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Essex, Mass.
Congregational Church

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Congregational Church Members, 1681 - 1937

1681 - 1747

No record is made of the persons who constituted the Church at its organization, except the four named below in 1681, who acted as a committee for the rest.

1681 William Cogswell William Story John Burnham John Andrews
Joseph Eveleth Joseph Foster Deborah Procter Margery Giddings
Isaac Perkins Zechariah Story Abigail Cogswell Elizabeth Andrews
William Butler William Cogswell Mary Choate Sarah Cogswell
George Martin Henry Wise Mary Wise Mary Perkins
Isaac Foster Robert Choate Wife of William Giddings Susanna Wood
Thomas Shave Thomas Choate Mary Foster Joanna Foster
Joseph Brown Ezekiel Marshall Mary Giddings Martha Thomson
Adam Cogswell John Marshall Anna Giddings Bethiah Marshall
Thomas Choate Joseph Martin Susanna Annable Hannah Burnham
John Wise Ephraim Story Rebecca Choate Abigail Varney
William Giddings Thomas Low Jr. Sarah Martin Anna Proctor
Abraham Martin George Stimpson Abigail Perkins Sarah Cogswell
Abraham Perkins Elizabeth Story Susanna Burnham Jane Martin
John Andrews Sarah Choate Sarah Ingalls Mary Howard
Gifford Cogswell Abigail Wise Mary Pollard Margaret Pope
Jacob Perkins Mary Varney Mary Varney Sarah Foster
Nehemiah Wood Hannah Goodhue Abigail Giddings Eunice Choate
Nathaniel Foster Hannah Perkins Hannah Giddings Hannah Marshall
Samuel Thompson Abigail Butler Sarah Brown Sarah Marshall
Benjamin Marshall Abigail Brown Mary Low Mary Butler
Thomas Burnham 2d Margaret Andrews Mehitable Burnham Hannah Mayfield
Thomas Butler Mary Andrews Abigail Goodhue Prudence Marshall
John Martin  
Thomas Lufkin Jr. Jeremiah Burnham Jr. Catherine Cogswell Mercy Goodhue
John Foster Samuel Langdon Freeborn Balch Mary Cogswell
Samuel Cogswell Solomon Giddings Jr. Abigail Foster Abigail Low
Seth Story Jr. James Eveleth Sarah Choate Mary Lufkin
Jonathan Andrews Job Giddings Hannah Perkins Elizabeth Foster
Stephen Story Samuel Giddings Hannah Foster Elizabeth Holmes
Moses Foster Thomas Choate 3d Elizabeth Burnham Mary Martin
David Low Jr. Samuel Low Sarah Burnham Elizabeth Martin
Solomon Giddings James Colman Hannah Andrews Martha Brown
Jacob Story Joseph Perkins Martha Butler Elizabeth Cogswell
David Burnham Eleazer Craft Dorothy Burnham Mehitable Burnham
John Andrews Jr. William Allen Mary Giddings Elizabeth Martin
Thomas Jones Benjamin Craft Mary Low Susanna Thompson
Nathaniel Foster Jacob Perkins Jr. Mary Proctor Sarah Burnham
Freeborn Balch David Low Hannah Marshall Mary Ingalls
Josiah Burnham Nathan Burnham Abigail Low Hannah Burnham
Francis Choate Rachel Story Hannah Ingalls Abigail Burnham
Joseph Andrews Hannah Webster Abigail Craft Rebecca Andrews
Ebenezer Burnham Elizabeth Hobbs Mercy Lindsey Dorothy Burnham
Daniel Giddings Mary Cogswell Margaret Andrews Hannah Jewett
Jonathan Low Martha Story Elizabeth Andrews Abigail Jones
Edmund Marshall Elizabeth Simmons Jemima Beckit Elizabeth Andrews
Solomon Andrews Joanna Rust Elizabeth Choate Sarah Giddings
John Giddings Jr. Prudence Boston Mary Cody Elizabeth Story
Thomas Emerson Mary Wheeler Philippa Emerson Dorcas Andrews
Thomas Lufkin Sarah Giddings Sarah Lufkin Elizabeth Choate
William Bennet Rachel Lufkin Sarah Martin Abigail Burnham
Abraham Martin Jr. Martha Story Eunice Emmons Hannah Wood
Samuel Colman Damaris Martin Mary Andrews Mary Marshall
Thomas Butler Jr. Sarah Andrews Sarah Ingalls Sarah Marshall
Joseph Goodhue Mary Story Elizabeth Goodhue Margaret Giddings
John Burnham Sarah Bennet Mary Blodget Rachel Coleman
Caleb Burnham Hannah Cogswell Rachel Rust Mary Tanner
Thomas Burnham 3d Tabitha Giddings Sarah Perkins Mary Burnham
Robert Burnham Sarah Foster Eunice Lamb Martha Butler
Stephen Butler Rebecca Colman Elizabeth Martin Hannah Marshall
John Hobbs Elizabeth Wheeler Joannah Burnham Esther Galloway
Solomon Story Hannah Colman Hannah Choate Hannah Jones
Daniel Andrews Rose Burnham Ann Burnham Elizabeth Burnham
Samuel Ingalls Susanna Low Jane Hadlock Mary Foster
David Orne Mary Foster Mary Story Martha Story
Caleb Low Martha Foster Dorothy Foster Rachel Marshall
Jacob Lufkin Dinah Foster Elizabeth Smith Martha Craft
Jonathan Foster Sarah Emerson Anna Low Elizabeth Appleton
John Burnham 3d Abigail Foster Elizabeth Wheeler Abigail Low
James Giddings Elizabeth Burnham Elizabeth Giddings Mary Cogswell
Joshua Foster Elizabeth Story Frances Andrews Abigail Choate
John Martin Jr. Abigail Jones Abigail Foster Mary Bennet
Josiah Martin Mary Foster Elizabeth Fraile Abigail Lufkin

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