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Research in Luxembourg #3
Therese Becker © 1998
French Republican Calendar
Between the years 1792 and 1806, dates in official records were
given in the French Republican Calendar. The year started September
21, the weeks were ten days, the months were thirty days. There
were five complementary days at the end of the year and six
complementary days at the end of the lip year. You will need a
conversion table to convert dates from the French Republican
Calendar to the modern Gregorian Calendar. Please note that the
endings of the month names are grouped in three:
Vendemiaire    Nivose         Germinal       Messidor
Brumaire Pluviose Floreal Thermidor
Frimaire Ventose Prairial Fructidor
If you are unable to find a French Republican Calendar conversion
table at your local Family History Center or at a local library,
then check out the small message below.

There is a website for the French Republican Calendar conversion. Go to the Resources page

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