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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregation Church Papers, 1800 - 1819

ItemDateDocument Description/ Transcription
15 Aug 1806 Warrant for Parish meeting.

Essex. To Joseph Story, one of the Constables of the Town of Ipswich - Greeting - You are hereby required in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to notify and warn the inhabitants of the 2d Parish of Ipswich qualified by law to vote in Parish affairs to assemble and meet at their meeting house on Wednesday the thirteenth day of August instant, at 4 o'clock P.M. - To act on the following articles, Viz.

  1. To see if the Parish will concur with the church with the dismission of the Rev. Josiah Webster from his pastoral charge,
  2. To see if the Parish will choose a committee to supply the Parish with a Gospel Preacher and other ministerial duties -
  3. To see if the Parish will appropriate their money assessed and their monies voted for the support of the Rev. Josiah Webster, to the preaching of the Gospel, and other ministerial duties.
Here of fail not, and make returns of your doings together with this warrant on or before said day. Given under our hand and [-] at Ipswich, the fifth day of August 1806
[signed] Jacob Story, Thomas Choate, Grover Dodge } committee

[Compare the similar wording of this warrant to that of April 17, 1909]

218 Aug 1807 Statement of relationship with God by Lucretia Cogswell for admission to church.
323 Aug 1807 Statement by Margaret Burnham describing how her relation with God was first brought to her mind by an earthquake .
4Dec 1807 Bill.
1807 The 2d Parish in Ipswich to David Choate Dr
to boarding the Revd John Lord from Sep. 9th
to December 2d
to keeping Mr. Lords horse from Nov 16 to Dec24.00
to going to Hamilton after Mr. Dodge1.00
to postage of a letter to Rev Mr. Parish .08
to services as assessor6.00
to services as a clerk 5.00

Ipswich May 3d 1808 Received the contents of the willim[?] Bill all except eleven dollars for services which was paid in April - George Choate attorney to the Admx
5Dec 1807 Receipt.

Ipswich December 1807 - 2 parish in Ipswich Dr to Moses Marshall
to splitting a rock at the bearing ground - $1.00
received payment for the above [signed] Moses Marshall

62 April 1808 Receipt.

Ipswich April 2d 1808. 2d Parish in Ipswich Dr. to Jacob Story
to materials and making & hanging burying ground gate
Recd payment in full [signed] Jacob Story - $4.00

710 April 1808 Receipt.

1808 Jan 28, Apr 10 Second Parish in Ipswich To William Andrews Dr.
To boarding Mr. Joseph W. Dow and horse 10 days [-] per D. - $81
Ipswich 10 April 1808 recd the contents [signed] Wm Andrews Jr

826 April 1808 Receipt.

Ipswich April 26th 1808
Received eighty eight dollars for preaching eleven sabbaths in 2d Parish in Ipswich previous to the 12th of this month
[signed] Joseph Warren Dow

97 Nov 1808 Bill/receipt.
Second Parish in Ipswich Dr. to William Andrews Jun.
1808 Apr 10to boarding Mr. Jos W. Dow
May 21and horse 30.75
July 6 to boarding Mr. Jos W. Dow 21.60
to sundrys for the fast 4.75
to b-ting Mr. Dows horse after pasturing time & others
Aug 14 to boarding Rev. Thomas Holt 16.34
to b-ting horse .20
Sept 3 to b-ting Mr. Holts horse "
Nov 7 to boarding Rev Thomas Holt 28.38
to horse 1.75
to sundrys for the fast 4.25 $110.02
Errors excepted. Ipswich 7th Nov 1808 [signed] Wm Andrews Jun.
1029 March 1809 Receipt.

The second Parish in Ipswich, To the undersigned Dr.
For twenty-five sabbaths preaching for said parish from July 10th 1808 to Jany 25th 1809 at $8.00 per sabbath - $200.00
Ipswich, March 29th 1809} a true account
[signed] Thomas Holt

Received in two parish orders with the contents, the above amount in full Ipswich March 29th 1809 }
[signed] Thomas Holt

111810-1811 Booklet, Assessors valuation for the Second Parish in Ipswich for 1810 and 1811, listing each resident with real and personal property itemized.
121 Feb 1810 Bill/receipt.
The Second Parish in Ipswich to Joseph Choate
to mending bell.70
1814 to Drills & iron.16 $ .86
1815 March 10th received pay [signed] Joseph Choate
1325 June 1811 Letter addressed to Rev. Holt, Pastor of the 2nd Church in Ipswich, from Elizabeth Channel, requesting dismissal to the church in Byfield, the place of her residence.
1411 April 1812 Letter from Reuben D. Mussey requesting dismissal from second church of Ipswich to the Tabernacle Church in Salem, at his place of residence.
1513 May 1812 Bill/receipt

Mr. Samuel Burnham to Amos Burnham Jr.;
to setting 17 hoops[?] @ 3d $0.68; crt 0.42; .26 due

1622 Sept 1812 Certificate of membership.

We certify that Thomas M. Burnham, Ebenr Haskel, Elias Andrews, William Burnham, John Butler, Jacob Andrews 2d, John Cogswell, John Cogswell 2d, John Harlow, Simeon Burnham, Thomas Burnham, Jonathan Andrews, Benjamin M. Burnham, Jonathan Andrews 3d, Sargent Burnham, Winthrop Burnham, Obed Burnham, Caleb Andrews, Solomon Andrews, Asa Andrews, Jacob Andrews, Winthrop Andrews, Jacob Butler, James Adams, Benjamin Andrews Junr, William Andrews, Josiah Poland, Abraham Channel, Abraham Perkins 2d, Charles Burnham, James Andrews, Aaron Burnham, Aaron Craft, Henry Rust, Phineas Story, John Burnham, Israel Andrews, Seth Burnham, Josiah Burnham 2d, William Burnham 4th, William Goodhue, William Burnham 3d, Moses Andrews, of the town of Ipswich are members of the Religious Society in the Town of Ipswich, called the Second Society of Christians in the parish of Chebacco of Ipswich.
Dated this 1st day of July A.D. 1811 - John Butler, Sargt Burnham, John Harlow, Committee Authorized.

True copy attest Nathl Wade Town Clerk of Ipswich

Certificates like unto the above for the following persons have been left at the clerks office, dated as against their names.
1811 July 1 Enoch Haskel, Joshua Burnham 1812 Feby 3 Daniel Andrews, Abel Burnham, John Dexter,
Aaron Giddings, Ira Percival, Jacob Story

Ipswich Sept 22, 1812 attest Nathl Wade Town Clerk.
Levi Andrews [signed in different ink, handwriting]

[Reverse] Mr. George Choate. Baptism Certificate

1726 June 1813 Receipt.

Rec'd of the committee of Chebacco Parish by the hand of
Da[-]t Sewall for preaching two sabbaths twenty dollars in full
Beverly June 26th 1813 [signed] Hannah Dow

187 Feb 1814 Receipt.

Ipswich Feby 7. 1814. Received of the Parish Committee the sum of thirty two dollars for a supply of the desk in Chebacco Parish for four sabbaths
[signed] Robert Crowell

1910 Aug 1814 Receipt.

1814. The second parish in Ipswich to Jonathan Cogswell Dr.
To keeping the Revd Mr. Crowell horse from - to the 10th August 1814
Received the contents of the above amount [signed] Jona Cogswell $ .

2021 Oct 1814 Receipt.
Ipswich Oct 21 1814 Second Parish in Ipswich to Wm Andrews Dr.
To boarding Rev. Robert Crowell & others
from May 29 to August 10
To [- - - - ] Salem5.10
Rec'd payment31.10
2122 Feb 1815 Receipt.

Ipswich, Feb 22nd 1815. The second parish in Ipswich to Miriam Choate Dr.
to horse and chaise to Salem by the parish committee. $2.00.
Received pay in full [signed] Miriam Choate

2210 Oct 1815 Receipt.

Ipswich October 10. 1815 Miss Amelia Choate to John Dexter Dr.
To 11 yds red flannel @ 3/ per yd - $5.75
Recd payment for J. Dexter [signed] C. Dexter

232 Nov 1815 Bill/receipt.
Ipswich November 2d the parish Dr. to Enoch Low
to fixing Bar for the buring gate .83
to sharpening drills .35
to one bolt .33
Received pay [signed] Anna Low 1.57
2428 April 1816 Bill/receipt.
Ipswich. Mr. Samuel Burnham to S.[or J. or T.] R. F. Burnham
To one paint brush @ 3/0.50
Dec 7thto an order from Mr. Boardman of 12/62.42
20thto one ditto from ditto of8.92
1817to one ditto from Elias Haskel of7.41
Recd Paym. [signed] J. R. F. Burnham$19.25
25Dec 1816 Statement by Hannah Choate regarding her relations with God.
2617 June 1817 Receipt.
Ipswich Nov 20th 1815 Bot of Enoch Low [by] Samuel Burnham
to clasp and 3 staples .20
2 ct nails @ /9d.25
short pay for shovel.04
one flour barrel.06
Dec 12thto making three.35
one fil /9d chalk 2 cts.14
March 5th 1816 182 ct cheese @/9d 2.31
12 ct nails1.50
9th 5 ct nails.62
2 ct nails.25
1 ct nails.15
to repairing holdfast.08
to whetting augers 4d upsetting auger 9d.18
to hardening plane iron repairing of augers.10
April 8th to repairing shovel 1s/6d.25
1 ct nails.12
3 ct nails.37
[reverse side]
April 22 1816 3 ct nails and gal rum 4s/61.12
to repairing south 9d.12
1 quart of rum 2s/3d; lb pump nails 3s.87
May 8th gal rum, one pitcher 1s/6.65
one gaff 6d.08
2728 Aug 1817 Certificate of membership

Thereby certify that the Persons whose names are hereafter written have filed certificates in the Town Clerks Office of the Town of Ipswich certifying that [they] are members of the Religious Society in the Town of Ipswich called the second Society of Christians in [the] Parish of Chebacco of Ipswich. Viz.
Henry Nutter Certificate dated April 11th 1814. Lodged April 12th 1814
John Harlowe junr - Novr 25th 1816 - Decr 30th 1816
Daniel Low - Feby 20th 1817 - March 7th 1817
Charles Andrews - March 6th 1817 - March 7th 1817

Attest. Ebenr Burnham junr Town Clerk of Ipswich. Ipswich August 28th 1817.

2810 Nov 1817 Letter from the Church of Christ in Wenham to the Church of Christ in Chebacco inviting Pastor, Rev. Crowell, and a delegate to attend installation of Rev. John Smith.
2915 Dec 1818 Booklet. "A sermon preached at Essex, Dec. 15, 1818, at the internment of Mrs. Hannah Crowell, late consort of Rev. Robert Crowell", by B. Emerson.
Printed by John D. Cushing, Salem, 1819. Inscribed Sarah Dodge.
3017 May 1819 Letter from the Church of Christ in Manchester inviting the pastor, Rev. Robert Crowell, and a delegate to confer with them about loss of minister.
312 Sept 1819 Letter from the Church in Wenham to the Church in Essex inviting them to confer about loss of their pastor.
[signed] John Smith, pastor.
3216 Sept 1819 Receipt.

Essex Sept 16th 1819 Mr Samuel Burnham to Noah Burnham Dr.
to 8 ft white rope @ 24 - $2.00
received pay [signed] Noah Burnham

338 Dec 1819 Receipt.
Samuel Burnham Dr. to Thomas Proctor
1819 June 7thto head and pluck [chickens?].37
July 29to mending pair shoes.63
Sept 3rdto stock for shoes for your wife.92
Nov 20thto 6 shoes[?].48
Dec 8Received payment [signed] Thomas Proctor$2.40

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