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The Cynthia (Bragdon) Cameron collection

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Ipswich School Tax, 1887

Ditto marks in the original are replaced with surnames in the transcription.

Pd.F. Mears.20 Pd.J. W. Tucker.09
Pd.J. M. Marshall.23Pd.Century Chapel.13
Pd.S. Morse.10Pd.Town of Essex.68
Pd.J. Noble.20Pd.C. French.10
Pd.Essex Steam Mill.20Pd.F. A. Burnham.06
Pd.H. A. Knowlton.30Pd.W. G. Banister.20
Pd.Josiah Poland.20Pd.S. B. Fuller.12
Pd.W. G. Pierce.11Pd.Langell.10
Pd.H. C. Burnham.07Pd.Am Knowlton.44
Pd.A. Day.11Pd.D. Callahan.20
Pd.Thomas Proctor.07Pd.C. Shaller.20
Pd.Wm F. Perkins.11 
Pd.est. Wm Perkins.13
Pd.Leonard Perkins.20
Pd.W. A. Burnham.15
Pd.Mrs. J. Prindall.13
Pd.John Proctor.40
 C. Parkhurst.40
 J. Quimby.13
Pd.A. Cogswell.25
Pd.George W. Story.08
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 March 5th 1889
Mar 5Cash on Hand.22
Mar 7Cash from G. A. Fuller5.00
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March 5th 1889 
Mar 5Cash on Hand.22
Mar 7Settled with J. Gilbert4.23

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