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The Victoria Allen collection

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Thompson Island School, school year 1925-1926. This school had two rooms. Grades one through three in one room, and grades four, five, and six in the other.

Back Row: Theresa Ellis, Elizabeth Hempel, Madith Callahan, Alice Lawson, Merle Wood, Elizabeth Tibo, Ernestine Marshall (at corner of building), Clara Wilson, Rita Callahan, Elizabeth Fontaine, Dorothy Price, Ralph Yarn
Middle Row: Abby Ellis, Ray Butler, Jimmy Carter, Florence "Flossie" Day, Earl Gates, Phyllis Wood (in front of E. Marshall). Five small children in middle row: Margaret Foss, Merle Brown, Vicky Burnham, Elaine French, John Riley
Front Row: Charles Moody, Ernie April, Walton Marshall, Perley Wood, Everett Day, Russell Nelson, Philip Elwell(? he lived on Northern Ave.), Frank Homans, Gordon Eaton, Buster Lewis (?)

Photograph from Gloucester Daily Times (19 August 1993)

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