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Essex, Mass. - 1860 Census

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Surnames in the 1860 Federal Census of Essex, Mass.
Kurt Wilhelm, March 2000

  1. Description of 1860 federal census
  2. Surnames
  3. Index of Names
    1. Adams to Burnham
    2. Butler to Lyons
    3. Mahoney to Woodwell
  1. Transcription
    1. pages 1 through 14
    2. pages 15 through 29
    3. pages 30 through 43

Adams Crockett Grant Lendall Raymond
Allen Crombie Greggs Low Reardon
Andrews Crowell Griffin Lufkin Richardson
Annable Dade Hardy Lynch Rideout
Annis Dam Harlihe Lyons Riggs
Bacon Day Harlow Mahony Roberts
Barron Derling Hart Maro Roe
Bartlett Dodge Haskell Marshall Rollins
Beverage Doty Hatch Marston Ross
Bingham Downing Hayden McCloud Rundlet
Bowers Doyle Hibbert McDonald Rutherford
Boyd Dudley Hobbs McDonnald Sargent
Bradley Duggan Holmes McIntyre Sheldon
Brown Duncan Howard McKenzie Smith
Bryant Dunkinson Howes Mears Spofford
Burnham Ellis Hull Minus Stanwood
Butler Eveleth Jackson Morgan Story
Butman Farnum James Morse Tarr
Fields Jenkins Murdock Thomas
Foss Jerret Noble Trask
Chapman Foster Johnson Norton Trefry
Chase French Jones Nutter Tucker
Choate Frost Kelleher/
O'Brien Tuller
Claiborne Frye Percival Twamer
Clifford Fuller Keys Perkins van Buskirk
Gage Killmister Pierce Varnum
Gardner Kimball Pitts Wade
Cogswell Giddings Knight Poland Wallis
Colburn Gilbert Knowlton Pray Wellington
Condon Goddard Lakeman Prest Wentworth
Conlin Goldsmith Lalanne Preston Wheeler
Cook Goldthwait Lamson Prince Whipple
Coose Goodhue Lander Prindall Whittemore
Coy Gorton Lee Procter Willson
Crafts Gosbee Lemmons Quimby Woodwell

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