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Located on Lebanon Mountain Road
Bates, Marie Cole b. 1825 d. 1898
Grandmother of Mr. Lindon Wallace Bates, Jr. He was a Saloon Class Passenger on the Lusitania and was lost in the disaster. See more about him below*
Bates, Capt. Wm W. b. 1828 d. 1910
     *Lindon Bates, Jr. (1883 – 1915), 32, was an engineer, writer, politician, and a graduate of Yale University. Bates was on his way to Belgium to organize war relief. Aboard Lusitania, he was on deck with Amy Pearl when the submarine U-20 torpedoed the ship. He assisted Warren and Amy Pearl in searching for their missing children while the ship was sinking. Lindon Bates was lost in the Lusitania disaster and his body was recovered, #16 by Islands of Doolin and Aran.
     Lindon Wallace Bates, Jr., was born on 17 July 1883 to Lindon Wallace Bates and Josephine White in Portland, Oregon, United States.  Lindon, Sr. was an engineer and a non-graduate member of Yale’s Class of 1879 S.  Lindon’s paternal grandparents were Wallace Bates, United States Commissioner of Navigation (1889-1892) and Marie Cole.

     Lindon’s parents sent young Bates off to England to be educated at the Harrow School.  He then came back to attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  He claimed that he took the select course in the Sheffield Scientific School because he had heard it was easy, only to discover that he had been fooled.  His junior year received honors in history.  His senior year Lindon was awarded second prize in political economy, and given honors in history and political science.  He received his Ph.B. from Yale in 1902.  That fall he returned to Yale to continue studies in engineering for another year.
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