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A Winter's Tale
Pictures from the Winter/White family album

Terracotta plaque of Sarah Cressee


Sarah Cressee was the wife of George Winter. She was born in 1799, died 7 January 1891 at Baddegama, (Ceylon) Sri Lanka and buried at Galle (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. Her son was Alfred Octavius Winter.


Alfred Octavius Winter

Alfred Octavius Winter, son of George Winter and Sarah Cressee was born on 10 June 1836;  baptised 26 Sep 1836. He died 12 October 1883 and was buried at Galle (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. He married Maria Eveline White.


Maria Eveline White

Maria Eveline White was born 18 November 1845. She married Alfred Octavius Winter on 10 December 1863. She lived at "Temple Trees", in Colpetty, Colombo which was owned by John Walbeoff, who married her cousin Charlotte. Since  Independence in February 1948, the property has been the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.


Alfred William Roosmalcocq Winter

Alfred William Roosmalcocq Winter, of Pillagoda Valley (Ceylon) Sri Lanka, was born 21 November 1864 and died 1931. He was the son of Alfred Octavius Winter and Maria Eveline White and brother of Edmund Winter. His son was Norman Dagmar Winter.

Edmund Winter

Edmund Winter son of Alfred Octavius Winter, was born 2 April 1879, baptised 20 May 1879 and died 8 May 1962. He lived at St. George Estate, Galagedara (Ceylon) Sri Lanka.



Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage Pahalagedara Kirimenike

Dissanayaka (or Dassanayaka) Mudiyanselage Pahalagedara Kirimenike was born 17 July 1884, died 25 May 1968 and buried at Kandy (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. She was the wife of Edmund Winter.


Norman Dagmar Winter

Norman Dagmar Winter, son of Alfred William Roosmalcocq Winter was born 18 June 1906. He married Nancy Mabel Winter and was the father of Wendy Florence Winter and Anne Winter.

Nancy (Mabel) Winter

Nancy Mabel Winter, was the daughter of Edmund Winter and Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Pahalagedara Kirimenike. She was born 11 April 1912. She married Norman Dagmar Winter and was the mother of Wendy Florence Winter and Anne Winter.



Wendy Florence Winter

Wendy Florence Winter, born 12 January 1940, is the daughter of Norman Dagmar Winter and Nancy Mabel Winter. She married Jose Garcia Pichel.

Anne Winter

Anne Winter, born 10 March 1942, is the daughter of Norman Dagmar Winter and Nancy Mabel Winter. She is married to Peter Graham Williams and lives in England, United Kingdom.



Guillermo Garcia and his brother Daniel David Garcia


Children of Wendy Florence Winter and Jose Garcia Pichel

Guillermo Garcia, born 21 June 1967, married Mary Hennessey of Ireland.

Daniel David Garcia, born 26 February 1969, married Angela Strange of Surrey, England.



Grandchildren of Wendy Florence Winter

From left: Michael Garcia, son of Daniel David Garcia and Angela Strange; Rory Garcia and Elena Garcia born 27 May 1997, daughter of Guillermo Garcia and Mary Hennessey


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Mughal Tomb in Rajasthan, Anna Katrina Williams, Peter Willams, & Anne Winter Williams


Jack Matteo Wiulliams, son of Jeremy Williams, son of Anne Winter Williams

Anna Katrina, 10, d/o Anne Winter Williams in costume at the village                         Peter Williams with grandson Jack Matteo Williams, son of Jeremy

annual fete, dressed as wife of a Cavailer of the Civil War in the                                      Williams, son of Anne Winter Williams

1600s when Cromwell and his Parliamentarians fought against

Charles I

Triesle Ardern Peter Williams, b:22 Sep 2009, son of Laura Melisandre Williams



Verde Jack Peter Williams, b:17 Aug 2006, son of Laura Melisandre Williams, d/o Anne Winter Williams                 Laura Melisandre Williams in the Maldive Islands