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Report of the Widows & Orphans 1832

sent in by Roz McCutcheon,

Colombo, 24th December 1832: Report of the Widows & Orphans who have most claims on the Dutch Government, & not included in the list of Pensioners paid by the said Government, showing the Amount to which each individual is entitled. [Amounts expressed as Rds. F]


1. Maria Isabella Ludekens, widow of Mr Jacob Burnand, senior Merchant & Collector of Jaffnapstam. [60.0]

2. Gertruida Christina Elizabeth Hertenberg, widow of Charles Alexander Tonnon, late a Lieutenant. [50.0]

3. J S Adamsz, widow of Jan Godfried Stigler, a Captain. [50.0]

4. Johanna Charlotta Dammaun, daughter of Frederic Dammaun, a junior Merchant & Mint Master of Tutucoryn. [50.0]

5. K G Tavel & J A Tavel, daughters of Rudolph Samuel Tavel, a junior Merchant & Dispenser of Colombo. [50.0]

6. Widow of Johannes Wilhelmus Recourt de Lachaume, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

7. Anna Susanna Backer, widow of Louis Martinus Butger, a Bookkeeper. [30.0]

8. E C Van Dort, widow of J de Run, a Bookkeeper. [40.0]

9. S Tuket, widow of Johan Conrad Sinning, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

10. Ester Cornelia Rosayro, widow of Rosayro, a Bookkeeper. [30.0]

11. Johanna Catharina Steenhuysen, widow of Johannes Adamsz, a Bookkeeper & private Secretary to Governor Falck. [25.0]

12. J C M Reckerman, widow of Johannes Cornelis Vanden Driesen, a Cadet. [35.0]

13. Dorothea Spaar & Henrietta Spaar, daughters of C A Spaar, Bookkeeper. [40.0]

14. C D Martensz & E E Martensz, daughters of Willem Martensz, a junior Merchant. [40.0]

15. A M Van Eyck & D C Van Eyck, daughters of A Van Eyck, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

16. ---- Pfeiffer, daughter of J C Pfeiffer, a junior Merchant. [25.0]

17. F H J Mack, daughter of Johan Pieter Mack, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

18. Cornelia Helena Ledulx, widow of Johannes Frederic Dickman, a Surgeon. [35.0]

19. C Lourensen, daughter of B Lourensen, a Bookkeeper & English translator to Government. [30.0]

20. A E De Jong, widow of Jacobus Alexander Pompens, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

21. Maria Sophia Elisabeth Boets, widow of Klock, a Lieutenant. [35.0]

22. A C Friedel, widow of Friedel, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

23. Johanna Elizabeth Hemme, daughter of Albertus Michiel Hemme, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

24. M E De Jong, widow of J A H Sizilles, a sworn clerk, & Secretary of the Weescamer. [35.0]

25. Widow of Dirk Jacob de Moor, Secretary of the Council at Jaffna. [40.0]

26. M E Engelbert, widow of Johannes Elias Edema, a Captain Lieut. of the Marine. [50.0]

27. C H Sharff, daughter of Cornelis Bartholomeus Sharff, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

28. R A Vander Bush, daughter of Philip Damon Vander Bush, a Major. [40.0]

29. Johanna Jacoba Loos, daughter of Johannes Jacobus Loos, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

30. Widow of Jan Baptist Houlin, a Lieut. [35.0]

31. A E Vanderstraet, widow of Vanderstraet, a Captain. [50.0]

32. C H Van Velp, widow of Cornelis Johannes Ide, a Factor & sworn clerk of the Court of Justice. [40.0]

33. E De Jong, widow of R J Krickenbeck, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

34. Anna Catharina Lindeman, widow of Robert Aldous, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

35. Maria P C De Waas, widow of Jan Christoffel Goldesteyn, a Bookkeeper. [35.0] 36. Anna Maria Eversz, widow of Johan George Goederle, an Ensign. [30.0]

37. Samuel Liebert Philipz, orphan son of the Reverend G Philipsz (blind). [35.0]

38. Judith Gerardina Hoffman, daughter of Jan Leopold Hoffman, a Bookkeeper. [30.0]

39. --- Jansze, widow of H J Doebratz, a Clerk. [30.0]

40. Francina Wilhelmina Kelnar, widow of Jurian Christoffell Blume, a clerk in the Mint Department. [20.0]

41. Anna Isabella Da Silva, widow of Philipus Da Silva, a Clerk. [30.0]

42. Margaritta Meynert, widow of Johan Frederic Beleke, a clerk. [20.0]

43. Widow of Willem Erdman, a clerk. [20.0]

44. Sarah Johanna Koelmeyer, daughter of Cornelis Koelmeyer, Interpreter to the Chief of Negombo. [20.0]

45. Johanna Maria Plomp, daughter of Jan Samuel Plomp, a Boatswain of the Master Attendants Department of Galle. [12.0]

46. Margaritha Angenita Fretsz, widow of Johannes Keller, a Serjeant of Grenadiers. [12.0]

47. Anna Carolina Kelnar, daughter of Kelner [sic], a Surveyor. [12.0]

48. Francina Perera, widow of Joseph Van Dongen, a Serjeant of the Governor’s Body Guard. [12.0]

49. Johannes de Rosayro, widow of Willem Ridder Van Dooren, a Serjeant. [12.0]

50. M C Reckerman, widow of Gerhard Hendrik Mes, a Serjeant. [15.0]

51. Johanna Elizabeth Kehl, widow of Valentyn Kehl, a Serjeant. [12.0]

52. Johanna Margaritha Perera, widow of Johannes Bregman, Flag Staff Serjeant. [12.0]

53. Johanna Maria Beger, widow of Age Iges, a Serjeant. [12.0]

54. Anna Christina Voogd, widow of Gabriel Felsinger, a Clerk. [20.0]

55. Anna Louisa Greeve, widow of Jan Hendrik Douwe, an assistant in the Secretary’s Office. [25.0]

56. Anna Johanna Lieftink, widow of Frederic Jacob Ide, a clerk in the Court of Justice. [25.0]

57. Magdalena Elizabeth Laagland, orphan daughter of B Laagland, an Assistant. [20.0]

58. C S Leitner, daughter of Harmanus Leitner, head Medical Officer of Cochin. [35.0]

59. Sarah Maria Rykheer, widow of P C Andriesz, an Assistant in the Pay Office. [20.0]

60. --- Erfzon, widow of Thomas Pieres, Assistant in the Secretary’s Office. [25.0]

61. J A Cramer, widow of Lourens Albertus Pompeus, a Clerk in the Secretary’s Office. [20.0]

62. Elizabeth Kaleteskey, widow of Frederic William Kaleteskey, Serjeant Major of the Regiment of Wirtemberg. [12.0]

63. M T Wesselius, D G Wesselius, & A M Wesselius, orphan children of J N Wesselius, apothecary. [30.0]

64. M C Smith, widow of M C Smith, a clerk at Tutucoryn. [20.0]

65. C Kriekenbeck, widow of P Vanderstraaten, an assistant in the Trade Office. [20.0]

66. Maria Wilhemina Herman, widow of Christoff Frederic Herman, a Subaltern Officer. [20.0]

67. Anna Elizabeth Wiegers, widow of Willem Harman Muns, a clerk in the Pay Office. [20.0]

68. Christina Pieris, widow of the Bookkeeper Harmanus Loos, & her daughter Adriana Loos. [20.0]

69. Anna Catharina Pegelotty, widow of Jan Ligterfeld, Commander of a Govt. Vessel. [20.0]

70. M C Douwe, orphan daughter of H A Douwe, a Surgeon. [20.0]

71. Barbara Dias, widow of ---- Timmerman, Commander of a Govt. Vessel. [20.0]

72. W C Jansze, widow of Jacob Brouwer, a Master of the Seminary. [20.0]

73. Susanna Maria Kien, daughter of Philip Kien, a Provos Serjeant. [12.0]

74. Maria Sophia Jansen, widow of Bartholomeusz Eshuys, a Quarter Master of the Wharff. [12.0]

75. Gertruida de Almeda, widow of Johan Christian Pieterson, Quarter Master of the Wharff. [12.0]

76. Petronella Elizabeth Keetel, daughter of Frederic Keetel, a Corporal. [12.0]

77. Johanna Petronella Grabo, widow of Jan Diederick Grabo, a Quarter master of the Govt Brig "Herstell". [12.0]

78. Maria Teresia Ferdinandus, widow of Serjeant Beaumont. [12.0]

79. Gertruida Maria Nette, daughter of Captain Nette. [12.0]

80. Anna Gomes, widow of Daniel Neydorff, a Serjeant. [12.0]

81. Carolina Margaritha Benekendorff, daughter of Serjeant Benekendorff. [12.0]

82. Francina Rocks, widow of Marcus Manuel Maanligt, Superintendent of the Gunpowder Mill at Jaffna. [12.0]

83. Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina Ferdinands, widow of Pieter John Lewale, a Blacksmith. [7.0]

84. Anna Maria Floen, widow of Johannes Andries Bok, a private. [15.0]

85. Anna Maria Tiesera, widow of Lodewyk Jacobs, a private. [7.0]

86. Anna Maria Pietersen, daughter of Johan Christiaan Peiterson [sic], a Bombardier. [12.0]

87. Petronella Rodrigo, widow of Johan Philip Kranse, a private. [7.0]

88. A C E Ebertsze, widow of Abraham Jansze, an artificer. [7.0]

89. Susanna Mathias, widow of Bartholomeusz Van den Burgh, a private. [7.0]

90. Francina Meiehielse, widow of Johannes Neydorff, a sailor. [7.0] 91. Anna Catharina Elizabeth Groos, widow of Hendrick Thielman, a writer in the Armoury. [15.0] 92. Elizabeth Rosayro, daughter of Michiel de Rosayro, a private. [7.0]

93. Anna Catharina Wolff, daughter of Johannes Wolff, a Private. [7.0]

94. Dona Francina, widow of Carel Barlen, a Ship carpenter. [7.0]

95. Catharina Louisa Pietersz, widow of Johan Godlieb Evert, a Sailor. [7.0]

96. Engeltina Pegelotte, widow of B A Blume, a clerk in the Mint Department. [12.0]

97. Wilhelmina Metzeling, widow of Andries Caspersz, an Artificer. [7.0]

98. Elisabeth Dias, widow of Daniel Petersz, a Sailor. [7.0]

99. Engeltina Cornelia Simonsz, widow of Petrus Johannes Camp, a typefounder. [7.0]

100. Sara De Alvis, widow of Petrus Albert Siemons, typefounder. [7.0]

101. Elizabeth Faber, widow of Andries Magnus Cramer, a Blacksmith. [7.0]

102. A K Kerse, widow of William Hendrick Demmer, a Blacksmith. [7.0]

103. Anna Catharina, widow of Manies Herling, a Corporal. [12.0]

104. Maria Rodrigo, widow of Levinus De Coster, Sexton of the Protestant Church of Tutcoryn. [7.0]

105. Anna Maria Demmer, widow of Pieter Beyer, a Soldier. [7.0]

106. Johanna Pieris, widow of Johannes Philipus Herhold, a Soldier. [7.0]

107. Maria Carolina, Sara & Johanna Jacobs, daughters of Willem Jacobs, a Soldier. [15.0]

108. Carolina Herley, daughter of Ernester Herley, a Corporal & Postholder. [7.0]

109. Anna Perera, widow of Johannes Roode, a Porter of the Leper Hospital. [7.0]

110. Petronella De Haan, daughter of William De Haan, a Ship Carpenter’s Mate. [10.0]

111. Elizabeth De Silva, widow of Adrian Jansze, a Painter. [7.0]

112. A M Stespert, widow of Sommers, a Private. [7.0]

113. Johanna Jacoba Haarles, widow of Jan Ernst Klinkmeyer, a Sailor. [7.0]

114. Petronella Herle, daughter of Ernst Herle, a Corporal. [12.0]

115. Anna Fernando, widow of Adrian Block, a Carpenter. [7.0]

116. Maria Magdalena, widow of Arie Marcus, a Serjeant. [12.0]

117. Louisa, widow of Joseph Van Deyck, a Soldier. [7.0]

118. Francina Christina Oosten Meyer, widow of Johannes Oosten Meyer, a Serjeant. [12.0]

119. Johanna Louisa Genger, widow of Johan Frederic Bronner, Serjeant of the Regt De Meuron. [12.0]

120. Magdalena Perera, widow of Johan Godlib Rediger, a private Soldier. [7.0]

121. Bastiana Jansz, widow of Jolmanes Ferdinandus, a Soldier. [7.0]

122. Francina Rodrigo, widow of Johan Heyzer, a Carpenter. [7.0]

123. Anna Carolina Kranse, daughter of Johannes Kranze I[sic], a Private. [7.0]

124. Johanna Cornelia Schols, widow of Stephanus Naya, Sailmaker. [7.0]

125. Johanna Catharina Spring, widow of Christian Martyn Schumacher, a Printer. [7.0]

126. Juliana Duport, widow of Johan Christian Beleke, a Corporal. [12.0]

127. Petronella Medonse, daughter of Abraham Medonse, a Smith. [7.0]

128. Maria Francina Schoondorff, widow of Pieter Sarandal, a Private. [7.0]

129. Thomasia Pietersze, widow of Hendrek Pietersz, a Stockmaker. [7.0]

130. Christina Dias, widow of Mathes Herling, a Master Bricklayer. [12.0]

131. Johanna Elizabeth Rey, daughter of Jan Hendrik Rey, a Private. [7.0]

132. Fiolant Abraham, widow of Matthes Smith, a Grinadier [sic] Soldier. [7.0]

133. Elzabeth [sic] Neydorff, daughter of Johannes Neydorff, a Sailor. [7.0]

134. Juliana Neydorff, widow of Jan Fick, a Sailmaker. [7.0]

135. Francina Gomes, widow of Paulus Faber, a Drummer. [7.0]

136. Anna Elizabeth Dorus, widow of Gerret Jansze, a Soldier. [7.0]

137. Maria Baltus, widow of Pedro de Motte, a private. [7.0]

138. Joh. Carolina De Vissel, widow of Gedeon Gambs, a Messenger. [12.0]

139. Wilmina Foers, widow of Jacob Dillon, a Blacksmith. [7.0]

140. Magdalena De Silva, widow of Jos. Simlaar, a Soldier. [7.0]

141. Margaritha Smith, widow of Thomas Pieterse, a Drummer. [7.0]

142. C.G.C. widow Fermer, daughter of Abraham Hendrick Heer, a Clerk. [25.0]

143. A.H. widow Maartensz, daughter of Jansze, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

144. M.C. widow Phebus, daughter of Johannes Neygen.a Military Officer. [20.0]

145. J.S. widow Buytendyk, daughter of Peter Van Geyzel, an assistant in the Pay Office. [20.0]

146. J.A. widow Van Geyzel, daughter of A G Iges, a Clerk. [25.0]

147. A.S. widow Bellette, daughter of Groos, a Subaltern Officer. [12.0]

148. G E Schummelketel, widow of T W Benekendorff. [12.0]

149. W.A.D. widow Pandergrass, daughter of Martin, a Military Officer. [25.0]

150. Wilhelmina Robertina De Jood, daughter of W De Jood, Surveyor. [12.0]

151. J H Mathysz, widow of Hasselmeyer. [12.0]

152. J H Freyer, daughter of Robt. Reynier Freyer. [12.0]

153. M Stuart, daughter of B Lourensen, a Bookkeeper. [12.0]

154. Catharina Henrietta, widow Jonklaas, daughter of J Camp, a Clerk. [25.0]

155. Arnoldina Josina, widow Vandersmagt, daughter of Pieter Johan Muller, a Bookkeeper. [25.0]

156. Francina Reyser, widow of C D Salomons, a Lieut of the Militia. [20.0]

157. A.W. widow Hansen, daughter of J F Claasz, a Bookkeeper. [20.0]

158. W Adamsz, widow Spittel, a Clerk. [25.0]

159. Sarah Susana, widow Sypadt, daughter of Lambert Trek, a Bookkeeper. [20.0]

160. Catharina widow Sanders, daughter of Christian Hemst, a Soldier. [7.0]

161. Maria Cornelia Hofland, widow of the Reverend Erhard. [50.0]

CALTURA: (Kalutara)

162. Francina Heitte, daughter of Andries Heitte, a Private. [7.0] 163. Alemina & Elisabeth Holl, daughters of Joseph Holl, a Private. [8.8]

164. Helena Fernando, widow of Johannes Knawer, a Drummer. [7.0]

165. Geertuida Lourens, widow of Maginis Jansz, a Private. [7.0] 166. Johanna Gralje, daughter of Josain Gralje, a Private. [7.0]

167. Welhelmina Adrians, widow of Johannes De Jood, a Private. [7.0]

168. Anna Maria De Jood, daughter of David De Jood, a Private. [7.0]

169. Susanna Janse, widow of Jacobus Perera, a Private. [7.0]


170. Maria Sophia Fretz, widow of Carel August Conrady, Junior Merchant. [60.0]

171. Elizabeth Theresia Hollebeek, widow of Andreas Everhardus De Ly, Junior Merchant. [50.0]

172. Cicilia Mattys, widow of Isaack Smals, Lieut of the Artillery. [40.0]

173. Dorothea Rudolphina Hofman, widow of Jan Hendrick Ludovice, Assistant Surgeon. [30.0]

174. Johanna Baptist, widow of Hendrick Gerhard Nivenhoven, Cadet of the Artillery. [30.0]

175. Maria Agnita Starkenberg, widow of Johannes Martinus Anthonisz, Bookkeeper. [35.0]

176. Helena Buultjens, widow of Peter Hendrik Ryhart, Bookkeeper. [30.0]

177. Elizabeth Franke, widow of Rayman Richter, Bookkeeper. [30.0]

178. Henrietta Jacobina Trek, daughter of Justinus Christian Trek, a Bookkeeper. [35.0]

179. Christian De Silva, widow of Steven Anthonisz, a Bookkeeper. [30.00]

180. Johanna Jacoba Vander Kamp, widow of Christian Eloes, Pilot. [7.0]

181. Dorothea Rudolphina Ludovice, widow of Johan Bernhard Van Bergheim, Clerk. [30.0]

182. Johanna Susanna Lourensz, widow of Gerrardus Henricus Anthonisz, Clerk, has a daughter. [25.0]

183. Helena Sebella Christiansz, widow of Johannes Adrianus Vander Hoeven, Clerk. [20.0]

184. Engeltina Hopman, widow of Godlof Hartel, 2nd Hospital Assistant. [20.0]

185. Clara Elizabeth Van Hoeven, widow of Willem Hendrick Andree, 3rd Hospital Assistant. [20.0]

186. Wilhelmina Cornelia Arnvards, widow of Cornelis Van Houten, Land Surveyor. [20.0]

187. Margaritta Deutrom, widow of Fredrick Peter Schols, Organist. [20.0]

188. Alida Smith, widow of Jan Bocts, Pilot, has a daughter. [20.0]

189. Susanna Elisabeth Zybrandsz, daughter of Jurgen Zybrandsz, master sail maker. [12.0]

190. Gertruida Elizabeth Jacomina Visser, widow of Joseph Keyser, Clerk of the Dutch Church. [12.0]

191. Carolina Egbertina Hollebeck, daughter of Carolus Rudolphus Hillebeek [sic], Eryer [sic] [12.0]

192. Francina Elizabeth Cornelius, widow of Johannes Bannerly, Serjeant. [12.0]

193. Maria De Silva, widow of Fredrick Scheffer, Bombardier. [12.0]

194. Debora Hopman, widow of Lodewyk De Berg, Corporal. [12.0]

195. Maria Cornelia De Silva, widow of Lambert Beyerback, Corporal. [12.0]

196. Christiana Perera, widow Lodewyk Hendeling, ship Carpenter. [7.0]

197. Anna Catherina De Costa, widow of Johannes De Silva, ship Carpenter. [7.0]

198. Anna Aletta De Silva, widow of Nicholas Fredrick Reyhard, Carpenter. [7.0]

199. Anna Maria Magnus, widow of Johannes Steynholster, Cooper. [7.0]

200. Kelambe Araarchige Dona Catharina, widow of Sextus Beyn, Cooper. [7.0]

201. Cornelia Perera, daughter of Simon Perera, Cooper. [7.0]

202. Susanna Lourensia Wolf, widow of William Anwardt, a Smith. [7.0]

203. Petronella Wilhelmina Hendrick, widow of Johannes Jacobus Baptus, Blacksmith. [7.0]

204. Johanna Sophia Steyn, widow of Johannes Hams, Blacksmith. [7.0]

205. Johanna Nicolaasz, daughter of Jahannes Nicolaasz, Blacksmith. [7.0]

206. Dona Adriana De Silva, widow of Johannes Markus, Blacksmith. [7.0]

207. Gertruyda Hosks, widow Hendrek Visser, employed as an Artillery. [7.0]

208. Maria Justina Kleyn, widow of Johannes Domengoe, employed as an Artillery. [7.0]

209. Susanna De Silva, widow of Conraad Christiaan Ephraums, Sailor. [12.0]

210. Johanna Catharina Franke, widow of Fredrik Franke, Sailor. [7.0]

211. Theodora Aguita Heyman, widow of Johannes Schiffler, Sailor. [7.0]

212. Sara Westermon, widow of Harmanus Bartholomeusz Coopman, Sailor. [7.0]

213. Maria Pietersz, widow of Mathysz Thomas, Sailor. [7.0]

214. Anna Cornelea Jansz, widow of Lodewyk Schryver, Sailor. [7.0]

215. Indemoellegey Wattegey Mariana, widow of Joh’s Bastiansz, Sailor. [7.0]

216. Ageda Cornelia, widow of Johs Mathysz Jansz, Sailor. [7.0]

217. Gammege Susanna, widow of Abraham De Lugt, Drummer. [7.0]

218. Wilhelmina Desilva, widow of Hendrick Adriansz, Soldier. [7.0]

219. Maria De Kruys, widow of Stephen David, Soldier. [7.0]

220. Anna Maria, widow of Gerret Vander-Heyden, Soldier. [7.0]

221. Wilhelmina Pietersz, daughter of Jacob Pietersz ------, Soldier. [7.0]

222. Maria Wilhelmina Juriansz, widow of Hendrik Woutersz, Soldier. [7.0]

223. Barbara Gomes, widow of Matthysz Syds, Soldier. [7.0]

224. Carolina Slippert, daughter of Slippert, soldier. [7.0]


225. Miss C Van Zitter, daughter of Mr Van Zitter, late Secretary of the Weeskamer at Galle. [35.0]

226. Mrs Vollenhoven, widow of Mr J Vollenhoven, a clerk. [20.0]

227. Mrs Moltrecht, widow of Mr C F Moltrecht, a clerk. [20.0]

228. Mrs Mensz, widow of Mr Mensz, surveyor. [20.0] 229. Miss Huybertsz, daughter of Mr G Huybertsz, clerk. [20.0] 230. Dorothea German, daughter of a clerk. [20.0]

231. Margaritta Allens, daughter of a Dutch Soldier. [7.0]

232. Angenetta Hendriks, widow of Daniel Preor, a Gunner. [7.0]

233. Francina Gezel, widow of a Corporal. [12.0]

234. M Bangart, widow of a Bombardier. [12.0]

235. Catharina Lassi, daughter of Serjeant Lassia [sic] [12.0]


236. Johanna Schuyling, widow of a Lieutenant. [40.0]

237. M L Van Schelver, widow of a Dutch clergy [sic]. [20.0]

238. Anna Jacobo Struys, widow of an Engineer. [35.0]

239. Christina Topsvoor, widow of a Serjeant. [12.0]

240. Chatharina[sic] Balthazar, widow of a Lance Corporal. [12.0]

241. Rasina Welz, widow of a Serjeant. [12.0]

242. Maria Henriiksz, widow of a Corporal. [12.0]

243. Maria Ralenbeck, widow of a Corporal. [12.0]

244. Catharina Scouta, widow of a Corporal. [12.0]

245. Anna Maria Commayn, widow of a Serjeant. [12.0]

246. Elisabeth Hofslaadt, widow of a Serjeant & Postholder. [12.0]

247. Magdalena Starke, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

248. Francina Albus, widow of a Blacksmith. [7.0]

249. Sevila De Lieme, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

250. Anna Maria Oudschoorn, widow of a soldier. [7.0]

251. Francina Frans, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

252. Catharina Barthalot, orphan widow[sic] of a Soldier. [7.0]

253. Maria Salome Strehfes, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

254. Elisabeth de Zilva, widow of a Carpenter. [7.0]

255. Anna Maria Barthelos, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

256. Anthonia Schaute, Orphan of a Corporal. [7.0]

257. Maria Kasatar, widow of a Pilot. [7.0]

258. Weronica Andradoe, widow of a Soldier. [7.0]

259. Anthonia Sawary, widow of a Soldier. [7.0] TRINCOMALE:

260. Mrs G A P Harts, widow of Mr Anthony Maartensz, Senior Merchant. [50.0]

261. Mrs Johanna, widow of Jacob Waitling, a Lieutenant. [40.0]

262. Mrs Francina, widow of Christiaan Dornhorst, Serjeant Major. [12.0]

263. Miss Susanna Gheene, daughter of J Gheene, Drill Serjeant. [12.0]

264. Lemore, widow of Diderick, Drill Serjeant. [15.0]

265. Margeritta, daughter of Adam, Drum Major. [12.0]

266. Jacoba, daughter of harmasnder, Residnet of Manar. [20.0]

267. Catharina Jansen, widow C Tap, master Shipwright. [12.0]

268. Catharina, widow of Carolus de Smith, Private. [7.0]

269. Francina, widow of Ghoendram, a Corporal. [12.0]

270. Anna Catrina, widow of Pagaloty, a Carpenter. [7.0]

271. Margeritta, widow of Bartheloth, a Soldier. [7.0]

272. Madelena, widow of Hoek, a Soldier. [7.0]

273. Christina, widow of Sloth, a Soldier. [7.0]

274. Carolina, daughter of Jan Van Janogue, Sexton. [7.0]

275. Elizabeth, widow of Manual, a Soldier. [7.0]

276. Madalena, daughter of Jansen, do. [ditto] [7.0]

277. Ana Hendrick, widow of Jansen, do. [7.0]

278. Rosina, widow Matheusz, soldier. [7.0]

279. Christina, widow of Vanderwal, do. [7.0]

280. Christina, widow of Marteny, do. [7.0]

281. Madalena, widow of Witterbron, do. [7.0]

282. Anna, widow of Ardenberg, a Carpenter. [7.0]

283. Frederica Molet, orphan son of a Soldier. [7.0]

284. Maria, Widow of Thomas Bones, a Carpenter. [7.0]

285. Johanna, daughter of Joes, regimental Hatmaker. [7.0]

286. Margeritta & Catrina, daughters of Rodrigo, Blacksmith. [12.0]

287. Johanna de Vos, widows[sic] of Scheffer, a sailor. [7.0]


288. M de Bellon, widow of Captain J B de Bellon. [50.0]

289. C M Van Meybrink, widow of Captain J F Baron Van Meybrink. [50.0]

290. E L Kamf, widow of Adjutant J H Kamf. [35.0]

291. L Herft, widow of Adjutant L Herft. [35.0]

292. J A Theile, widow of Lieutenant J E Theile. [50.0]

293. T M Rulach, widow of Lieutenant J Rulach. [50.0]

294. C E Riberg, widow of Lieutenant C F Riberg. [50.0]

295. A M Frick, widow of Cadet P P Frick. [35.0]

296. M E Gratiaen, widow of G A Gratiaen, Resident at Manepar. [40.0]

297. A Anthonisz, widow of J A Mom, Bookkeeper. [35.0]

298. J G Tossaiut, widow of B J Tossaint, Resident at Point Pedro. [40.0]

299. M E Steenkelder, widow of M Steenkelder, Bookkeeper. [35.0]

300. M E Schrader, widow of C J Schrader, Bookkeeper. [35.0]

301. W Driemondt, widow of K C Driemondt, Bookkeeper. [35.0]

302. C D Koch & S J Koch, Orphan Children of Lieutenant J G Koch. [50.0]

303. M M Modder, widow of W Modder, Medical Sub Assistant. [20.0]

304. C E Bartholomeusz, widow of D Bartholomeusz, Clerk. [20.0]

305. M E Garnier, widow of H Garnier, Clerk. [20.0]

306. E Koelman, widow of Serjeant J H Koelman. [12.0]

307. A B Altendorff, widow of Serjeant J C Altendorff. [12.0]

308. C Ladewick, widow of Serjeant J Ladewick. [12.0]

309. S Van Duyn, widow of Serjeant A Van Duyn. [12.0]

310. J Lieversz, widow of P Lieversz, Quarter Master of the Government Sloop. [12.0]

311. W Ondatjie, widow of P Ondatjie, Sexton. [7.0]

312. J H Wuyk, widow of Corporal P Wuyk. [12.0]

313. J D Lang, widow of Bombardier J Lang. [12.0]

314. C Albert, widow of Bomardier B Albert. [12.0]

315. J Allesie, widow of Gunner G Allesie. [7.0]

316. J Taket, widow of Gunner A Taket. [7.0]

317. A Jansz, widow of Gunner J Jansz. [7.0]

318. M Pietersz, widow of Gunner Pietersz. [7.0]

319. M Staal, widow of Gunner H Staal. [7.0]

320. M Fokken, widow of Gunner P Fokken. [7.0]

321. M de Rosayroe, widow of Artillery A de Rosayroe. [7.0]

322. S C Voers, widow of Artillery G Voers. [7.0]

323. A Jansz, widow of Private W Jansz. [7.0]

324. J Scheffer, widow of Private W Scheffer. [7.0]

325. C Grenier, widow of Private J F Grenier. [7.0]

326. A Feltman, widow of Private A Feltman. [7.0]

327. C Anthonisz, widow of Private J Anthonisz. [7.0]

328. C Bondewyn, widow of Private J Bondewyn. [7.0]

329. C Roulean, widow of Private C Roulean. [7.0]

330. E Silvester, widow of Private B Silvester. [7.0]

331. E Speiring, widow of Private H Speiring. [7.0]

332. A C Pegelott, widow of Private D Pegelott. [7.0]

333. W De Rosayroe, widow of Private A De Rosayroe. [7.0]

334. J M Borret, widow of Private B Borret. [7.0]

335. S Jobsz, widow of Private J F Jobsz. [7.0]

336. A M Deycobs, widow of Private P Deycobs. [7.0]

337. M Jansz, widow of Private P Jansz. [7.0]

338. A Borger, widow of Private P Borger. [7.0]

339. F de Mey, widow of Private D de Mey. [7.0]

340. E Pietersz, widow of Private C Pietersz. [7.0]

341. W C Koelman, widow of J Koelman. [7.0]

342. M de Craan, widow of Private & Postholder P De Craan. [7.0]

343. A P Philipsz, widow of Fifer F Philipsz. [7.0]

344. S W Jobsz, widow of Drummer J Jobsz. [7.0]

345. M A Smith, widow of Commander D D Smith. [12.0]

346. B Rodrigo, widow of Commander D Rodrigo. [12.0]

347. A M Donkman, widow of Sailor J Donkman. [7.0]

348. A C Westerhoff, widow of Sailor J Westerhoff. [7.0]

349. C Engelbert, widow of Sailor B Engelbert. [7.0]

350. A C Andries, widow of Sailor J Andries. [7.0]

351. M Jansen, widow of Mariner B Jansen. [7.0]

352. C P Krause, widow of Master smith J D Krause. [12.0]

353. A Ronnel, widow of Master smith J Ronnel. [12.0]

354. C Anthony, widow of Cooper E Anthony. [7.0]

355. P Pietersz, orphan child of Corporal A Pietersz. [7.0]

356. G H Weerpass, orphan child of Shipwright P Weerpass. [7.0]

357. A C widow Kroon, daughter of Vandersmagt, Bookkeeper. [25.0]


358. C M Jacolyn, widow of C Bruger, Lieut & Commandant of Manaar. [50.0]

359. A G Vandergucht, widow of A Dirksz, Serjeant & Coachman to the Commandant. [12.0]

360. F M De Mill, widow of B Vaderwall, Adegar for the district of Manaar. [12.0]

361. J P Barbet, widow of J T Cotlette, clerk. [20.0]

362. Weronika, widow of J H Van Dyn, clerk. [20.0]

363. A M De Kraan, widow of F Bertus, Cooper. [7.0]

364. S E Klyn, widow of Private D J Bulner. [7.0]

365. C Parean, daughter of Bombadier N Parean. [12.0]

366. C D Zousa, widow of Private P Nagel. [7.0]

367. Arnoldus Pietersz, son of Gunner J Pietersz. [7.0]

368. M Alvinus, widow of Private C De Zouza. [7.0]

369. L De Rosayroe, widow of Corporal F Stuyver. [12.0]

CALPENTYN: (Kalpitiya)

370. J E Jacobs, widow of Gunner F Shlebush. [7.0]

371. M Cock, widow of Private J Alfelt. [7.0]

372. C J Rosie, widow of Private G Kerse. [7.0]

373. J E Kroon, widow of Private N Lahay. [7.0]

374. L Frans, widow of Private A Ferrery. [7.0]

375. L Perera, widow of Private B Frederick. [7.0]

376. B Fras, widow of Private C Molman. [7.0]

377. W Willemse, son of a private. [7.0]


378. A W Pietersz, widow of J Gorne, Secretary of the Commandant. [20.0]

379. S E Pieris, widow of J G Kluff, Surveyor. [20.0]

380. Louisa ----, widow of Lodewick, in charge of the Timber Yard. [12.0]

Report signed at Colombo, 24th December 1832 by:- D C Fretz, J F Giffening, E J Jongbloed & P Gratiaen.

Dutch Widows

List of Dutch Widows at Jaffnapatam not included in the Report of the Committee

Name             Age     Husband's Name     Husband's Situation

J Kroon            40     A G Kroon                 Not stated

N Williamsz     48     E G Williamsz            Not stated

J S Theile        87*   T Theile                 Not stated *or 37?

H E Ondatjie   39     P G Ondatjie             Not stated

J C Rodrigo     32     A Rodrigoe                Not stated

List of Orphans of the servants of the late Dutch Government at Jaffnapatam not included in the Report of the Committee

Name                 Age     Father's Name     Father's Situation

A S C Kachle       60       G C Kachle            Captain

J G Koch            24*     J G Koch               Lieutenant *or 20?

L H Koch            18      J G Koch               Lieutenant

F R Crafft          63      B J Crafft              Lieutenant

J De Ramelje     25      G De Ramelje        Lieutenant

A M Kerkenberg 68      J J Kerkenberg       Ensign

C E Albrecht      24      C F Albrecht           2nd Resident, Ponteayled

A Williamsz      48       T Williamsz            Junior Merchant & Fiscal

G E Scharker    36       A Scharker             Bookkeeper & Secretary

H Van Zeyl       22        J Van Zeyl             Serjeant

J P Hanibalsz   68       H Hanibalsz             Serjeant

P Fernando      53*      C Fernando             Corporal * or 58?

J Swarius         64       J Swarius              Soldier

E Berger          54       J Berger                Soldier

J A Krasse       24        A Krasse               Soldier

D E Krasse       20        A Krasse               Soldier

P J Kwesius     53         A Kwesius            Soldier

B Jansze         44         J Jansze              Gunner

A A Sikera       60        J Sikera               Drummer

M Weerpass    24         P Weerpass         Shipwright

J Van Well      50         A Van Well           Sailor

J Adamsz       35         J Adamsz             Overseer

J Maanligt      63         J Maanligt           Overseer

H Claasz         61         J G Claasz          Master Smith

E Thimplyn     54         J G Thimplyn       Head Cooper

P J Kerkenberg 74       J J Kerkenberg     Ensign

D B Matchade 21         B Matchade         Soldier

The Colombo Journal - 1833. sent in by Roz

Wed 8 May: Letters from Cape Town, Feb 15th, announce the arrival there of the "Morley", after a passage of 37 days from Colombo. She left our roads on 5th January. They were to sail for England on the 16th February. Lieut Pickering of the Madras Service died at sea, a fortnight after they left Colombo….

On the 12th ultimo, an inquest was held at Colpateen, on the body of Sege Natchea, a child of six years of age, who had died in consequence of a wound in the head. Named in report: Ally Pattomah, mother of the child, Assea Natchea, a neighbour, Sinne Thomby [also written as Sinney Thombo], owner of the cocoa tree under which the child was found,

Moheydin Candow & Cander, his friends, & medical sub assistant Tap.

[No BMDs in this issue]

Sat 11 May: B: At Colombo, on the 20th April, the wife of Mr G P Mack, of a daughter.

Wed 15 May: [No BMDs in this issue]. On the 10th inst, an inquest was held at Nuwera Ellia…on the body of Private M Purcell, 58th Regt, supposed to have met with his death by the fall of a tree in the jungle. Witnesses: Corporal Atwell, 58th Regt, J Barber, Corporal J Hedge & Dr Robertson.

Sat 18 May: Letters of Administration of the Estate of Mrs A E De Monte, deceased, …..granted…to Mr E De Monte.

M: At Matura, on the 15th inst, by the Revd J M Wittenslewer, Mr John Loftus, Medical Sub-Assistant, to Miss Chralotta Huybertsz.

Wed 22 May: Caution: Whereas my wife, Sophia Kronanberg, having been separated from her husband in sonsequence of her repeated dishonest & treacherous conduct against the law of God……. [sgd] John Porter, Colombo. [No BMDs in this issue]

Sat 25 May: Sale of "house belonging to the Estate of the late Mr Francois Pancheron …..lying in Land Street, Pettah." Mr C Raffa, Executor.

Supreme Court, Convictions:

Wijelembigey Domingo Perera & Merengage Hendrick, of cattle stealing, one hundred lashes & hard labour in chains for two years.

Malinda, Salanchy Nayde, Kohulla & Kiry Hamy, of burglary, robbery & assault, 200 lashes each on two different days, & hard labour in chains for five years.

Lamettoa, similar offence, 100 lashes & hard labour in chains for three years.

Amenahodige Jeronis Pieris, of robbery, similar sentence.

Lodan Appoo, of an assault with an intent to commit a rape, 100 lashes & hard labour in chains for 1 year.

Handungey Dok Appoo, of escape, hard labour in chains for 12 months.

D: At Peradinia, on the 18th inst, Charles Robert, eldest son of Lieut Rodney Mylius, Rifle Regt, aged 6 years & 4 months.

Wed 29 May: M: At Colombo, on Monday then 29th inst, at St Peter’s Church, by the Rev B Bailey, AM, Senior Chaplain, the Revd E Tayne to Maria, eldest daughter of Charles Chapple Esq of Stonehouse, near Plymouth. On Tuesday the 21st inst, at St Peter’s Church, by the Rev B Bailey, AM, Senior Chaplain, the Revd Thos Kilner to Esther, youngest daughter of P Booth Esq, of Norton Hammer House, near Sheffield. On Monday the 27th inst, by the Revd Mr Palm, in the Dutch Church, Mr Johan Wilhelm Rudolph Kriekenbeck to Miss Maria Henrietta De Lassosay.

Sat 1 Jun: B: In Fourth Cross Street, Pettah, the wife of Mr S G Dias, of the Govt Printing Office, of a son.

Wed 5 Jun: [No BMDs in this issue]

SUICIDE: On the 20th ult, an inquest was held at Tompalle….on the body of Canny, daughter of Parimarde Vellale of that place….. The sister of the deceased told him [the police officer] that, thinking the deceased might still be alive, she had removed the rope. Both sisters had one husband. Collende was regularly married, the deceased was not. The husband, Cander Tayramer, had left them both five years before, & had gone to Kandy. The deceased had squandered the property he had left in her charge &, understanding he was coming back, she was thought to have destroyed herself from fear. She had two children….. Colende deposed that she was the sister of the deceased, that they were not at variance, although they were married to one husband…. Parime, another sister of the deceased, deposed that she lived in a separate house from her two sisters…. Ponnatee said she was mother of the deceased….. Candu deposed that he was a doctor…

Wed 5 Jun: [No BMDs in this issue]

Insolvent Court: Hormusjee Sorapjee & Cowasjee Sorapjee, two brothers, bankrupts to the extent of six lacs of rupees….

Sat 8 Jun: Letters of Administration to the Estate & Effects of Mr Casper Gerard Kalenberg, late of Colombo, deceased, having been decreed….to Mrs Petronella Margaritta Van Dort, the daughter of the said deceased….. Mr John Van Dort, the husband of the said administratrix.

B: At Colombo, on the 5th inst, Mrs L A Bartholomeusz, of a daughter.

Wed 12 Jun: B: At Colombo, on the 11th inst, Mrs J Ball, of a daughter.

Sat 15 Jun: Public Auction: The house & premises on the Galle face, the property of the late John Walbeoff Esq, deceased.

D: At Colombo, on the 29th May, Stephen Henry Roosmalecocq Esq, Sitting Magistrate of Negombo, aged 40 years, 4 months & 11 days.

During his arduous services of 20 years, he had acquired, by the mildness of his disposition & the urbanity of his manners, the esteem & friendship of all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He left an inconsolable widow, 5 children, & several relations to lament his loss.

Wed 19 Jun: B: On the 9th inst, the Lady of John Heyliger Esq, Ceylon Rifle Regt, of a daughter. At St Sebastian’s, on the 16th inst, Mrs C H Boyd, of a son.

Advertisement: Johannes Francois Keller left Colombo in 1817 for Bengal in the Brig "Henrietta" & has since not been heard of. His aged mother, Maria Angenita Fretz, widow of Johannes Keller, will feel much obliged to any person who can give her any information respecting him, & also of her son-in-law, Don Alphonso Arcalar, a native of Manilla, who left Colombo in 1830, as Steward of the Barque "Joseph Banks", Captain Lourens Fraser, for England, & who has also not been heard of since; his wife, Johanna Frederica Keller, who was delivered of a daughter which is still alive, after he left Colombo, will feel likewise much obliged to any person who can giver her any information of her husband.

Sat 22 Jun: [No BMDs in this issue]

Wed 26 Jun: [No BMDs in this issue]

SUICIDE: On the 15th inst, an inquest was held at Mipey, in the district of Galle, on the body of Koeda Oenanse, a local priest of the Vellale caste, late of the temple of Ranwallegodde…. Sobiet Ganinanse stated that the deceased, himself, Jayetoe Gaora & two youths, lived at the Pansella of Mipey….. A priest named Pivedasse Terunanse….stated that the deceased was about 13 years of age…. Cahande Gummagelly, the father of the deceased…..

Sat 29 Jun: D: At Colombo, on Thursday the 27th inst, Adelaida Charlotta, eldest daughter of Mr John Godfried Ebert, aged 13 years, 5 months & 11 days.

INQUEST: On the 29th March, an Inquest was held at Nuwera Ellia, before Captain J D Bagenall, Agent of Government, on the body of James Buchanan, a private in His Majesty’s 78th Regiment. William Newton, private of the 97th Regt, deposed that hew was the day previous in the jungle with the deceased, tracing an Elephant. [The elephant crushed Private Buchanan]. Other witnesses: Corporal Mindenhall & Captain Wm Sadlier, both of the 58th Regt, Assisitant Surgeon Topham of the 97th Regt.

Colombo Journal 1833

Wed 3 Jul: [No BMDs]

Sat 6 Jul: B: On the evening of the 30th June, the Lady of Colonel Hamilton, CB, 97th Regt, of a daughter. On the 3rd inst, the wife of Mr L W Van Buuren, of a son.

Inquest: On the 24th ult, an inquest was held at Galle, before Thomas Oswin Esq, Sitting Magistrate, on the body of William Harvey, a private in His Majesty’s 61st Regiment. Witnesses: Alexander Henderson, a private in the 78th Regt, Abraham Dick, a private in the same Regt, & Robert Sillery Esq, MD.

Wed 10 Jul: M: In St Peter’s Church on Monday the 8th inst, by the Revd B Bailey, AM, Seniot Chaplain, the Revd J McKenny, Wesleyan Missionary, to Sarah, relict of the late James McRae Esq, Superintendent of the Royal Botanical Garden on this island.

D: At Trincomalee, suddenly, on the morning of the 30th ult, in the Hospital of Fort Frederick, of rupture of a blood vessel, Colour Serjeant John Clarke, of the 78th Highlanders, aged 38.

Sat 13 Jul: [No BMDs]

Probate of the Last Will & Testament of Stepehn Henry Roosmelcocq Esq, late of Colombo, deceased, having been granted…. To Mrs Maria Henrietta Roosmelcocq, his widow, & Galuterus Schneider & Robert Charles Roosmelcocq Esq, the executrix & executors….

Inquest: On the 4th inst, an inquest was held at Candane, on the body of Dewogey Pauloe Appoo….. Matthew Tissera deposed that the day previous at 4 o’clock pm, while he was at the wedding of Gamagey Appoo, he heard the report of a gun & found the deceased lying on the ground.

He was removed to the mano of Juan Appoo….. He [the dying man] said that he had gone with several others to shoot a pig for the wedding, & while one Sima….was taking aim at a pig, the gun had gone off suddenly & four balls had struck him on the breast. It was an accident & Sima was not to blame. Witnesses: Migel Mendies, Dewogey Juan Appoo….

brother of the deceased, & Bartholomew Anthony Arachy….a native doctor.

Wed 17 Jul: [No BMDs]

Sat 20 Jul: B: At Colombo, on the 19th inst, Mrs C W Hoffman, of a son.

D: At Colombo, on the 8th inst, Mrs Adriana Carolina Van Buuren, widow of Dirk Jacob De Mooe Esq, late Secretary of Council at Jaffnapstam, under the Dutch Government, aged 75 years, 9 months & 9 days.

Probate of the Last Will & Testament of Mrs Anna Isabella Loth, widow of Jeronimus Ludekens, late of Colombo, deceased, having been granted….

to Mrs M J Ludekens, widow of the late Mr J Burnard, the executrix, & Messrs J C Ludekens & E J Jongbloed, the executors….

Wed 24 Jul, & Sat 27 Jul: [No BMDs]

Wed 31 Jul: B: At Jaffna, on the 24th inst, the Lady of Robert Atherton Esq, of a daughter.

M: At Jaffna, on the 14th July, by the Reverend W Adley, Mr Henry Jacob Kriekenbeek to Miss Maria, eldest daughter of C H Leembruggen Esq.

Sat 3 Aug: M: In Europe, William Anderson of Carlow, Esq, to Jane, daughter of the late Basil Gray of Kilkenny, Esq.

D: At Mount Lavinia, on the 27th July, Frederica Elizabeth, infant daughter of Colonel Muller, CR, Cammandant, aged 10 months & 7 days.

At Trincomalee, on the 28th May last, Mrs F Vandsenger, widow.

Wed 7 Aug: At Calpentyn, on the morning of the 2nd inst, Gabriel Casie Chitty, moodeliar, aged 54 years. He had served the British Government, as Moodeliar of Putlam & Calpentyn, for a period of 20 years…

Suicide: Pn the 19th ult an Inquest was held by the Modliar of the Pasdoen Korie at Borelugoffe, on the body of Balakittigey Janisey. ….

Diagey Hamy mother of deceased.

Sat 10 Aug: [No BMDs]

Wed 14 Aug: [No BMDs]

Probate of the Last Will & Testament of Mrs Mary Ann Daniels, widow of William Henry Van Cuylenburg, late of Colombo, deceased, having been granted….to Messrs W P Van Cuylenburg senr & J W Van Cuylenburg junr, the executors….

….Sale by Public Auction….by order of Vincent William Vanderstraaten Esq, Registrar of the Honourable Supreme Court & official Administrator of the estates of Ockwatte Hoengelly Lowis Fernando & Singapoelle Radagey Dennies Fernando, deceased…….homes at Hulsdorp &… Vandermydens polder, within the gravets of Colombo.

This issue also contains a report of the Supreme Court, listing many convicted prisoners, none of whom carry European names.

Sat 17 Aug: B: At Grand Pass, on the 15th inst, the Lady of Captain Schneider, of a son.

Wed 21 Aug & Sat 24 Aug: [No BMDs]

Wed 28 Aug: M: At Kandy, on the 20th inst, William Lucas Esq, Assistant Surgeon, Ceylon Rifle Regiment, to Ann, 5th daughter of the late Reverend Norman Garstin, Colonial Chaplain.

Sat 31 Aug: [No BMDs]

Inquest: On the 12th inst, an inquest was held at Payegalle, before the Vidahn Aratchy of Caltura, on the body of Bastian Fernando, deceased. Witnesses: Pattebindegay David, Paulo Fernando [who accompanied deceased & wife].

Wed 4 Sep & Sat 7 Sep: [No BMDs]

Wed 11 Sep: B: On the evening of Sunday, the 8th inst, the Lady of Lieut Atchison, CR, Staff Officer at Kandy, of a son.

Sat 14 Sep & Wed 18 Sep: [No BMDs]

Sat 21 Sep: [No BMDs]

Inquest: On the 8th inst, an inquest was held at Peendegamme…on the body of Tuppaygay Daniel. Witnesses: Malangallegay Adriana, his wife, Kiri Appoo, a neighbour, Tuppaygay Dingo, his eldest daughter, & Gammegay Nicholas, a medical man.

Wed 25 Sep: [No BMDs]

This issue also contains a long list of Civil Appointments, which are assumed to appear elsewhere in Gazetteers etc.

Sat 28 Sep: [No BMDs]

Wed 2 Oct: D: At Colombo, on the 29th inst, Mr Lucas Hendrick Lourensz, late Head Clerk of the Kandyan office, aged 51 years, leaving a large family….