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Estate of Elizabeth Burnham

14 December 1908

Indenture between Henry C. Burnham and his brothers, Edward E. Burnham and Frank N. Burnham. This agreement was a result of unsettled family estates, and disagreements about inheritance. Their mother, Elizabeth Burnham, died intestate on 14 November 1907. Their brother Miles O. Burnham died 13 March 1908. Edward and Frank Burnham disputed the validity of will of Miles O. Burnham presented by Henry C. Burnham. In this agreement, (1) Edward and Frank Burnham agree to the validity of the will of Miles O. Burnham. (2) Henry C. Burnham gives his one-fourth share of the estate of Elizabeth Burnham to his two brothers, gives them the one-fourth share of Miles Burnham, and pays them $160. The household furnishings of Elizbeth Burnham are divide among the three brothers.


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