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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregational Church Papers, 1870 - 1879

ItemDateDocument Description/ Transcription
11 Jan 1870 Treasurer's report [signed] R. W. Burnham.
21 Jan 1870 Auditors report for sabbabth school signed by E. K. Goldsmith.
34 March 1870 Warrant for annual parish meeting.
4April 1870
- Sept 1871
The First Parish in Essex to E.K. Lee Dr.
April 23 1870to drawing sand from beach2.00
" lime & brick from Gloucester3.50
Mary 1871to drawing lumber from Ipswich3.00
horse & wagon2.00
" drawing lumber to meeting house1.50
Julyto cash paid for windows3.40
May 16 1871to cash paid Proctor brothers of Gloucester
for order book & printing10.00
Sept 1871to clam shells & tar1.20
horse & wagon to Salem2.20
cash paid for stove5.00
Recd pay [signed] Edward K. Lee34.40
516 April 1870 Auditors report [signed] Addison Cogswell. Itemizes expenses and income.
625 June 1870 Receipt.

$15.11 Received of the First Parish in Essex fifteen dollars and eleven cents
to pay J. B. Fielding [-] & for parsonage.
Essex, June 25, 1870. D. A. Morehouse

77 July 1870 Receipt.
Essex July 7th 1870 Orthodox Society to G.C. Gosby
May 16thto whitewashing 7 rooms3.50
June 15throom wall.75
July 7th3 closets1.25
Rec payment [signed] G.C. Gosby$5.50
811 Aug 1870 Invitation from Congregational Church in Gloucester to counsel in dismission of Rev. Thatcher.
91 Sept 1870 Receipt with 2 revenue stamp marked "Sept 8 W.C.C."
First parish in Essex To W. C. Choate, Dr.
To services as organist three months$20.00
Essex Sept 1st 1870
Received payment [signed] W. C. Choate
1030 Sept 1870 Invitation from Wenham Congregational Church for installation of Rev. Will C. Wood.
1126 Oct 1870 Printed Town tax bill for 1870. $33.72 for real estate.
129 Nov 1870 Printed bill.

Frothingham & Fifield, Salem, Mass.,
for 8 lb Russia iron square box with 3 cheeks $4.50
+ Express .50 - $5.00.
Consigned to Annable's Express

1315 Dec 1870 Letter from Rev. J. M. Bacon requesting dismissal to the First Church in Ashley, Mass.
141 Jan 1871 Treasurer's report
152 Jan 1871 Receipt.

Received of the First Parish in Essex, one hundred and twenty five dollars
the salary for the month of January 1871.
Jan 2, 1871. Essex, Mass. [signed] D. Allen Morehouse

1612 Jan 1871 Printed bill.
Essex, Mass., Jan 12th 1871.
First Orthodox Society bought of Jona. Burnham,
dealer in stoves, tin, wooded & glass ware, etc.
Nov 5Stove & 1 lbs Funnel8.37
Sep 193 lbs Funnel @ 25 cts.87
Nov 5cr. [credit] by old iron.60
received payment $8.64 [signed] Jonathan Burnham
1710 April 1871 Report of Committee on appraisal of pews.
Signed Wm. H. Mears, Addison Cogswell, Charles B. Cogswell, dated 2 May 1870.
185 May 1871 Receipt.

Essex May the 5th 1871.
First Parish in Essex to Frank Noble Dr
to blowing the organ for one year
Also for nineteen Choir meetings 7.80 + 2.38
Recd pay [signed] Frank Noble $10.18

197 June 1871 Letter of invitation from Evangelical Congregational Church in Gloucester at installation of Rev. S. W. Segur.
2030 Sept 1871 Receipt.
Essex Sept 30. 1871. First Parish in Essex to Caleb Cogswell Dr
To Highway tax for the year 1871$2.29
To treasurers services
for the year ending May 4th 1872
Rec'd pay't [signed] C. Cogswell$12.29
21Oct 1871
to April 1872
3 attached receipts [signed] E.W. Lander
for taking care of meeting house from April 1, 1871 to April 1, 1872, collecting pew rents, and other services.
221 Jan 1872 Treasurers report [signed] R. W. Burnham.
231 Jan 1872 Treasurers report for N. Sab. Sch.
Expenses include ship Morning Star, Miss. schools, bright jewels, Chicago S. S. Seminary, Chicago Publishing House
248 March 1872 Warrant for annual parish meeting.
259 June 1872 Letter of dismission for Reuben Morris from Congregational Church in Hamilton.
2618 June 1872 Report from D. Choate, Samuel Burnham and C. Cogswell, a committee to prepare rules for the observance of the church recommending a close adherence to such rules as they find given in the word of God.
2726 June 1872 Letter from David Mears per D. O. Mears, to the members of the Congregational Church, requesting that

"In their vote upon the charges, they adopt the usual rule of our Congregational Churches as thus expressed 'No such vote of censure shall be passed, except by the concurrent vote of two thirds of the male members present at a regualr meeting.' In many cases three fourths are allowed, but I would most respectfully ask for the more moderate two thirds. I am aware that this is dependant entirely upon the curtesy of the members."

285 July 1872 Receipt.

Essex Mass July 5 /72 The First Parish in Essex to Ira O. Burnham Dr
for Police Service from 7 PM of the 3 till 12 at noon of the 5 ins. five dollars $5.00
Received payment [signed] Ira O. Burnham Special Police

298 July 1872 Confession prepared by church committee for David Mears to sign regarding his unchristain feelings and language against the Pastor. [see item # 67]
303 Aug 1872 Two letters sewn together.
One signed by Catherine Murdock requesting dismissal to church in Newton Highlands, Mass. The second is a certification that she was accepted as a member in that church.
3128 October 1872 Six page letter from U. G. Spofford and Mary P. Spofford requesting dismissal from Essex to the First Congregatinal Church in Appleton, Wisconsin. They had moved first to Groveland, Mass. about 9 years previously, then to Wisconsin about 1866. They list reasons for not conforming to the rule that members should change their church affilation after one years absence. They tell of church activities in Wisconsin.
321 Jan 1873 Treasurer's report.
331 Jan 1873 Essex North Sabbath School treasurer's report.
344 Jan 1873 Letter of dismission for Washington Choate from the Church of Christ, Amherst College to Essex.
3530 May 1873 Printed program for Memorial Day exercises.
364 July 1873 Receipt.

Essex July 4, 1873
For watching in the North Church July fourth Dr. to Ezra Andrews. $2.00.
Recd payment [signed] Ezra Andrews

3722 July 1873 Letter of dismission requested by S. Alonzo Mears to M. E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church, Wakefield, Mass.
3821 Sept 1873 Receipt
from Frothingham & Field, Salem for gal'd [galvenized] funnel & 1 elbow as per agreement $30.00
3913 April 1874 Warrant for annual parish meeting.
4030 April 1874 Printed treasurer's report.
Lists receipts, expenditures and members.
4130 April 1874 Report for the year ending April 30, 1874
Treasurer and Collector - Caleb Cogswell
42May 1874 Invitation from the Evangelical Congregational Church in Gloucester at installation of Rev. F. Barrows Makepeace.
436 July 1874 Membership proposal for Mr. D. D. Anderson [signed] C. B. Cogswell, F. P. Haskell
448 July 1874 Warrant for special meeting addressed to E. W. Lander, constable, to hear and act on the resignation of the Rev. D. A. Morehouse.
[signed] Charles B. Cogswell, Reuben Morris, Francis P. Haskell} committee of the First Parish
4531 July 1874 Letter from R. Woodbury Burnham requesting transfer for his son, R. W. Burnham, Jr., piano tuner, Malden, Mass., to Trinity Congregational Church in Malden.
4614 Sept 1874 Invitation from Pigeon Cove Church for its organization and recognition.
4714 Oct 1874 Letter from Trinity Congregational Church, Malden, Mass., certifying that R. Woodbury Burnham was admitted a member of that church, 6 Sept. 1874.
481 Jan 1875 Essex North Sabbath School treasurer's report [signed] R. W. Burnham.
4920 March 1875 printed bill.

Essex, Mar. 20 1875
North Church bought of E. B. Andrews, dealer in coal and wood, 1 ton coal - $10.00
recd payment [signed] E. B. Andrews

504 May 1875 Letter from Rev. S. C. Kendall, Lancaster, Mass., declining call as pastor.
5112 May 1875 Receipt.

Essex May 12th/75 First Parish in Essex to Wm H. Mears Dr
To board of the following ministers April 4 Mr Kendall, 11th Mr. Amer, 18th Mr. Bremner, 25th Mr. Kendall, May 3rd Mr. Cranford, 9th Mr. Scofield.
Recd Paymt [signed] W. H. Mears $15.00

5220 July 1875 Printed bill.
Essex, Mass., July 20 1875.
Congregational Society to Erastus S. Burnham, Dr.
For Printing 500 Pew Bills$2.50
" " 200 Order of Services3.50
Recd Payment$6.00.
[signed] Erastus S. Burnham
5311 Sept 1875 Invitation to confer with the church at Melrose Highlands for consideration of them becoming associated as a Congregational Church
[signed] D. A. Morehouse, Joel Snow, F. P. Woodbury} comm. of those proposing to unite
5426 Oct 1875 Receipt.

[signed] John Girdle, dealer in Wood and Coal, Beverly, Mass.,
for 3 tons of furnace coal on whf. $21.00,
teemingly 6.00

553 Jan 1876 Receipt.

1876 Jan 3d First Parish in Essex to D.W. Cogswell Dr
to one years interest on note dated Jan 3d, 1872. at seven per cent per annum, $14.00
Rec'd pay't D.W. Cogswell by C. Cogswell

563 Jan 1876 Invitation by First Parish in Ipswich to installation of Rev. Edwin B. Palmer
577 Jan 1876 Treasurer's report, signed R. W. Burnham.

Expenses included Rev. H. W. Jones, Nebraska suffers, record book, Bible and lettering, A.B.C.F.M., Songs of the Sanctuary and bread, for a total of $89.25. Contributions were $91.84.

5824 Jan 1876 Letter of dismissal from Evangelical Congregational Church in Gloucester for Mrs. Miles Andrews to Essex.
5913 April 1876 Trustees report
[signed] Charles B. Cogswell, Reuben Morris, David L. Haskell.
6024 April 1876 Report of Parish Committee
6124 April 1876 Music committee report.

Miss Edith M. Pendergast invited to join choir; expenses of $90; suggest hiring music teachers.
[signed] Charles B. Cogswell, Reuben Morris, F. P. Haskell} music comm.

6224 April 1876 Membership acceptance of Frederick Story and Sydney Burnham.
[signed] C. B. Cogswell, F. P. Haskell, Reuben Morris} comm. on admission of members
637 May 1876 Letter certifying that Mrs. F. W. Wallis joined the Pilgrim Congregational Church, Providence, R.I.
645 June 1876 Letter from Daniel D. Anderson and Catherine Anderson requesting dismissal to the First Congregational Church in Maplewood, Malden, Mass. under the care of Rev. Silas Ketchum.
6529 June 1876 Letter from First Congregational Church in Maplewood, Mass. certifying that Mr. Daniel D. Anderson and Mrs. Catherine Anderson are received as members.
6611 Jan 1878 Church and Sunday School Treasurers report.
Titled Essex North Congregational Church and Essex North Sabbath School
6729 March 1878 Resolution on the reinstatement of Mr. and Mrs. David Mears [see 1872].
6815 April 1878 Warrant for annual Parish meeting.
6917 April 1878 Letter from Rev. J. Lambelin Harris to the First Parish in Essex, decling offer for ensuing year of $1000 and use of parsonage. He asks for as much as given the present year: $1100, use of parsonage, and four weeks vacation.
704 May 1878 Receipt

Essex. Mass. May 4th 1878
The First Parish in Essex Dr. to J. Lamblin Harris for the Quarter's salary ending April 30, 1878 275.00
Two vacation sabbaths at 15 dollars each 30.00
Received payment [signed] J. Lamblin Harris 305.00

715 May 1878 Receipt

First Parish in Essex to Caleb Cogswell Dr
to entertainment of Rev. H. B. Hooker on the fourth Sabbath in April 1878 - $2.50

First Parish in Essex to Caleb Cogswell Dr.
to interest on note dated May 5, 1877. for one year at six per cent. $17.92
Essex May 5, 1878, rec'd pay't [signed] C. Cogswell

724 July 1878 Letter from First Congregational Church in Yarmouth, [Me.?] dismissing Mrs. Josephine Story to the church in Essex.
7310 Oct 1878 Letter of dismissal from 1st Congregational church in Clear Lake, Iowa stating that John and Elizabeth Burnham who are members of that church
7411 Nov 1878 Receipt.
Gloucester, Nov 11, 1878
Essex Church To A. F. Harvey, Dr., manufacturer of tin ware,
Sept 18
To 132 lbs gal. funnel
" 1 bore 3.50 crank .504.00
Lining stove 1.50 wire & polishing stove .401.90
Labor & team3.00 $30.02
Recd paymt [signed] A. F. Harvey
7529 - 1879 Receipt from Francis P. Haskell for treasurer's salary $15.
761 Jan 1879 Treasurer's report.
7724 Jan 1879
19 Oct 1879
Minutes of committee meeting (page apparently torn from a notebook).
24 Janletter from Cong. Church Gloucester inviting pastor & delegate to installation of Rev. Frank G. Clark. Voted to accept invitation. Voted to send Reuben Morris, delegate; R. Choate, clerk
14 Feb.voted to dismiss E. C. Trask to Maple St. cong. Church, Danvers at her own request.
18 MayRufus Choate and George F. Mears were chosen delegates to the Conference of Churches to be held in Gloucester.
Julyvote to call Rev. Mr. Spaulding - G.F.M. clerk
3 Augustletter from Cong Church Wenham to assist in dis. of Rev. J. M. Holt; Dea. Caleb Cogswell, delegate
12 OctConf at Lynn delegates - Cogswell, Goodhue
19 OctSab. Con. Boston; delegates - G.W. Mears, R. Choate
7812 Feb 1879 Letter to Mr. Harris from S. P. Trask requesting dismission of his wife to the Maple Street Congrregational Church in Danvers.
7911 April 1879 Receipt for one years interest on note of three hundred forty one dollars seventy three cents - $20.50.
To Daniel W. Cogswell Dr by [signed] C. Cogswell
8015 April 1879 Auditors report.
8119 April 1879 Warrant for annual parish meeting.
826 May 1879 Receipt from J. L. Harris for $250 as the quarters salary ending April 30th.
833 July 1879 Minutes of parish committee meeting, inviting Rev. W. A. Spaulding to become pastor.
844 July 1879 Letter from J. L. Harris saying thank you for permitting them to remain at the parsonage the past two years, and that they are ready and willing to vacate on a few days notice.
858 July 1879 Letter certifying that Mrs. Catherine Mears is an accepted member in the Meridan St. M. E. Church, East Boston, Mass.
863 Aug 1879 Receipt from J. W. Kingsbury for pulpit supply.
8711 Dec 1879 Printed program from installation of Rev. Francis H. Boynton as pastor of the Cong'l Church in Essex.

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