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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregational Church Papers, 1890 - 1899

ItemDateDocument Description/ Transcription
17 Jan 1890 Receipt (typed).

Boston Jan 7th 1890. Essex Mass. First Parish to George S. Hutchings, Dr.,
Church and Chapel Organs
Sept 14 1889 To 20 hours labor taking down organ12.00
& expenses1.4013.40
Jan 4 to 68 hours labor setting up organ40.80
& expenses1.85
to 1 skin of leather 1.50, 6 springs .25
2 ft wire 1.101.8544.10
received payment Mar 25, 1890 [signed] Geo. S. Hutchings57.50

229 Jan 1890 Receipt (printed)

Essex, Mass. Jan 29 1890 First Parish in Essex to Chas. B. Cogswell, Dr.,
house and ship joiner Jan 29 /90
To 2 doors contract14.50
To days work on stairs & bookracks1.25
work on small organ.50 $16.25
Recd paymt April 12, 1890 [signed] C. B. Cogswell

315 April 1890 Treasurer's Report.

Receipts and expenditures of the First Parish in Essex, for the year ending April 15th 1890
Amount of orders drawn$3,809.20
Cr. by billls paid
Rev. Temple Cutler salary for the year$950.04
Rev. Warren Low supply of pulpit20.00
Rev. Mr. Patch supply of pulpit12.00
Wm C. Choate organist salary70.00
E. W. Lander services as sexton55.00
E. W. Lander extra chrages21.32
Town of Essex Tax 188933.74
George A. Fuller coal52.25
Wm H. Burnham coal17.70
J. C. Goodhue blowing organ10.00
Albert Curtis as watchman3.00
Miss Fannie Perkins as collector5.00
Frank E. Burnham clerk1.25
John Prince sawing wood1.00
F. P. Haskell iron work1.80
J. F. Smith Funel and labor3.42
Proctors Express paint & expressing3.30
Mrs. Wm H. Mears board of supply2.00
Story Broth.'s oil, chimneys, &c.12.03
P. J. Adams services as treasurer15.00
C. B. Cogswell labor on parsonage & selectmen room7.05
Regular parish expenses $1,295.90
[page 2]
Albert Curtis blowing organ1.50
Frank E. Burnham plastering14.75
E. P. Colley frescoeing church140.00
Danforth & Griffin painting church225.00
F. P. Haskell bolts & iron23.91
C. B. Cogswell door to addition, contract14.50
ditto labor on stairs, book racks & small organ1.75
George S. Hutchings taking down & putting up organ 57.50
Charles A. Burnham staining & varnishing pews117.00
C. B. Cogswell repairs & alterations on church1,580.13
Mrs. J. R. Story board of organ man6.00
Thomas P. Thomas slating by "contract"329.87
Special Parish expenses$2,511.91
Grand total$3,807.81
[page 3]
To money on hand from former account$23.10
received from Miss Fannie Perkins389.24
Mr. Francis Haskell648.91
Lyman Low21.55
Harry Raymond85.76
sundry persons pew rent54.83
for use of basement49.00
interest on Trustee fund25.30
Regular Parish receipts$1,297.69
received from the First Church in Essex668.75
Church collection50.00
Essex North Sabbath School14.00
Sundry persons1,617.25
Special receipt$2,350.00
Grand total3,647.69
by money paid as per book3,499.88
balance on hand147.81

418 April 1892 Warrant for annual meeting.
    To either of the constables ...
  1. To choose a moderator ...
  2. To hear the report of the auditor and other Parish officers
  3. To choose necessary Parish officers
  4. To see what method the Parish will take to supply their pulpit
  5. To authorize the treasurer to hire money to pay all demands
[signed] David L. Haskell, Lyman D. Low, Benjamin F. Raymond} Parish Committee; Geo. W. Claiborn} constable of Essex
5Jan 1893
to Jan 1898
Receipt for oil, chimneys, glass, matches, brooms, shovel, duster, Bon Ami, brush and axel grease $50.65
[signed] L. James per E. H. Lander
615 April 1893 Auditor's report
Bills paid
Rev. Temple Cutler $950.04
W. C. Choate 70.00
E. W. Lander 5.47
C. A. Burnham56.26
pulpit supply48.00
Mrs. B. F. Raymond25.00
George W. Claiborne2.00
George A. Fuller 47.73
B. F. Raymond1.75
Fred. Lander 3.00
David F. Choate 10.00
Danforth & Griffin 42.99
Samuel Story 3.70
Mrs. Timothy Andrews8.00
Town tax 43.38
Francis Haskell 6.00
Philip T. Adams 15.00
Mrs. Nehemiah Dodge50.00
D. Choate Cogswell 25.00
Total 1,513.32
[page 2]
Received from rent of pews1099.91
church collection 217.42
town of Essex 110.00
interest on trustee fund 50.60
money hired 100.00
Total 1,599.50
[page 3]
liabilities -notes outstanding$273.74
assets 200.49
debt 73.25
[signed] Gardner Burnham, auditor
73 June 1893 Letter from Temple Cutler addressed to Frank E. Burnham, Parish clerk.

I suppose it is generally known that I have withdrawn my resignation of this pastorate of the church I have decided to remain another year. This opens the way to reply to the action of the Parish in relation to the supply of the pulpit and I would say that I accept the terms offered for the present year.
[signed] Temple Cutler

815 April 1894 Auditor's report, signed by Gardner Burnham, listing income and expenses.
914 Oct 1894 Invitation to installation of Rev. Francis A. Fate at the Manchester Congregational Church.
101895 Receipt.

Essex A 12 1895. The first parish in Essex to Francis Goodhue Dr. to boarding & lodging Ministers 6 days 2.50 per day - $15.00
received payment [signed] Francis Goodhue

111 June 1895 Typed letter from Thomas C. P. Hyde, Andover, Conn., recommending their pastor, Rev. G. A. Curtis, to fill pastoral vacancy.
123 Dec 1895 Letter from John C. Evans of Ballardvale, Mass. declining call for pastorate.
1311 Feb 1896 Letter from Willis A. Hadley, pastor of the North Church, Lynn, Mass. to Rufus Choate, recommending Rev. Frank G. Alger to fill pastoral vacancy.
1414 April 1896 Letter from Charles A. Frasure to Rufus Choate, applying to become pastor.
1519 Jan 1897 Letter from W. J. Murphy, Beverly, Mass., accepting another year of continued pastorate.
1630 Aug 1897 Receipt (printed)

Essex, Mass., Aug 30 1897 First Cong. Parish Bought of B. F. Raymond, druggist, 1 Martin Street,
1 carpet sweeper $2.11
paid [signed] B. F. Raymond

171 Jan 1898 Printed bill/receipt from Lyman James, grocer, for items bought Jan 1893 through 1897, including brooms, oil, matches, chimneys, shovel, Bon Ami, burner, brush, lamps, glass. Total $50.65.
[signed] L. James, E. H. Lander
183 Jan 1898 Receipt for 36 lbs grate to furnace 3.60, labor 5 - $4.35
[signed] O.C. Story
1910 Jan 1898 Warrant for Parish meeting
[signed] Lyman D. Lowe, Everett Burnham, Gardner Burnham } Parish committee; Edwin H. Burnham, constable 2. To see what action the Parish will take to supply their Pulpit the coming year.
2031 Jan 1898 Receipt for bills for pew rent $2.75
[signed] E. S. Burnham, Burnham's Job Print,
211 Feb 1898 Receipt for salary for quarter end to date $21.25, to opening vestry for 3 extra meetings 3.00, sawing wood .50 - $24.75
[signed] Isaac S. Hewitt
2223 April 1898 Receipt (printed).

Essex, Mass. First Congregational Parish of Essex
Bought of O. C. Story, dealer in furnaces, ranges and parlor stoves
May 10, 18977 ft 2 in Cor. pipe.56
4 - 2 in Cor. elbows.63
2 tunnels (funnels)1.50
Rec'd paymt Apr. 23rd 1898 [signed] O. C. Story

231 June 1898 Receipt.

Essex, June 1st 1898 First Congregational Society to H. P. Andrews Dr.
To services as organist for three months ending June 1st 98 - $17.50
rec'd payment [signed] H. P. Andrews

241 Aug 1898 Receipt.

Essex Aug 1 1898 Mr Isaac S. Hewitt sexton of the First Parish Congregational Church
1/4 Sabey - $21.25
[signed] Isaac S. Hewitt

251 Nov 1898 Receipt for cord pine wood $2.25
[signed] L.D. Low
2615 Nov 1898 Receipt.

Essex Nov 15, 1898 The First Parish of Essex to Louis Burnham Dr.
to blowing the organ from Nov 15 1897 to Nov 15, 1898 - $10.00
Received payment [signed] Louis Burnham

271 Jan 1899 Receipt (printed).

Essex, Mass., Jan 1, 1899 First Parish Bought of Lyman James, dealer in Choice Family Groceries,
1898 Jan 3 matches 10 oil 45 Feb 2 oil 45
matches 10 oil 45 1.55
Apr 11 oil 45 May 4 matches 10 oil 45
oil 45 July 13 oil 451.90
chimney 50 Sept 15 oil 45
Oct 17 oil 45 matches 101.00
Dec 21 oil 45 .45$6.40
Pd [signed] L. James

2816 Jan 1899 Warrant for meeting

To either of the constables of the Town of Essex in the county of Essex, Greeting. In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are to notify and warn the members of the First Parish of Essex qualified to vote as the law directs, to meet in the basement of North Church, Essex, on Wednesday, January 16th 1899 at 7-45 oclock P.M. then and there to act on the following articles. viz.:

  1. To choose a moderator
  2. To see what action the Parish will take in relation to supplying their pulpit
[signed] Gardner Burnham, Lyman D. Lowe, Everett Burnham} Parish Committee; C. M. Cogswell} constable
291 April 1899 Receipt (printed).

Essex, Mass., April 1st 1899 First Parish To Lyman D. Low, Dr.,
dealer in milk, vegetables and farm produce
To cord H. wood @ 4.00 - 2.25
Paid [signed] L. D. Low

306 April 1899 Receipt with note pinned on "Approved [signed] L. D. Low"

Essex, Apr. 6, '99 Parish of first Congregational Church to Mrs. Job Story Dr.
To entertaining ministers nine (11) Sundays @ $2.00 per Sunday $22.00
received payment

3115 April 1899 Auditor's report.
Bills paid
pulpit supply$928.12
H. P. Andrews organist70.00
Louis B. Burnham blowing of organ10.00
Isaac Herrill janitor85.50
interest on notes33.70
Town of Essex taxes36.82
Sam. L. Story coal36.70
Frank E. Burnham items5.50
Mrs. Job Story entertaining ministers22.00
Mrs. Rachel C. Burnham collector12.50
Philip T. Adams treasurer15.00
Total $1,255.84
[page 2]
rec'd from rent of pews $954.26
church collection 95.20
rent of basement 2.00
money hired 200.00
total $1,273.05
[page 3] notes outstanding
Estate of Susan B. Haskell$77.79
Caleb Low $100.00
Mrs. Elizabeth Dodge155.00
Mrs. Philip T. Adams40.00
Mrs. Fanny P. Rust150.00
Moses Knowlton450.00
Total $972.79
[page 4] net debt$726.48
[signed] Gardner Burnham, auditor
3228 April 1899 Receipt.

Essex April 28th 1899 The First Parish of Essex to John F. Gilbert, Dr. for posting Parish warrant - $1.00 rec'd payt
[signed] John F. Gilbert

336 June 1899 Notice announcing vote of Congregational Church to call Rev. Lyman H. Blake of Westfield, Mass. to become pastor and that the First Parish be notified of our action.
[signed] Rufus Choate} clerk

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