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Victoria Allen Collection of Documents

Contents of Victoria Allen Collection

The documents presented here were scanned in 2005 from the collection of Victoria Allen of Gloucester, Mass.

List of Documents

Page Description
William G. and Elizabeth (Burnham) Burnham, setting up housekeeping
1 Note used to wrap following bills from 1840's
2 Receipt for purchases from Adams & Richardson in Salem, 5 November 1844
3 Receipt for purchases from Burnham & Gentlee in Manchester, 16 November 1844
4 Receipt for purchases from A. Kimball, 19 November 1844
5 Receipt for purchases from John Dexter, 2 May 1846
6 Receipt from E. S. Pulcifer for carpentry, 5 December 1846
7 Receipt from David Preston for masonry, April 1848
Estate of Elizabeth Burnham
8 Receipt from J. F. Smith for funeral of Elizabeth Burnham, 19 July 1901
9 Receipt from Jacob McKenzie to O. Burnham for resetting gravestones, 8 October 1901
10 Note from Lincoln S. Simonds to Henry C. Burnham regarding storage of grass, dated 17 July 1908
11 Inventory of estate of Elizabeth Burnham, 19 October 1908
12 Notes from "Mother" regarding bequest to Osborn Burnham
13 Indenture between Henry C. Burnham and his brothers, Edward E. Burnham and Frank N. Burnham, dated 14 December 1908
14 Receipts from Frank C. Richardson dated 1908 and 1909
15 Receipt from Frank C. Richardson for $200 dated 29 November 1909
Estate of Miles O. Burnham
17 envelope addressed to Mr. Miles O. Burnham, September 1906
18 probate record of estate of Miles O. Burnham, 18 June 1908
19 Inventory of estate of Miles O. Burnham, dated 23 February 1909
20 Inventory of Estate of Miles O. Burnham, 29 November 1909
22 Legacy and Succession Tax form regarding estate of Miles O. Burnham dated 2 December 1909
Estate of William G. Burnham
23 letter from Arthur Forness to Clarence Burnham regarding settlement of "Burnham estate", dated 8 June 1911
24 letter from Arthur Forness to Henry C. Burnham regarding settlement of William G. Burnham estate, dated 5 April 1912
26 postal card addressed to Henry C. Burnham, Esq., Essex, Mass., dated 25 June 1912
27 letter from Arthur Forness to Henry C. Burnham regarding settlement of William G. Burnham estate, dated 15 July 1912
28 endorsement of check by H. C. Burnham, undated [about 1912]
29 letter regarding settlement of Wm. G. Burnham estate, naming those who bought each of 14 parcels, expenses, and distribution of proceeds, dated 15 July 1912
Other Documents
30 God's Message of Prophesy to the Churches of this Land, through me, America Burnham, prophet. [cover]

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