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The Victoria Allen collection

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Estate of Miles O. Burnham


29 November 1909
Inventory of the estate of Miles O. Burnham to Henry C. Burnham, executor. Value of personal property was $3,561.61 and the real estate was appraised at $630, for a total estate of $4,191.61.

Schedule of Personal Estate in Detail

700 ft. pine boards14.00
300 ft. hemlock boards3.00
100 hens50.00
Buffalo robe17.00
Watch, chain & pins20.00
Old Accounts-
Cash from Story Cotton Co.2.03
Uncollected acount with Tarr & James295.46
Deposit in Gloucester Safe Deposit Co.628.03
Deposits in Savings Banks according to Inventory Schedule2,123.17
¼ of 2 lots prepared wood, undivided5.50
¼ of undivided furniture14.50
¼ of Savings Banks deposits, undivided, according to inventory schedule215.92
Ocean Lodge Odd Fellows60.00
Starr King Lodge, K. of P.43.00
Loyal Protective Association45.00
Tools    10.00

Schedule of Real Estate in Detail

One seventh real estate, undivided, Essex, Mass.250.
8 cottage lots at Attatish Park, "80.
1 acre Pierce marsh, "30.
2 acres Zacheus Burnham marsh, "30.
"Billie's Point" lot, "40.
Landing lot, "75.
¼ of 2/7 undivided real estate 125.

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