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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Ipswich School Tax, 1887

Ditto marks in the original are replaced with surnames in the transcription.

Pd.Est. Jacob Andrews.46 Pd.Noah Gilbert1.72
Pd.Obed Andrews.26Pd.B. F. Gilbert.13
Pd.Mrs. Humphrey Andrews.16Pd.est. Wm Gorton.27
Pd.Mark Andrews.17Pd.George Gorton1.25
Pd.Henry W. Burnham.20Pd.George A. Gorton.29
 J. Howe Burnham.10Pd.Lucy Haskell.13
 Gideon Burnham.13Pd.est. Caleb Jones.11
Pd.S. Butler.26Pd.John Jenkins.77
Pd.Joel Boyd.04Pd.Preston [Jenkins] & Co..45
Pd.John Boyd.18Pd.Harold Jenkins.45
Pd.Eben Burnham.06Pd.David Knowlton.79
Pd.Abner Burnham.19Pd.Moses Knowlton.28
Pd.Mrs. N. S. Burnham.13 Aaron Knowlton.13
Pd.A. Coggswell.25Pd.Jesse Burnham.09
Pd.W. D. Coose.19Pd.of E. Lufkin.20
Pd.Cogswell & Knowlton.15Pd.Geo. Lufkin.81
Pd.Mrs. H. A. Farnham.88 S. B. Fuller.06
Pd.Lydia C. Farnham.15Pd.J. E. Lee.20
Pd.Mrs. Lucy Fuller.17Pd.heirs Z. Lee.13
Pd.Moses Cook.12Pd.Aaron Low2.00
Pd.C. E. Cook.15 D. W. Low [line struck out].20
Pd.L. Dode.15Pd.Wm H. McIntire.06

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