compare with the translation in my possession as a student of comparative religion and sects.


Bought “CEYLON IN PTOLEMY’S GEOGRAPHY” by JR Sinnathamby, retired Deputy Surveyor General, who has established that the Arabs, SONIS or Sonakars, adopted Tamil language before the reputed arrival of VIJAYA to Ceylon.


Received letter and Al Ittihad periodical from Dawood Assad, Convention Chairman and President of the Islamic Serrvice Organization, New Jersey, USA, about the 18th Annual Convention in the US and Canada.


Received postage stamps commemorating the 1400th Year of the Holy Qur’an from South America issued by the Guyana Government.


Received “La Message” a French Islamic Magazine from MI Munir, Rosenhill, Mauritius, previously of the Ceylon Ahmadiyya Mission.


Ceylon Daily news published my account of Major HM Newnham CMG, VD, CCS (retd), former Mayor of Colombo, under whom I worked.


Elicited, through the courtesy of the Daily Mirror, the poem “The Better Land” by Felicia Dorothea Hemans and found that the description of the “Better Land” to be like the description of Paradise in the Holy Qur’an.


Prepared a statement of the income of the Maradana Mosque from 1903.


Wrote to the Principal of Ramanathan College suggesting to reprint Sir P. Ramanathan’s “Culture of the Soul among Western Nations.”


Received “Voice of Islam” published by the Japan Muslim Association, Tokyo, Japan.


Received letter and “Jihad” Magazine from South Africa.


Received “LIGHT” paper from Lahore published by the Ahmadiyya.


Received from MACM Saleh, a book “Telephone between Worlds” presented to him by a Californian.


Traced the letter of Justice MT Akbar KC (date torn off) to AM Wapchi Marikar, Manager of Zahira College, suggesting amalgamating his Muslim Educational Society Ltd., with the Zahira College Management.


Traced “Al Ihtidal” an Arabic Newspaper, of 11 Ramadan 1302 (1884), of the Istanbul (Constantinople) which commended my father, Sahib Dorai Ismail Lebbe. The following is a literal translation: “There are five visitors from Ceylon, Yusuf Lebbe Hajiar Sinne Lebbe Marikar Effendi, (Haji) Mohammed Lebbe Marikar Effendi, (Haji) Mohammed Lebbe Marikar Zainudeen Effendi, Shaikh Mohammed bin Sinne Lebbe Marikar Effendi, Shamsi Lebbe Marikar Ahmed Lebbe Marikar Effendi, Sahib Doray Ismail Lebbe Marikar (Haji) Effendi. They are all people of repute in business, in Colombo, Ceylon; in the neighborhood of India. They have come here on political and business purposes, and proceed to Hajj. They called at our office on Saturday last. This is a matter of great honour to us. They are people who extend to us their sympathies on our war with Russia. They have arrived in Istanbul to be received by the Ameerul Mumineen (Sultan) in audience, and we pray that this blessing will be granted to them.

There is in this group an individual of great learning; Sahib Dorai Ismail Lebbe who is learned in Law and Logic, whose use of the Arabic language is refined and acceptable. They will be leaving shortly for Madinah and from there they will proceed to Palestine and Damascus before going for Hajj. We are grateful for their visit and thank them.

We pray that their Hajj will be HajMabroor (acceptable) and we pray that they will go home safely. May Allah increase this type of warriors to strengthen the cause of Islam.”


Continued to pray daily, five times Salat ordered by Allah and demonstrated by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal), considering them to be my Rathib recitals of the Kadirees, Halara movements of the Shathulees, Kalawath seclusions of the Sufees, Latihan Kadjeewan exercises of the Subudi’s, all combined in my Salat Prayer, for the spiritual upliftment of my soul, by being God-Conscious.

Signed Mohammed Sameer