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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregational Church Members, 1681 - 1937

The list of church members is found on pages 19 through 35 of the 1938 revision of the "Manual of the First Congregational Church, Essex, Massachusetts." The published list is arranged chronologically. An alphabetical list is also provided here for searching names.


Adams Corner Hobbs Mayfield Ross
Allen Courtney Holmes McIver Russ
Anderson Craft Holt McKenzie Rust
Andrews Crombie Hoshome McPhail Sargent
Annable Crowell Howard Mears Savage
Appleton Cusick Howes Miller Sawyer
Bacon Cutler Hull Moore Sewall
Balch Davis Hutching More Shave
Balfour Day Ingalls Morehouse Simmons
Barr Dike Ingersoll Morris Smith
Batchelder Doane Ingsett Morrison Spofford
Bear Dodge Jewett Mudge Stetson
Beckit Edwards Johnson Murdock Stevens
Belcher Elwell Jones Murray Stimpson
Bennet Emerson Joseph Mussey Story
Bishop Emmons Kent Noble Sutherland
Blake Eveleth King Norton Tanner
Blodget Farnham Kinsman Orne Thompson
Boston Farring Lakeman Ovens Thomson
Bowers Foster Lamb Oxner Todd
Boyd Fraile Lambert Palmer VanBuskirk
Boynton Frisbee Lander Parsons Varney
Brown Gaffney Lane Patch Varnum
Buker Gage Langdon Perkins Watson
Burnham Gallaway Lathrop Perry Webster
Butler Galloway Lawson Peterson Wells
Caddle Giddings Leach Pingree Wentworth
Carpenter Goddard Leatherland Poland Wetmore
Carter Goldsmith Lee Pollard Wheeler
Cavis Goodhue Lendall Polleys White
Cheever Gorton Levesque Pope Whittier
Choate Goss Lindsey Porter Willett
Claiborne Grant Linehan Prest Williams
Clark Gray Loveland Prindall Wilson
Cleaveland Hadlock Low Procter Wise
Cleveland Hammond Lowe Proctor Wonson
Clifford Hardy Lufkin Pulsifer Wood
Cody Hart Lummus Quimby Woodbury
Coffill Haskell Manning Ramsdell Wright
Cogswell Hassock Marshall Raymond Wyeth
Coleman Herrick Martin Roberts
Colman Hill Mattatall Rogers

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