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Essex, Mass. - Cemetery

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The Old Burying Ground, Essex, Mass.

by Kurt Wilhelm

  1. Sermon about Grave Robbery. undated [about 1820]. [Transcription]
  2. Foley, Rosanne Atwood. June 1991. "Report on Old Burying Ground, Essex, Mass. Reposited at Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Essex, MA
  3. Polleys, Maidee P. no date. "Robbed the Graveyard" 9 page MSS. Probably prepared as a talk at a Essex Historical Society meeting. [Transcription]
  4. Anon. 1903. Essex Inscriptions. Ancient Burial Place. The Essex Antiquarian, 7(2):49-57
    USGenWeb Essex County< Mass. archives transcription
  5. newspaper clipping, about 1932-33, dated June 30. 2 pages. "Early Settlers Carried Dead on Men's Shoulders" [photocopy]
  6. Gloucester Daily Times, clipping, 7 Sept 1988, p. A4. "Cemetery restoration backed" [Essex restoration project]
  7. Gloucester Daily Times, clipping, 13 Sept 1988, p. A7. "Cemetery Restoration" [notice of public meeting]
  8. Meeting announcement, 13 Sept 1988. Rosanne Atwood featured speaker
  9. Gloucester Daily Times, clipping, 14 Sept 1988, p. A4. "Burial ground restoration job analysis offered"
  10. newspaper clipping, about 1932-33, dated June 6. 2 pages. "Old Cemetery in Essex has unusual stones" [photocopy]

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