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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregation Church Papers, 1683 - 1799

The early Essex Congregational Church papers have been deposited at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass.

ItemDateDocument Description/ Transcription
120 Nov 1738 Photocopy of grant of land.

John Wise of Chebacco Parish in Ipswich, gentleman, for 150 pounds in bills of credit paid by Jacob Story of Chebacco, yeoman convey 25 acres of woodland, part and parcel of two lots in Chebacco Woods

28 Jan 1750/51 Committee report re church discipline

We, the subscribers, a committee of the New Gathered Congregational Church in Chebacco, to consider some better method of managing church discipline among ourselves than heretofore hath been practiced by us do report as followeth Viz.

That whereas the members of this church live remote from one another & some follow the seas, & others on account of old age cant well attend; all which makes it very difficult to get ye whole Chh. together to exercise acts of discipline on every occasion or emergency; therefore (we propose) that there be a committee chosen by ye Chh annually from among themselves in number not less than six, nor more than twelve, who shall be the representatives of ye church for the time being to manage all the affairs of this Chh. Under the conduct of ye Pastor & [-] elders excepting the admitting of church members - Choosing and appointing Chh officers in ye Chh - Excommunicating incorrigible offenders, and restoring penetents; neither of which shall be without ye consent & voice of ye Chh collective. Farthermore that it must be understood:

  1. That when a meeting of the representatives is appointed, the Chh collective shall have liberty to come to it & in case a majority of ye fraternity meets, they shall all proceed to act as ye body collective; but if not; the committee shall proceed to act as ye representatives body and none else.

  2. That if any member shall apprehend him or herself to be baddly dealt with or wronged by the committee they shall have liberty of a hearing before ye body collective - Which may be at their next annual meeting or at any other time on theri request.

  3. That said representative body shall inform ye Chh collective of their proceedings & transactions in their behalf in [the] close of ye year when they shall meet to make choice of a committee for the next year.

As to ye affair of uniting with the Presbytery, we think it proper not to drop it; but to continue ye same for farther consideration; that if hereafter we can join them consistant with our own safety and benefit and may be admitted, then to close with them.

Chebacco Janry 8th 1750/51 Chh Comttee
[signed] John Cleaveland, Robert Choate, Thomas Choate, John Martin, Francis Choat, Eleazer Craft, Solomon Giddinge, Caleb Burnum, Jacob Perkins Jun

[a few lines of draft report as given on other side of page crossed out]

Chebacco Jany 1st 1750/51 The New Gathered Congl. Chh. having meet according to adjourn upon having ye report of ye committee chose to draw up some better method of managing Chh. discipline among ourselves proceded to vote as follows Viz.

  1. That they will receive the proposal drawn up by said comttee to [-] act agreeable to ye same one year
  2. That ye comttee. or representative body that consist of six in number
  3. That they shall be chose[n] by proxy which shall be brot in on ye adjourn next of this meeting
  4. That they will proceed to appoint the time for ye ordination of ye Chh officers as ruling elders & deacons and accordingly yt thy day ye first day of Faby next be sett apart for yt purpose by fasting prayer & laying on of hands
  5. That this meeting be adjourned to Tuesday next in order to bring in their proxy for ye above comttee.
Attest John Cleaveland Pastor of Same

Chebacco Jany 20th 1750/51: The Chh brot in their proxys for a committee for the ensuing year and the following were chosen viz. Robert Choate, Thomas Choate, Deacon Craft, Caleb Burnum, Deacon Giddinge, John Martin, John Cleaveland Pastor

[ There is a column of names with marks after the names, probably the tally of proxy votes.] Capt. Choat 16, Lt. Choat 21, James [-] 9+2, Deacon Craft 20, Caleb Burnum 19, Saml. Low 4, John Martin 9-13, Deacon Gid. 21, Jacob Perkins 6-3, Tho choate Jun 6-2, Saml. Gidding 3-1, Joseph Perkins 5, Wm. Gidding 1, Solomon Andrews 1

31792 1832 registered copy of original deed to 2nd Parish.
Note on back reads "This copy came from the estate of Robert H. Burnham,
[signed] Helen Moreland"

Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Emerton of Ipswich in the County of Essex in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, fisherman, with the consent of Lydia, my wife, to give up her thirds in the aftermentioned premises in consideration of forty eight shillings lawful money paid me by the inhabitants of the second Parish in Ipswich the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge do hereby sell and convey to said Inhabitants as a body corporate and to their heirs successors and assigns a strip of land containing about two square rods lying on the Meeting House Hill in said Parish bounded beginning at the northeast corner thence turning about South by the Parish land four rods and a half to a steak and stones by the wall then turning about west seven feet to a stake and stones thence northerly four rods and a half by my other land to a stake and stones by the wall, then turning East seven feet to the corner first mentioned.

45 Jan 1792 Photocopy of grant of land to 2nd Parish.

Daniel Low, blacksmith, with consent of his wife Abigail to give up her third, for 28 pounds and ten shillings paid me by the Inhabitants of the second parish in Ipswich convey to the inhabitants a certain piece of land containing 23 3/4 rods lying on the Meeting House Hill on the west side of the highway bounded beginning at the southeast corner being a corner of the stonewall, thence Northerly by the highway eighteen rods to a stake and stones by the wall, thence southwesterly by my other land eleven rods and a half to the south east corner of the higher rock of a ledge of rocks, thence southerly by five rods and a half to a stake and stones by a wall, thence easterly three rods & seven feet by the parish land to the corner first mentioned. And said inhabitants are forever to maintain and keep up the stonewall six feet an a half high, after the same has been built of that height on the west and north side of the premises, except the west side that lyes next or nearest to the highway.

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